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Write My 1000 Words Essay

Students are assigned such tasks because 1000 word essay is considered to be an appropriate length for an effective presentation. We will write your essay and provide quality content that will surely impress your professor.

Services to Write Your 1000 Word Essay is one of the most reliable and reputable writing services. We work with students across the globe and help manage their academic burden. Students are swamped with assignments and homework left and right. You hardly have time for social and extracurricular activities.

Why stress about all these when you have us? Place an order, and we will manage everything for you, from research to editing. Let us deal with your mundane assignments while you can focus on the things you are passionate about. If you have decided on your major in college, you should lay all your time and energy. After all, that is your future career. Leave all the side assignments to us, and we will make sure you get a high-quality paper that exceeds everyone's expectations. Some of our benefits that you can sit back, relax and enjoy are:

Free Revisions

For up to fourteen days, you can ask our authors to make any amendments you want in your document for free. After that, we must satisfy your academic needs, and we will do it without charging any additional fees.

Plagiarism Report

We know you are worried about getting scammed and paying for a plagiarized paper. With Write My Essay Canada, you can throw this thought straight out the window. We will run your custom document through plagiarism-detection software and attach the report with the order. It acts as our certificate of authenticity.

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We are confident that we can have your paper ready before the deadline. The deadline may be one week or one hour; we will get it done for you. So, we offer a full refund if we cannot meet your deadline.


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How to Write a 1000 Word Essay in One Night?

Writing an academic paper is a challenge for every student. Students do not have the time to write it with such a busy schedule, and before you know it, the deadline is at your door. So, you will have to pull an all-nighter to get it done. But, if you are worried about writing a 1000 word essay, we have the perfect tips for you.

Tip 1: Create the Perfect Set-up and Schedule

Before you start the 1000 word essay, you need to have an environment that will facilitate the process and not distract you. If your campus has a 24-hour library, then it is the best place for writing. If not, then your room will work as well. Be sure to gather everything you need beforehand, such as your laptop and its charger.

It would be best to get the relevant books and a notepad and pen to make notes for the document. It will be a long night, so get yourself a big mug of coffee or tea to help stay awake. It would be best for you to have a snack, so you do not have to waste time getting one.

With the set-up complete, you can focus on creating a schedule to follow. Usually, professors set the deadline of 9 am. If you begin at midnight, you have nine hours for writing a 1000 word essay. You can divide the entire process into small tasks and allocate a time limit to each one. Our writers have created a sample schedule you can use for your all-nighter;

  • Set-up and create a schedule – 20 minutes;
  • Choose an essay topic and research – 30 minutes;
  • Craft an outline and thesis statement – 30 minutes;
  • Write the body paragraphs with examples and fact – 45 minutes;
  • Write an introduction – 25 minutes;
  • Write conclusion – 25 minutes;
  • Proofread for errors – 20 minutes;
  • Edit any issues - 30 minutes;
  • Recheck the facts and examples – 30 minutes;
  • Add in-text citations and references for the 1000 word essay format – 30 minutes;
  • Have a friend or colleague proofread the final draft - 30 minutes;
  • Submit it – 10 minutes.

According to this schedule, you will be done with the assignment in 6 hours. After that, you can submit and catch up on some sleep before your next class.

Tip 2: Craft the Perfect Outline

The writing process depends on how you create and follow the outline. All our writers are experts at making outlines and can do it in their sleep. The outline has the following benefits:

  • It prevents you from repeating information and helps weed out irrelevant facts
  • With an outline, you will not face writer's block
  • It will help create a 1000 word essay structure and a natural flow of information and facts
  • It helps arrange the information logically and makes it easier for your readers
  • You can even use it to narrow your research scope and divide the content of the body

We have asked our top authors to make a sample outline that you can use for any essay writing

  • Introduction
    1. Background
    2. Thesis Statement
  • Body
    1. The first paragraph (central theme, explanation, and supporting material)
    2. The second paragraph (central theme, explanation, and supporting material)
    3. The third paragraph (central theme, explanation, and supporting material)
  • Conclusion
    1. Summary

Tip 3: Hire

Why worry and stress all night when there are professional authors just fingertips away from you? The best tip is to hire us for your academic writing assignment and catch up on your sleep. We will have it written and ready for submission hours before your deadline.

