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How to write a tok essay

Are you wondering how to write a tok essay that leaves an impression? Many students know the right structure, yet they struggle to craft a writing piece that compels them. Hence, we've jotted down these tips to help you put together an essay that scores great grades.

Tip 1: Note the assessment criteria

Before you start to write your essay, it is crucial to note the criteria of assessment. There are four criteria that the IB uses to score-mark your essay. All of the four criteria carry equal weight. So, when you're writing your piece, keep these assessment areas in mind. You can also have a copy of them with you to know how to craft your piece. These four criteria include:

  • Your Perspective
  • Your write-up must demonstrate your self-awareness, independent thinking, at least two different viewpoints, and sufficient supporting evidence.

  • Comprehending The Knowledge Issues
  • Your write-up is also assessed ok how insightful and detailed it is. So, justify your key ideas, introduce arguments and counter-arguments. Besides, your writing piece should also explore any implications or assumptions of the topic you're writing on.

  • Analysis of The Knowledge Issues
  • Your write-up is also assessed ok how insightful and detailed it is. So, justify your key ideas, introduce arguments and counter-arguments. Besides, your writing piece should also explore any implications or assumptions of the topic you're writing on.

  • Organization of Ideas
  • Your write-up is also assessed on how well-structured it is. And how comprehensively you have explained the concepts, Also, whether you have cited references correctly.

Tip 2: Use your essay outline as a guide

Once you know the assessment criteria, make sure you create an outline that encompasses all four areas. When you start writing, focus on expanding each paragraph of your outline. Make sure your intro and conclusion are 10% of the total word count, respectively. This means the body would contain the remaining 80% of the word count.

You may want to refer back to your notes to brainstorm your ideas and penned down supporting examples. These notes will keep you on the right track. And, following the outline would help you not to miss out on any important point. Once you are done writing your essay, ensure you have cited all sources. When citing sources, use MLA referencing style. MLA is the most common referencing style used in Theory of Knowledge essay writing.

Remember that you must reference the little-known or surprising claims, not the common and well-known facts and opinions. For instance, the 'Earth revolves around the Sun" is a well-known fact. Therefore, you don't need to cite it. But, "children of depressed moms are more at risk of substance abuse" will require a citation as it is probably a little known fact.

Also, don't forget to cite any sentences where you follow another author's argument or train of thoughts, even in your own words. If you want to use the exact quotes, use quotation marks.

Tip 3: Use our writing service

Theory of knowledge essay is a complex paper. You have to compare and contrast different ways of knowing through perception, language, reason, emotion with different areas of knowledge (AOK). The eight areas of knowledge covered in a TOK essay are:

  • Natural sciences;
  • Mathematics;
  • History;
  • The arts;
  • Human sciences;
  • Ethics;
  • Religious knowledge systems;
  • Indigenous knowledge systems.

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Does a Theory of Knowledge Essay have a word count limit?

Wondering what the ideal tok essay word limit is? Somewhere between 1200 to 1600 words are considered to be a good job done. The count may increase depending upon the type of study. Remember, such complex paper writing coursework is at times lengthy too. Explanations, comparisons, in-depth analysis of various academic problems may make you cross the word count limit. However, follow the prompt assignment instructions for the word count limitation.

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How to Structure and Format your TOK Essay

The write-up consists of 5 paragraphs; the total word count will stand at 1600 words. Both introduction and conclusion take up to 200 to 250 words, and the rest divide between 5 to 6 paragraphs for your claims and counterclaims. This can be taken as a guideline and may vary depending on the brief your examiner has given.

Tok essay structure is best explained as a claim and counterclaim argument between two scientists on a study. The writer has to be very accurate about the ideas and it's execution with example and factual backing. The ground research should be reliable and trustworthy. Each claim should be guarded with authentic evidence. The structure of the tok essay is its flow of ideas. The structure tells the story about building the narrative and countering that narrative to find the answer to "why."

A condensed introduction of 200 words is considered more than enough. Enter with the topic, discuss the problem, state your position and sign off.

The body paragraphs are your idea carriers—design two to three paragraphs with claims and counterclaims supported with factual information. The tok essay format includes the language of narration. The quality of vocabulary and command of complex sentence structure also adds up to the overall outcome. Brainstorm a list of vocabulary words. Make it interesting with your words. Play with phrases and words. Persuade the reader. Grasp the attention you need to prove your thesis.

How to Write a TOK Essay Outline

Use your brainstorming session to craft the TOK essay outline. It will act as a roadmap. As a result, it will become easy for you to structure your essay cohesively. If you're writing about one to three Areas of Knowledge, you write around a five-paragraph write-up.

  • First Paragraph
  • Introduction. In this paragraph, you need to interpret and explain the title and figure out the main terms in the essay title. Within this paragraph, you would also mention your thesis statement and knowledge issues.

  • Second Paragraph
  • Discuss your first area of knowledge. How it answers the title. Provide supporting evidence. You may also add a counter-argument or my limitation of the evidence to support your example.

  • Third Paragraph
  • Discuss the second Area of Knowledge. How it answers the title. Give examples to support your argument. You may also include any counter-arguments or any limitations.

  • Fourth Paragraph
  • Discuss the third Area of Knowledge, if applicable. And follow the same pattern.

  • Fifth Paragraph
  • Conclusion. In this final paragraph, summarize your key points and rephrase your thesis.

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Q&A on How to Write My TOK Essay

  • How do you write a good TOK essay?
  • The shortest possible answer to this is teamwork. Our qualified writers, chief editors, quality assurance, and research department work cohesively to craft your write-up. We are solution providers. So, place your orders now.

  • Where can I find help for my TOK essay?
  • Write it by yourself. Read the article to get the tips that will help you understand how to write a good tok essay. You may also buy tok essays from our writers. Get registered.