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With a dedicated team of professional writers, we ensure that you always score first-class in your essays, no matter the level, no matter the subject. WriteMyEssay is your partner in the journey to the zenith of scholarship!

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How to order your excellent custom essay?

WriteMyEssay.ca offers a hassle-free experience throughout the board. Follow these easy steps or connect with our representative to get started:
Proposal Submission
Fill out a short order form with all the details of your project. After that, the expert writers on our panel will start bidding on your proposal.
Connect With A Writer
Connect with a writer of your choice and let the ball rolling on your project. Through interactive chat options, you can tweak the nitty-gritty details of your project with the writer.
Satisfaction First, Payments Later!
With just 1/3rd of your project’s full price, you can get started on the project. Once it is done, you can review it and get possession of the project by paying full price.

Only Perfect Essay Writers Compose Your Custom Papers – Period!

Our service is on a mission to connect exceptional writers with curious school and college students who are having a hard time dealing with writing essays and assignments. As a bridge between the two entities, we strive to make the process of submission of projects to their completion as seamless and frictionless as possible.

That’s why we have a posse of excellent writers who excel at writing on any given topic. Here are some highlights:
Industry-leading writers with years of experience and expertise in academic writing
Creativity is contagious at Write My Essays as all of our writers have plenty of it. This allows them to be unique and original in their thoughts and writing
Punctual, steadfast, and FAST! Our writers believe in honoring commitments. Depending on the clients’ specifications, they can produce a unique custom essay within 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours!
Passion is the fuel that is running WriteMyEssay.ca and its team of writers. This is the real asset we are most proud of!
I have been working as an academic writer for the past 6 years. I started as an editor in a local newspaper but decided to change focus to freelance writing. Modern students are extremely overloaded, especially medical students, who need to do their shifts in the hospital and submit tones of papers weekly.
Jon Hamilton
Senior Advisor and Writer
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Types of Assignments We Cover

We provide an essay writing service for all types of academic assignments. Check out some of our samples and don't hesitate to place your order.
Comparison of Two Essays
Want to know how do we process your work? Then you must go through our sample document that will help you comprehend our essay writing profoundly. We have provided a sample essay to help you out.
View Sample
Research Paper
Underlying historical and economic reasons behind the quest for alternatives to incarcerating offenders in jails and prisons.
View Sample
Case Study
Children with obesity living an inactive lifestyle can adopt a behavioural change and start exercising to remain healthy.
View Sample
Critical Thinking / Review
Finally, both articles emphasize on the need to understand the past because it is the only way to understand the future.
View Sample
Presentation or Speech
Assessing the U.S presidential debates, it was evident that there was deep division among the voters.
View Sample
Term Paper
Beck, Warren A., Haase, Ynez D, “Historical Atlas of California”. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1974
View Sample

Our Subjects

Admission Essay
Reflective Writing
Annotated Bibliography
Creative Writing
Term Paper
Article Review
Critical Thinking / Review
Research Paper Dissertation Thesis
Book / Movie Review
Literature Review
Research Proposal
Editing & Proofreading

What Makes Your Essay Perfect?

There is no doubt that there are many online essay writing services operating around the world. Yet, students should be careful in connecting with many of the websites as they often have no credibility and accolades to show for. To improve the grades of students in schools and colleges, Write My Essay has been operating out of Canada for over a decade. Now, we are the go-to choices for students when they need prompt and unique essays to score the highest grades.
Student-Friendly Pricing & Refund Policy
Starting As Low As 16.89 CAD for a Page
24/7 On The Spot Customer Support
Confidentiality Through & Through
High-Quality Academic Writing Services
Huge Discounts & Deals
Ensure 100% Confidentiality With Data
Stringent Data Protection Policies
100% Plagiarism-Free & Guaranteed Work
Money-Back Guarantee on Detected Plagiarism
Punctuality & 100% Reliability
Vast Coverage of Subjects & Disciplines

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Testimonials & reviews

5 days ago
I was having a hard time tackling my pol sci paper for my school. A friend recommended WriteMyEssay and it was a blessing from the heavens. The submissions and onboarding process was silky smooth and I had my essay in five hours! Easy 10/10
5 days ago
With a difficult semester and tough assignments, I was looking for a way out. Writemyessay.ca comes at a perfect time and helped me in securing grades I never even dreamed of. Highly recommended to all!
Percy Shull
5 days ago
I placed my order and got an essay in under 5 hours. There were places that I wanted to get brushed up a little. The rewrites and reviews are easy to get and totally guilt-free. Kudos to the team of Write My Essay Cabada!
5 days ago
After getting disappointed by many online essay writing services, I decided to give Write My Essay a chance. Even though I was hoping for a bitter experience, they topped my expectations and more. Keep up the great work guys!

