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A submission of your registration and/or order is a confirmation of your acceptance and agreement to adhere to our Terms and Conditions. It is also a confirmation of your acceptance of our Privacy Policy detailing how the information you provide to use will be stored and used.

Definitions and Interpretations

In this agreement:

  1. “Order” refers to an order created and submitted by you for processing.
  2. “You” means you as a user of our website and our client.
  3. “Revisions” refers to an order that is submitted for the purposes of adjustments or amendments for free.
  4. “Preferred Writer” refers to a content writer who has previously completed an order for you and who you would prefer to offer extra payment to and/or work on your consequent order(s).
  5. “Custom Made Paper” means a word document whose content is prepared from scratch for you and whose content may also contain material that is referenced.

Order Instructions

Upon the payment for an order, the website reserves the right to refuse any consequent changes to the order instructions. Our sole responsibility is to adhere to the original order instructions.


You have a right to a free revision as long as it is submitted within 30 days after the original deadline for the order. The client reserves the right to submit a revision provided they present sufficient evidence in support of the inadequacy of the original paper in meeting the original order instructions. The instructions for the revision must follow the order description of the original order. We retain the right to deny a revision request in case the revision request fails to conform to the original order instructions.


You have a right to submit a request for a refund within three days after the download or completion of the original order. All requests for refunds are required to be submitted to our client support team via live chat, telephone conversation, email, or messages. Note that no refunds will be issued 30 days after the completion of the original order. Also, we reserve the right to restore out authorship of the paper in the case of inadequate requests for full refunds.

Custom Made Paper

All our papers are custom made papers except when for cases where the paper instructions require the use of well-known facts or direct quotes. Our papers are meant to be used only as examples of academic writing only. However, you reserve the right to choose how to use your custom made paper.


We guarantee the confidentiality of all your personal information. However, your personal information may be shared with other services such as email providers, SMS/MMS providers, and payment processors for the purposes of communication with you. We may also use your personal information for the purposes of identifications and/or communication with you with regards to an order or your account. Any online login information or passwords that may assist with the completion of an order will not be accepted nor passed. We will only utilize open source data and information submitted with the order to complete and deliver your orders.

The custom content generated by us for the client are considered both the client’s and our intellectual property. However, the client reserves the exclusive right and permission to use the custom content for a period of three months only. After the three months, we will exclusively regain all the rights to the intellectual property rights for the custom content.

Service Outages

We will take full responsibility for any failures to deliver your order in a timely manner due to any hosting outages on our side. However, we will not be responsible for outages caused by your Internet Service Provider.

Preferred Writer

Additional funds paid to the preferred writer are optional and are meant to act as motivation to the preferred writer to take up the order. In case the order is taken by a writer other than a preferred writer then the additional funds will be kept as store credit in the client’s account for future orders.

Use Data Collection and Usage

The information we collect from you include, but not limited to:

  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Username
  • Payer Name
  • Billing Address
  • IP Address
  • Cookies

This is the only website that will use your information for commercial purposes. Your contact information may be used to send updates, promotions, and deals. For more information on the use of your personal information refer to our Privacy Policy Page.