How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Topics, Outline, Example, Tips

July 26, 2023 Martha Simons

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Essay writing is not an easy vocation, even if you have spent years in school trying to perfect the craft. Apart from the tangible elements, there are always invisible elements that can be attributed to the writers that play a major role in making the essays stand out. There are different types of essays that students get to write in schools and colleges. There are fairly simple types, such as narrative and descriptive essays, and then there are complex ones like argumentative and expository essays. However, in this blog, we will cover exemplification essays.

If you have been assigned recently to write and submit one, this blog is for you. We will go through the exemplification essay definition, popular topics, structure, and more!

Exemplification Essay 101

Even though the name is different from its more popular counterpart, an argumentative essay, an exemplification essay is not much different from it. As argumentative essays are written to prove a point using examples and empirical evidence, the latter also does the same but with more reliance on facts, figures, and examples. We can say that an exemplification essay is a better and more tightly-knit argumentative essay.

Also, the exemplification essay is written in neutral and academic language, rather than charged or emotional tone. It is solely an academic venture and should reflect all the virtues and attributes of it. Many students get confused, even scared, when they hear that the teacher has assigned an exemplification essay for the assignment. There is nothing to worry about, especially when you are already going through this blog.

Topics For Exemplification Essay Examples

Before you get to write an essay, you need to pick a topic and then turn it into a title. That’s true for exemplification essays with no exception. So, let us explore some of the topics for your exemplification essay. Keep in mind that you can use the topics as they are or you can get creative and experiment with them by introducing and exploring new angles. Here are three important aspects of topic selection that you must remember:

  • Keep your interest in mind
  • Conduct in-depth background research
  • Pick a topic that is open for debate and discussion

With that in mind, we have lined up multiple topics and covered them with titles that can provide you with a good starting point in your search for the best exemplification essay title.

Topics on Politics

  • Addressing The Issue of Police Brutality In the Modern USA
  • There Should Be No Censor On Music And Other Forms of Art
  • Inadequate Political Decisions Lead To Post-Election Ruckus
  • Causes And Effects of Fake News In Politically Charged Society
  • Weak Media Laws Allow Politicians To Willfully Misrepresent The Facts
  • The Rise In Democratic Practices Has Poor Effects On Administration And Governance
  • Reduction In Crimes Due To Higher And Stricter Penalties
  • The Us Government Needs To Ease Its Border And Immigration Laws 
  • There Should Be A Cap For Investments In Political Campaigns
  • Introducing Laws For Political Campaigning And Vote-Trading

Technology Topics

  • Electronic Gadgets Are Hampering Critical Thinking Capabilities Of Students
  • Effects Of Smartphone Addiction On School-Going Children
  • Challenges And Consequences Of Autonomous Vehicles
  • The Internet Is A World Of Chaos And Immorality
  • Ai Can Lead To Lost Jobs With Ultimate Destruction Of Human Civilization
  • Online Dating Apps Are Responsible For Rise In Hate Crimes Against Women
  • Strong Laws Are The Need Of The Hour To Stop Bullying And Victimization
  • Security Cameras Violate Privacy More Than Helping To Reduce Crimes
  • Technological Advances And Their Effects On Academic Establishments
  • The Effects Of Automation On Industrial Production

Exemplification Essay Topics on Education

  • Pre-Schools Help Children Become More Independent And Social
  • Foreign Languages Should Be Incorporated Into Existing System
  • Early Education And Its Role In The Brain Development Of Children
  • Controlled Use Of Social Media Platforms Can Help Children In Reading, Writing, And Speaking
  • Texting Can Be A Menace For People’s Spellings And Vocabulary
  • Online Learning Is Making Up For The Physical Barriers In Literacy Improvement
  • 21st Century And The Role Of Formal Education
  • Short Certification Courses Are Better Than Dedicated College Programs
  • Standard Tests Are Inadequate To Understand Each Person’s Competency
  • Personalized Education Can Improve Students’ Engagement And Learning

Topics on Culture

  • Art therapy is exceptional against depression and anxiety
  • The promotion of arts can lead to a global world
  • Improving cultural diversity through works of art
  • Promoting arts can lead to more and better educational and career opportunities
  • Cases of discrimination in pop culture and how to resolve them
  • Traveling is necessary to get an education in different cultures and their practices
  • Mass media is destroying cultural diversity with self-styled definitions and ideology
  • Morality is a subjective constraint and should not be backed by law
  • Schools and colleges need to do more to promote cultural activities

Social Topics

  • Social responsibility and the welfare of communities
  • Adverse effects of technology on the social skills of modern people
  • Mental and psychological problems should be professionally treated
  • The potential of socialism in the 21st century
  • Excessive use of smartphones can lead to social anxiety and isolation
  • Revolutions are caused by social inequality and class structure
  • Children should not have to bear physical punishment
  • The importance of self in finding true happiness in life
  • Ambitions of parents help children become better
  • The gender-neutrality of toys in the modern world

Outline Essay Example

An essay is a piece of writing that has a rigid structure to serve the narrative. Without it, the whole point will collapse. If you read the best exemplification essays written by professional writers, you will find a flow and organic structure that is often missing from poorly written pieces. In this section, we will cover the outline and formatting of the essay for you.

