A Deep Look At University Essay Writing

December 21, 2022 Martha Simons
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Solid writing skills can help students achieve their dreams, especially when they revolve around getting admission to their favorite university after school. The requisites for getting admission to the university are simple – a transcript of high school, a university application form, and an essay highlighting the candidacy of the graduate.

Many students fail to make a great impression on the members of the admission committees which is evidenced by meager selection percentages and ratios compared to total applicants. We believe it is time to educate young graduates on how to make a splash!

In this blog, we will take a hard look at university essay writing, its level and expectations, and how to write a stand-out essay. 

University Essay Writing

In schools, students learn how to put their thoughts and research into words that ultimately make essays. There are different types of essays with their specific traits and characteristics.

However, the university essay closely resembles a narrative essay because both deal with telling stories based on characters. Also, they have thesis statements that work as hinges for the whole essay.

University essays are important pieces of documents because the future of aspirants depends on them. The fierce competition and the rising pressure often lead to poorly-written essays getting to the final cut. The results from these essays are not unexpected.

Ideally, applicants should set aside time and resources to ace the essay.

Level & Expectations For University Writing

University essays are different from classroom essays because of what is at stake. In classrooms, students are only concerned with getting good marks for a given essay. However, university essays can be life-changing for them as they pave their way to their favorite college in a desirable program. The higher level and mounting expectations demand students to research better and write better. Also, the writing phase should always be followed by a proofreading and editing session to further strengthen the prose. Applicants who are not ready to undergo this hectic challenge can hire professional essay writers for the task. Write My Essay houses a team of exceptionally-trained writers who help countless students every year to get admission to their ideal universities. 

How To Write A University Essay

For those who are willing to go through the hurdles themselves and come out triumphant, this is the section! We have divided it into six subsections and each one follows the process. Instead of skipping one for the other, readers should understand the flow of the workflow and adjust to it. This will not only streamline their essay writing ordeal but also help them in gaining insights about their writing and even themselves.
Choosing An Appropriate Topic
This is a no-brainer if you are going to write an essay. The topic provides clarity and scope to the essay and should be defined and tweaked in the beginning. Essays written on loose ideas and after-thoughts end up in the bin. The best way to choose the appropriate topic is to ensure that it has personality, character, and the element to tell a story. Anything less and it will not be a university essay but a personal reflection or discourse on self.
Researching From Credible Sources
This is another major mistake that many aspirants make when they collect relevant information for their essays. All sources of information are not equal as some are considered more accurate and worthy of acceptance in academia. We have dedicated a whole section to sources and their hierarchy. Here, it is sufficient to say that not the first thing students would find on the internet is always accurate.
Outlining Flexibly To Get Started
Outlining is the key to writing a solid essay on time. The stress here is both solid and on time. It is a view shared by many writers that outlining beforehand kills spontaneity and creativity because the steps are predetermined. This is not true as the outline is flexible to accommodate good ideas writers get along their way. It is there to help them define the scope and depth of their university essays without losing their paths.
Writing The Initial Draft Quickly
The idea here is to get started on the initial draft as soon as the planning and outlining session ends. This way, all the relevant ideas regarding writing and fine-tuning the essay will be fresh in the writer’s mind. Prolonging the inevitable and dragging it idly will not any better yield, or in many cases, ever. There is no doubt that the first draft will have mistakes because of quick writing but they can be rectified in the next phase.
Reviewing & Editing Meticulously
It is not over when you are done with writing your essay, but only when you have gone through it a couple of times for editing and proofreading. No matter how much careful and considerate you were in the writing phase, you are sure to leave errors and inconsistencies along the way. That’s why it is essential to have a dedicated phase for reviewing and editing deeply. Otherwise, the essay will be rife with mistakes that can cost dearly.
Peer Reviews Before Submission
After finishing your essay, it pays to have other people read and critique your essay for you. The best ones are your peers, specifically those who are applying to universities and colleges for admissions. Then, educated siblings make great peers as they have experience and time to lend great advice. In the end, you should try to approach your high school teachers and mentors and have them evaluate your essays before turning them in.

Sources For University Essay Research

Writers often find it easier to write than to research. This is partly true as the most common source for collecting data is the internet, which is less than ideal for composing a university essay. So, they are either stuck with poor, outdated information or none at all. Both can hurt their prospects to write a riveting essay. This section is taking a look at the three most common yet important sources of information for writers who are planning to pick up their university admission essays soon.

High-Quality Publications

There is no doubt surrounding these publications as they express the refined voice of the academics and intelligentsia. When we say high-quality publications, we mean books written by professors, researchers, and scientists – people who are well-received in their respective fields. There is no doubt that when you quote these sources, your essay gets elevation in the eyes of the readers, especially when the readers are academics themselves.

Literary Journals & Periodicals

After high-quality publications, we have journals and periodicals. These are publications that are published and distributed by universities and colleges across the academic spectrum. They publish current research and theories from leading scientists and students in the field. Even though it is hard to find any scope of research through periodicals and journals, writers can add strength and command to their writing by adding references or excerpts from them.

Web Resources

This is the third and most unreliable source of valid, scientific information. It is because there is hardly any arbitrary power in the virtual world that can decide what is right and what is wrong. This results in too much subjectivity and opinions floating around on the internet posing as facts and scientific things. Still, if students want to use material from blogs and forums, they must double-check them against credible sources. Otherwise, it would hurt their narrative.


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How do you write an essay in Canada?

The process of writing an essay for a Canadian university is not different than that in the US. The purpose is the same – students need to prove their candidacy through an essay. That essay should highlight their past, the progress they have already made, and the progress they want to make with the help of the university and its faculties.

What is the difference between a college essay and a university essay?

When we talk about admission essays, there is no difference as both are written for the same purpose. 

Can you hire a professional writer to write an essay for a university?

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Does it count as cheating to pay someone to write an essay?

No law in the world prohibits anyone from seeking academic help. This is what schools, colleges, universities, and all the other academic institutions have been doing since their inception. So, it is never cheating to get well-researched essays from a person or a business and then pay them for their time and expertise.

Key Takeaways

Writing a university essay is not easy, no matter how talented or trained you are. There are always pitfalls and issues that writers face in their quest of getting the best thing on paper. In this blog, we have gone through the whole aspect of writing a solid university essay. This includes the definition, the process, and some of the best practices to follow. We hope that students will find it useful in tackling issues related to researching, writing, and editing for a standout university paper. As for those who cannot write one, WriteMyEssay is the best partner with professional writers and a support team!

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