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What is the legality of paying someone to write academic papers?

There is no law or sanction that declares getting paid help from anyone regarding academic work. Also, the students will be the sole and ultimate owners of the final draft.

Since there is no one to contest the ownership of a research paper or an essay, it is perfectly alright to connect with us and have your essay written in 1 hour and get an excellent custom academic paper of your choice. Write My Essay Canada Login is safe, secure and confidential. We offer: 

  • Write my essay in 1 hour or faster
  • Fast essay writing services
  • 24/7 Customer Live Chat Support

What are the benefits of collaborating with Write My Essay?

When you end up collaborating with our service, the benefits are just too many to count on the fingertips. Still, here are some of the top ones:

  • Guaranteed highest quality work
  • More time to live and enjoy your life
  • Unparalleled team of professional writers
  • Solemnity of deadlines & commitments
  • Plagiarism-free work
  • Every essay is written from scratch!

What will be the timeline for writing a thesis?

There is no denying that thesis writing can give many sleepless nights to college students. It is much different from essays in its reach, scope, and depth of the subject matter. That’s why many college students contact Write My Paper on a regular basis.

We have a team of highly skilled academic writers with ample experience and expertise in writing thesis for the top schools the nation has to offer.

So, if you are having second thoughts about doing it yourself, quit stalling and start dialing!

Is it possible to have a quality essay written in an hour?

It is natural to panic and anxious when you have an important paper due. The fact that the professors do not shy away from punitive measures in this regard is a no-brainer. In such situations, think of “Write My Essay” website –  as a safety writing net.

And yes, the answer is affirmative to the question of whether a quality essay can be written in an hour or not. There is no sleep for the best in our company as assignments pour in at any time of the day. For a homework essay, one hour is enough for our writers!

Meet our top-rated experts

Looking for and settling on online pay for essay service is a process that requires much care. Carefully choosing your essay provider ensures timely, unique, and perfect essays that improve your grades.
7 years
Jon Hamilton
Senior Advisor
10 years
James Lee M.
SPSS Writer
12 years
Sara Parker
Math Writer
6 years
Boniface M.
Literate Writer
11 years
Jonalyn Cerano
“Masters” Writer
5 years
James Lee Malkovich
History PhD Writer
14 years
Nina R.
Nursing Writer

You Will Always Get Unique Work

Our service is the cheapest in the market. WriteMyEssay is a cheap essay writing service in Canada that charges even 16.89 CAD per page. It is because we provide discounts to all our new and old customers. It shows that we trust our writers and hope to build a long term relationship built on trust.

Cheap does not mean bad, at least not in our case. We advise you to steer clear from websites that give out very cheap essays. They are probably a scam, and they give out plagiarized essays. We are affordable as students count every penny and we understand this well!


Yes, We Are an Urgent Essay Writing Service

While writing an urgent essay, our writers have to set aside all other commitments to prioritize your assignment. It deserves a little more incentive. But we can assure you that urgent essays will have the same high-quality work as standard essays.

A better price for a critical essay is very important. It motivates the writer to produce quality work in less time, and you won’t have to worry about short deadlines. Don’t worry. Our writers are working round the clock to satisfy your essays and elevate your grades.


FAQs on Write My Essay

If I am not a Canadian student, can I order a paper on your site?

Yes, you can! We provide essay services to people worldwide, and have a wide variety of clients from the US, the UK, and Australia. To make things easier for international visitors, we have created a drop down menu which allows them to choose their own currency.

How can I get an account with WriteMyEssay.ca?

We have been in the essay writing business for ten years now and aim to serve all our customers as well as we can. We can state that most of our business is repeat business, with earlier clients coming back to give us more orders, or with their friends coming to us over a referral. We offer very secure online payment facilities, and are dedicated to making sure that everybody who uses our services is happy with the result.

How many years have you been in the essay writing business?

