Top 200+ Ideas For Research Paper Topics 2023

July 11, 2023 Martha Simons
Top 200+ Ideas For Research Paper Topics 2023

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Whether you are writing a paper or an essay, one of the most crucial parts is to get started. It could be deciding the topic and turning that into a title or conducting in-depth research to outline the paper. Whatever the case, students can dodge a bullet by sorting these details out as soon as possible in the process.

One of the things that can move the weight off the shoulders of writers and scholars is getting ideas to work on. They can use them as they are or they can get creative and experiment on them to explore new angles and dimensions. Since research papers require a lot of “research” and collecting of data, it pays to have a head start.

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the best and most engaging research paper topics and ideas in 2023. If you can’t write a research paper yourself, you can get a professional company to write your essay for you

Good Research Questions To Write Research Papers

A research paper topic can have one or many characteristics that can make it stand out from the rest. Apart from that, it sets the tone and scope of the essay and makes the focal point clear for the writers and the readers.


As the term indicates, descriptive research papers “describe” a topic based on a subject clearly and engagingly. The subject can be a person, an object, a phenomenon, and so on. Painting a picture using words can be a great way to connect readers with the subject.


Causality explores the value variables leading up to an event. It also discusses how changing one or more of the factors can lead to something entirely different. Normally, writers explore relationships between causes and effects.


If the name is a clue, comparative research papers explore similarities and differences between two similar subjects. Again, the subjects can be from a person or an object of interest to ideas and concepts that are often mistaken as one.

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Best Research Paper Topics For 2023

In the following sub-headings, we will cover over 200 topics and ideas for research papers. These include but are not limited to, school and college students covering sports, entertainment, law, psychology, and more.

10 Research Topics For College Students

  • Eradicating bias in school and college admissions on scholarship
  • Issues of Discrimination in post-college Employment
  • Implementing multicultural educational concepts at campuses
  • Substance abuse in schools and colleges
  • Importance of social media for students to find new information
  • Psychological Disorders and support groups in Schools and Colleges
  • Separating students of ADHD and autism from others
  • Role of political campaigns in Colleges
  • Advantages and disadvantages of theology colleges
  • College athletes can benefit from scholarships and other perks

Research Topics On Education

  • What are some of the ways standardized tests can improve education?
  • Do college graduates make more money – fact or myth?
  • Making college education cheaper
  • Modern technology will transform teaching methods in future
  • Developing unique learning methods for blind children
  • Social networks and schools in the modern world
  • Installing metal detectors at schools
  • Effects of contemporary teaching methods on young scholars
  • Role of Technology in planning lessons and Workshops
  • Taking strict actions against bullies in schools and colleges

Health Research Paper Topics

  • Challenges of communication and their resolution in academic institutions
  • Global health security – a Utopian concept
  • Ways to decrease pollution in households
  • Distributing information about infectious diseases online
  • Educating people about the relationship between the environment and health
  • Privacy and personal health issues in a modern setting
  • Fitness ads and issues with personal exercising practices
  • Biases in healthy food standards
  • Role of social media in the medical care system
  • Perception of Allergies and the Role of Psychology

Research Paper Ideas on Medicine

  • The futility of life-saving medication
  • The Role of Placebo Medicine in modern medicine
  • How can we safely avoid animal testing?
  • The reality behind medical marijuana
  • The Effects of Veganism on Children’s Health
  • The adverse effects of Obesity on Adults’ Health
  • Do kids need vaccination?
  • Advertising prescription drugs to end consumers
  • Doctors are turning their patients into drug addicts

Environmental Research Paper Questions

  • Effective steps to reduce global warming
  • How can we stop wasting paper to save trees?
  • Can we manage overpopulation with public messages?
  • Producing more films on the environment can save it
  • Impacts of human activities on Forests
  • Underground effects of earthquakes on lands and seas
  • Threats of hurricanes and elaborate adaptation of buildings
  • Can we predict hurricanes with the present technology?
  • Nuclear power is safe to produce energy for the foreseeable future
  • Dangers of GMO food for infants

Entertainment & Sports Research Paper Ideas

  • Social networks are good for the betterment of society
  • Violent video games make children cruel
  • It is necessary to ban animals for entertainment purposes
  • Beauty contests set the non-achievable beauty standards
  • Newspapers are things of the past since online publication has taken hold
  • The Influence of gaming consoles on Youth
  • Women should be allowed to compete against men
  • What should be the criteria to ban TV programs?
  • Moral standards in TV shows
  • The use of social media causes anxiety and low self-esteem in teenagers

Research Paper Topics on Media & Communication

  • Advertisements targeted toward children should be made illegal
  • Media plays the role of mediator among warring parties
  • Bloggers should be considered journalists
  • Lack of ethics in modern news reporting system
  • Freedom unleashed in the modern online speech
  • Restrictions of copyright laws in the Face of vague notions
  • Significance of psychology in news breaking
  • Gender bias in interpersonal communication systems
  • Beyond the modern ideas of non-verbal communication
  • Body image distortion and the Role of Instagram

Politics Research Paper Ideas For Students

  • Lowering of drinking age will cause more social issues
  • Carrying a concealed handgun is the right of an adult
  • The government should enact stricter gun control laws
  • The international community should not intervene in Iran’s nuclear program
  • Stopping ethnic killings is the biggest challenge for UNO
  • Gauging current prospects of peace between Palestine and Israel
  • Imagining a world without violence and war
  • Avoiding workforce reduction in the face of the AI revolution
  • Death penalty should be allowed for grave offenses
  • Socialism is possible in this day and age

