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In schools and colleges, writing is at the heart of learning. After delivering a lecture and teaching a new thing to students, teachers expect students to be able to reproduce that in any form in writing. That’s why they assign tasks related to the topic and students need to produce unique solutions to the question.

Essay writing, on the other hand, is a deliberate act where students attempt to answer a question. Even when there is no direct question in the title, an essay is always about answering a question or resolving an issue, with what they believe to be true.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the art of essay writing, the types of essays that are popular in schools and colleges, and how to write a 700-word essay.

Art of Essay Writing

Many students make the mistake of thinking that essay writing is about sitting down at a table and churning out a piece of writing with distinct sections and focus. That’s not true! Essay writing is a process where a writer produces a discourse on a specific topic to help readers understand the underlying mechanics and dynamics of the topic. An essay has three major sections – opening, main body, and closing. Each one serves a specific purpose, with its division of paragraphs and words. 

It is at the heart of all the grander versions of writing because it is at the foundation of both fiction and non-fiction works. Writers who turn out to be the best in business start by practicing and mastering the art of essay writing. That’s why students should spend time and other resources to learn the craft and apply the science behind it to other writing endeavors.

Types of Essays For Schools & Colleges

There is no single type of essay that fit all the needs of the writers and the readers. Based on the subject and focus on the contents, countless types of essays are written by both school and college students. But certain essays are popular in academic institutions for their apparent benefits to aspiring writers.

In this section, we will take a look at four of those and ensure that students understand them well and attempt to write great ones.

Narrative Essays

A narrative essay is a subjective discourse surrounding a personal incident, experience, or event. That subject or stimulus of the change is influential enough to alter the further course of events for the writer. It is emotional and charged with flowery prose so that readers can be moved or inspired by it. The structure of a narrative essay is the same as that of any other standard essay.

Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay describes a subject under consideration in either objective or subjective terms. The subject of a descriptive essay can be a person, an object, a place, or an event. Writers employ both figurative language and sensory details to bridge the distances of space and time to draw a picture of the subject for readers. This type of essay, combined with narrative essays, is the easiest one.

Personal Response Essays

A personal response essay covers a writer’s opinions or views regarding a subject. That subject can be a book, a movie, an event, or something significant, for both the writers and the readers. Personal response essays are also required in college admission tests where committees ask for aspirants’ views on certain things. It is shorter in format and structure compared to other standard essays.

Reflection Essays

Reflection essays, as the name suggests, are personal views and opinions of writers regarding a subject. In this case, the subject can be as trivial as a college course, a seminar, or a laboratory session. Whatever that is, it can be molded into something more practical and relatable. Reflection essays are usually covered in colleges and higher education levels because of their complexity.

Writing A 700-Word Essay

Now that we have identified some of the most common types of essays in schools and colleges, it is time to cover the premise of the blog. A 700-word essay is no different from a 500-word essay or a 1500-word essay. However, the obvious difference comes from the word count and length of the text.

This section is dedicated to helping you with a process that you can reproduce every time you need to write a 700-word essay.

Collecting Information

This is the most important part of the process that many students miss out on. Even when you have a solid command of a subject, there are chances that you do not have the latest information on recent development. Also, we tend to forget numbers and statistics quickly which can enrich our texts. Also, you can determine the level and scope of your essay by going through the research phase.

Creating An Outline

Outlining is considered to be the death of creativity by many writers. In truth, it is far from it. Outlining provides discipline and direction to the text before the real writing begins. This prevents bottlenecks and delays where writers could have to scramble to progress. The best way to create an outline of the essay is by doing it with research so that you can cover two pre-writing tasks in one go.

Writing The First Draft

This is the real milestone that writers need to cover before they can even think about having a 700-word essay on their hands. After researching and outlining, it is best to get to the task without needlessly delaying it. This will save them from writer’s block and ensure that they have a finished manuscript as soon as possible. Compared to the editing and proofreading phase, this should be dealt with quickly.

Editing & Proofreading

Again, many novice writers and students in schools and colleges take this step lightly. They believe that if they write the first draft carefully, they would not have to go through this phase. This is a false notion as no matter how meticulous they are with the first draft, they will not be able to produce a flawless piece of text. Editing and proofreading are at the center of exceptional writing and there is no way around it.

Practical Tips For Completing A 700-Word Essay

We hope that students will be able to produce a unique and original piece of work based on our simple guide. Still, many ask for tips and hacks to quickly get started and finish the task. In this light, we have dedicated this section to cover some tips. This should be employed in conjunction with the best practices of writing and editing essays.

Connecting The Dots

When it comes to the process of finding relevant information to prove a point, writers need to provide a complete picture to the readers. They can either provide all the clues to the issue or they can cover the basics and let the readers do the connecting themselves. So, whatever way a writer wants to progress, it has to be consistent.

Writing Clearly & Precisely

There is no beating around the bush when you have to write a 700-word essay on a focused topic. Instead of using mouthful words with little to no practical value to the text, writers should gun for clear and precise vocabulary and vernacular. In that, students should write in small and clear sentences with variations across the text.

Getting Peer Reviews

The work of a writer is not done when he finishes writing a text. It is when the text is flawless. Even some argue that a piece of writing should be the best version of itself. In that light, writers should get peer reviews to ensure that there are no obvious and implied errors and inconsistencies in the essay.


Which essays can be covered in a 700-word slot?

The essays that can be covered in a 700-word slot are as follows:

  • Narrative essays
  • Personal response essays
  • Reflection essays
  • Descriptive essays

Is it necessary to research before writing a 700-word essay?

Of course! Research is always at the heart of writing a solid essay. We cannot store empirical evidence for academic topics in our heads. That’s why we need to go through both primary and secondary sources of information before outlining and writing the essay.

What is the ideal word count range for a 700-word essay?

There is no way you can exactly finalize a 700-word essay on this word count mark. There is always an acceptable range in academia because then it would not be too long or short. We can say from experience that 650 to 750 words are the acceptable range for a 700-word essay.

How much time does it take to write a 700-word essay?

If you are a good typist with reasonable command over your keyboard, you can type 700 words in under an hour. If we assume that you need around an hour to research and outline the essay, we can say that a 700-word essay takes around two hours to finish.

Can I write a 700-word essay in a day or an hour?

A day is enough to collect relevant information and write a 700-word essay. On the other hand, if you have only one hour to finish the essay, you need to cover a lot of ground in that slot. These include researching, writing, and editing a 700-word essay.

How can I secure the best marks in my 700-word essay?

Following are some of the best practices that can help you cover all the ground:

  • Research before writing
  • Outlining from start to finish
  • Writing the first draft quickly
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Getting peer reviews before submission

Summing Up The Discussion

A 700-word essay comes in the middle when we talk about both short and long essays. In this blog, we have covered both basic grounds and highlighted the best practices to ensure that everything is right on the mark. From the definition of essay writing to dividing the process into simple steps, students can find gems of the practice of writing a 700-word essay in this resource.

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