Introduction/ Opening

There are no secrets when it comes to the opening paragraph of your exemplification essay. It should start with a bang and grab the attention of the readers. Often termed as a hook, it can be a question, a quote, a bold, or a bold or brief statement to get things started. Keep in mind that the hook should be relevant to the title of the essay otherwise, it will backfire. After setting a hook, you need to provide some background information on the topic and then ease your introduction into the thesis statement.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a hinge that moves the whole essay. You can also say that it is the focal point of the discourse and all the text should be aligned according to it. Without one, your exemplification essay will not be complete. It should be answering the question that the title or essay is asking. The best place to put down the thesis statement is the closing lines of the opening paragraph. It is where it bridges the section with the main body and lets readers know what to expect in the upcoming paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs make the bones and muscles of your exemplification essay. If the whole essay is 700 words long, the body paragraphs should get at least 500 words out of them. This is the place where you need to expand on the thesis statement and provide examples and evidence for the fine points. Again, you need to be aware of the time and space constraints so that your essay is done promptly. The standard practice is about dividing the whole section into three paragraphs but you can work around it according to your needs.

Conclusion/ Closing

Once you have covered the main body paragraphs, it is time to wrap things up with a logical ending. The conclusion is probably the most important section of your exemplification essay because it can summarize it all and leave a lasting impression on readers’ minds. Writing one can be a trick but here are three things to keep in mind. First, reiterate your thesis statement. Second, summarize the main points from the body paragraphs. Third, give a departing statement that has the essence of the whole essay.

Your Guide On How To Write An Exemplification Essay

Now that we have gone through some topics and the structure of an exemplification essay, it is time to go through the step-by-step guide. If you are new to this, there is no need to panic. All you need to do is follow the steps and you will end up with an excellent essay. So, let’s get started!

Choose A Trendy Topic

When we say trendy, it means it needs to be relevant to the current social and political environment. People are more interested in things that are taking place around them. On that note, your chosen topic should have the following traits:

  • Relevance
  • Usefulness
  • Interest
  • Specificity

It should not be too wide as it will be difficult for you to cover all the bases.

Conduct In-Depth Research

After settling on a topic, it is time to conduct in-depth research and make sure that all the data that will be used in the essay is updated and verified. Since the exemplification essay is heavy on details and examples, you need to explore both primary and secondary sources, including owned websites, blogs, articles, journals, and more.

Create An Outline

Once you have enough material to give your essay a go, it is time to map it out or outline it – from start to finish. Many students think that outlining the essay will hinder their creativity and skills but that’s not the case. This is only for streamlining the process and ensuring that you do not get stuck once taking off.

Compose The First Draft

Since you have a solid and detailed outline in place telling you what to write and how to write, you need to get started on the writing phase. At this point, the writing process is about filling the space under the headings and subheadings. There is no need to mind mistakes as we will have a dedicated session for that.

Proofread & Edit Before Turning It In

So you have the draft completed but it has many mistakes. Also, you know you need to improve certain passages before even thinking about submitting them for evaluation. So, start with spelling and grammatical errors and then work your way up to the contextual inconsistencies and text flow. The most obvious way to do that is to go through the text multiple times and improve its reach and effects.

Practical Tips For Writing Exemplification Essay

No guide for essay writing is complete without some tips and hacks. In this section, we will take a look at some of the practical ones that can help you get started and finish the exemplification essay before the deadline.

Provide Clear Examples For Claims

Since it closely resembled the argumentative essay, your essay needs to be backed up with examples and evidence to further its relevance and value. Otherwise, mere claims with no backing will fall flat upon discussion and scrutiny.

Carefully Cite References

Claims in your essay need to be referenced and cited. Also, when you use information from other reliable sources, you need to cite them according to the prescribed format. It could be APA, MLA, Chicago, or else. Double-check the references for both in-text citations and the bibliography before moving forward.

Make Sure That the Thesis Is Proved

A thesis statement needs to be proven to the reader. You cannot rest your case without actually proving it. That’s the whole point of the main body as you need to collect and share pieces of information and evidence that supports your claim.

Essay Should Feel Whole & Complete

Once you are done with the essay, it should feel complete with all the bases covered. This is the major difference between a poor and a great essay. The latter feel complimented at all fronts with no room for obvious improvement.

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