We have ten years of experience in the business. We think that this gives us a competitive edge, as many other services have not had so long in the business. Our depth of experience guarantees that you will receive quality services from the moment you make contact with our site.

Is it confidential?

We guarantee total privacy for our customers – confidentiality is paramount. We use a secure server to store all personal information, and at no point will we reveal it to anybody outside the site, or anybody who doesn’t need to know it. Personal details are used and kept for verification and financial reasons only, and only when that is necessary for the order.

Are your papers completely original?

We guarantee that everybody gets a completely original paper, or their money back. The writers work to your specifications to get a completely original paper that you will love. We are so focused on preventing plagiarism that we check all our written papers before they are sent on to our clients.

Are your papers plagiarism free?

We guarantee that our papers are one hundred free of plagiarism – we offer our clients a money-back guarantee if this isn’t the case. We submit our papers to rigorous checks before sending them to the client.

Can you write my paper if I need it done in one to two hours?

We are perfectly able to work to such short turnaround times, although our clients should be aware that we will charge extra for work done this way. The higher price tag is due to the fact that we will need to allocate substantial resources to getting the work done. Our clients should always bear in mind that if the number of pages to be done is too high, we will be unable to undertake the work, as we write from scratch each time.

Who is going to write my paper?

All of our writers are professionals who have been working in academic writing for some time. We offer only native speakers, and can assure our clients that the writers themselves are, in most cases, capable of anything up to PhD-level writing.

Our company prides itself on only hiring and using the best writers available. For the entire time, our site has existed, we and our writers have been providing our clients with an endless series of research papers, essays, and dissertations (among other things). We work to make sure that only the best writers stay with us and get consistent work, although not everyone is at the same level. While all of our writers are experienced in academic writing, not everyone is capable of writing to the standard required for a PhD. We would never knowingly allow an undergraduate writer to work on a PhD-level paper. If our clients want to specifically choose our best writers for their work, they can choose the option for ‘top ten writers’ on their order page.

What is the lowest price for a paper?

Our prices start at slightly over fourteen CAD for a high school student, and slightly under nineteen CAD for a university undergraduate student. The prices go up from there according to how many pages are needed, whether he work is single or double-spaced, and a whole host of other factors. Our prices average out to forty percent cheaper than our closest Canadian competitors, without any loss in quality. To ensure that they get the cheapest price for your work, we advise that our clients order their work for 10 days in advance.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all methods of payment through the site. Credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as using PayPal itself; the site processes all payments through its own PayPal account. None of our clients’ financial information is stored for any longer than it might need to be.

Are essay writing services legit?

Since there is no law that stops students from seeking help for their homework writing, hiring a professional essay writing service is not illegal. The client is the owner of the finished work so there is no copyright infringement.

Can you get caught using an essay writing service?

Write My Essay is a professional writing company that is operating in the industry for over a decade. We have strictly confidential services with no loose ties pointing to end users. That’s why using a professional company is perfectly safe.

How much does it cost to have someone write your essay?

The exact price of the essay depends on many factors. There is difficulty with the subject matter, timeline, word count, and so on. On average, Write My Essay charges around $17 CAD for school essays, but it is an estimate.

What is the best essay writing service?

There is no denying that Write My Essay is the best essay writing service operating out of Canada. We have professional essay writers, responsive customer service, competitive pricing, and confidential dealings – all point to customers’ benefits.

Are essay writers worth it?

Of course! They are highly trained and skilled in the art and science of researching, writing, and editing. If you really want to score high on your school essay or college essay, professional essay writers totally worth it.

Can professors find out if you bought an essay?

As far as reading and going through the content of an essay, there is no way a professor can determine whether that essay was bought from a writer or written by a student. Write My Essay makes sure of that and this is what makes us the best in business.

Is it safe to buy essays online?

Write My Essay has a dedicated department to make sure that all the transactions and personal information of our clients remain safe throughout the process of collecting, processing, and storing data.

Can teachers tell if you paid someone to write your paper?

Simply there is no way teachers have that kind of superpower to tell a paper that it was written commercially. We take extra care to make sure that all the guidelines that are submitted by our clients are followed.

How much should I pay for a 500 word essay?

There is no fixed price on a 500-word essay because there are multiple factors involved in writing and researching an essay. For an average school essay, it can cost you around $20 CAD to have a single page.