All you need to do is place an order with all your requirements. We will stay up all night, researching and crafting the perfect document for you. We will have several professional writers proofread it to ensure the finished product is high-quality.

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How Long Does it take to Write my 1000 Word Essay?

A 1000 word essay is not very easy to write, and students require time to write it. It can take you 6 hours to an entire day. Many students measure essay length by the pages and not words. The reason is that in high school, teachers would use page length instead of word limit.

So, you may wonder how many pages is a 1000 word essay? The answer is about four pages. With the standard formatting, your paper will take up to four pages. The words are divided into three main categories, which are:

  • Introduction – 100 to 125 words
  • Body – 750 to 800 words
  • Conclusion – 100 to 125 words

The reason majority of the words are accumulated in the body is because it consists of three paragraphs. Therefore, the word count for each body paragraph is 250 to 270 words.

It can take a student a day to write 1000 words essays, but our writers can compose, proofread and edit it in a few hours. The time is dependent on the topic as well. If it is a challenging topic like quantum physics, our authors may require more time. However, if it a history essay, our authors can have it done in under 5 hours. They are professionals and have the skill to follow the word count distribution. In just 250 words of the body paragraphs, they can state the main idea, explain it and use the information to support any claims.

Who Will Write my Essay in 1000 words?

When you hire a service, it is customary to wonder who will write my document? With, the answer is simple; professional and expert writers. We hire only the best of the best for your projects. After an extensive screening and testing process, we hire someone. Every author needs to meet the following two criteria:

  • They need to be native English speakers;
  • They need to have at least five years of writing experience to polish their writing skills.

Here you will get a plethora of benefits associated with the writers. Some of these are

The convenience

You can contact our authors anytime and expect a swift response. They will help and guide you in any way you need. Furthermore, you can always rely on them to meet your deadline and follow your requirements to a tee. So, you can go out and have fun without a single worry.

Authors could implement your idea to perfect writing

Our authors have bachelor's and master's degrees to write about any topic. So all you have to do is assign the topic, and they will create an outline and follow the structure.


You have a unique writing style. To truly customize your paper, our professionals will replicate your writing style as well. You can either specify how you write or provide a sample piece and incorporate any personal stories, phrases, or examples into the essay by telling the authors to do so.

No stress of research

We do the research, so you do not have to. By far, researching and looking for the facts to support your stance is very taxing. So, please leave it to us. Our authors are capable of conducting in-depth research and analysis for academic documents like dissertations. You do not even have to worry about the references or their format.

No need for editing and proofreading

We make sure that you get the complete order, which means the final draft you can submit without changes. Our authors will proofread the document several times and edit out any errors.

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How Much Does It Cost to Write my 1000 Word Essay?

If you ask anyone, "why should you choose WriteMyEssay"? They will all have the same answer. We are reliable and affordable for students. We know you have a tight budget and cannot splurge on an assignment. To make it convenient for you, we have priced all our services at the lowest rate. For example, for a custom paper, you have to pay $78CAD only.

The bargain does not stop here. We also offer discounts to you. These discounts are applicable in exam season and holidays. We even offer 15% off your first order as you are a first-time customer.

Q&A on How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

When it comes to academic assignments, students do not know where to go for help. Consequently, they have many questions. We compiled the most frequently asked questions and had our professional authors answer them for you. These are the answers.

  • How long is a 1000 word essay?
  • The most asked question is how long is a 1000 word essay. Due to the number of words, the length exceeds three pages.

  • How many pages are 1000 words?
  • The standard type of format for academic papers, which is: Font type – Times New Roman, Font size – 12pt, Line spacing – Multiple, 1000 words will take up to four pages. If you add images, it can move up to 5 pages as well.

  • Can you write a 1000 word essay in a day?
  • With the right tips and help, a student can craft an academic paper in 24 hours. It is not an impossible feat but does require constant effort, focus, and time. Instead of wondering what to write or what a 1000 word essay looks like, you can hire to write it for you in less than a day.