Research Paper Questions on Psychology

  • Defining Autism as a Disease for Modern Introspection
  • Forecasting and shaping behavioral patterns
  • Managing child violence in rural and urban areas
  • Mental breakdown – causes and effects
  • Effects of Music on brain functions
  • Adverse Effects of Insomnia on Adults’ Brains
  • Influence of bad dreams on Psychology and Mood
  • Harms of stress on our brain
  • Impacts of Depression on our immune system
  • Gifted people – accidents or by design

Science & Technology Research Paper Topics

  • Using light to treat deadly conditions
  • Evidence of Water and Life on Mars
  • Possible role of nano-medicine in extending life spans
  • Future of Computing in the Wake of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Role of Cryogenics in Science and Technology
  • Alternative fuels will never replace fossil fuels
  • Wild animals should not be forced to interact with people
  • CMB is the result of the big bang – investigate
  • Bitcoin will help us improve security for identity thefts

Research Paper Topics on Culture

  • Understanding the past to better predict the future
  • Origins of racial discrimination in the modern world
  • Roots of antisemitism and the Role of Zion
  • Effects of Advertisements and Commercials on modern perception of Art
  • Important events of the 20th century and their impact on the present
  • Cultural Revolutions and their significance
  • Trends of pop culture and Brainwashing of Youth
  • Exposing pregnant celebrities on magazine covers without consent
  • Greek Culture and its Effects on the Ancient Mediterranean World
  • Cultural changes during and after the Victorian era

Math Research Paper Ideas

  • Influence of Algorithms on Modern Computing
  • Building a Winning Strategy for Monopoly
  • Why do mathematicians always use “x” for unknown quantities?
  • Math has changed the world for good
  • McDonald’s math issues with food portions
  • How math geniuses identify and solve problems quickly
  • High school math contests should not be banned
  • Math formulas are useless in real life
  • Exploring the most confusing math problems of all time

Research Paper Questions On Business

  • Why do dirty business tactics are called dirty?
  • The reality of startups with no funding
  • Business leaders and how they guide brands through murky waters
  • Differences between entrepreneurship and family business
  • Ethics of everyday work situations
  • Effective strategies to promote small businesses
  • Calculating risks and rewards before breaking into a new region
  • Building a successful startup from the ground up
  • International business and sustainable development – thinking beyond borders
  • Impact of climate change on international business strategies

Middle School Research Paper Topics

  • Going vegan is not the healthiest choice for you
  • The greenhouse effect is neither artificial nor natural
  • Earthquakes – causes, effects, and consequences
  • Video game addiction and the young minds of today
  • Princess Diana and her influence on future generations of women leaders
  • Competition is critical for humans
  • Evolution of Poetry through the Ages
  • Ancient methods employed by sailors to navigate around the world
  • Gender roles in books and movies
  • Roles of Generals in Defining the Art and Science of War

Research Paper Questions For High School Students

  • Improving the ways to deal with drug addiction cases in high schools
  • Communication between gen z and gen x
  • Ideas of body image and K-Pop
  • Significance of school volunteering and social work
  • COVID-19 and the Changes to the academic process
  • Trail of Tears and its Legacy in the modern world
  • Motivating students to become better
  • Role of Books in print media and Libraries
  • Best ways to improve school safety
  • Involvement of parents in schoolwork

Research Paper Topics On History

  • Impact of WW2 on Women’s Rights
  • Factors that initiated the Second World War
  • Liberalism is not the most optimal solution for modern woes
  • Consequences of Movements to liberate women
  • Martin Luther King and his role in bringing down the powers of the Catholic Church
  • Exploring the most successful military strategies of all times
  • Influence of Asian Art on the modern scene
  • Humanity through different monetary systems
  • Exploring relations with Roman and Greek cultures
  • Tracing the roots of the Aztec empire and its architecture

Art Research Paper Ideas

  • Role of digital museums in Developing the modern art
  • Flemish arts and artists in the 21st century
  • Japanese anime is another form of art
  • Role of Photoshop in understanding modern art
  • Artistic forms of expression through the lens of photography
  • Challenges of artists during challenging times
  • Color and light in the Middle Eastern art
  • Creation of Sculptures and the Role of Roman Artists
  • Artists should be allowed to exhibit their work in public
  • Significance of art education in Schools and Colleges

Research Paper Topic Ideas On Literature

  • The American Dream in Literature
  • The idea of time in the Harry Potter series
  • Independent investigation and the aspects of literature
  • The prose in women’s suffrage movements
  • Dawn of Literature on modern society
  • Authors use metaphors and similes
  • Evaluating and discussing allegory between different novels
  • Factors helpful in identifying the genre of novels
  • Fanfiction should be considered an independent literature
  • Sex and romance during and after Renaissance
  • Fiction used as a tool for propaganda

Law Topics For Research Papers

  • Perception of Islamic Law across the World
  • ECOLEX is a pathway to environmental law
  • Learning GATT documents is critical to understand the law
  • Role of the European patent office in the Development of Science
  • Law of Mass Communication in the modern world
  • Part of women leaders in different countries
  • Tools used by jurists in international criminal courts
  • Comparative criminal procedure and Its Role in modern cases
  • Inter-American human rights and exciting outtakes
  • Part of the US Copyright Office in saving the business of Writers and scholars

Key Takeaways

Writing a research paper requires a lot of hard work, from researching the paper and then writing the text and proofreading it before submitting it for evaluation. In many cases, students need help to even get started – choosing the right topic. In this resource, we have already gone through the best topic ideas for research papers in 2023.

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