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Essay writing is the part and parcel of academic activities. Apart from the core writing activities in a language, all other subjects, from science to arts, require essay writing to learn complex concepts and apply them in practice.

Even though it has been in the practice for a long time, experts have not been able to crack the code on how to write compelling essays. There is always a technical and a creative side to it, where the former is quantifiable and the latter is more intuitive and artistic.

Students often find it hard to start and finish an essay on time. They seek out professional essay writing services to help them finish quality essays and score higher marks. In this blog, we will take an overview of professional essay writing services, their importance for students, and some of the top companies in Canada. 

Overview of Professional Essay Writing Services

Professional essay writing services have existed for a long time. They are enterprises with multiple writers and editors in their pay roles. They get orders from students for writing essays on given topics. A usual essay writing service covers topic selection, if the customer has not specified it with the order, research and outline, writing, and editing the essay before dispatching it to the customers.

The history of essay writing services has been marred by scammers and companies with no quality control system. They would rely on automated tools for writing or simply plagiarize the contents from other online sources. The result was the waning trust of students in these companies. Write My Essay is one of the major players that has changed this narrative through quality services, competitive pricing, and guaranteed results.

Top Essay Writing Companies In Canada

Until now, we have made a great case for the advantages of using online essay writing services. Students should keep in mind that we are only endorsing legitimate and registered companies with an in-house team of writers and editors. Writing services on the other side of the spectrum with malicious intent and poor quality services should be banned from the internet.

To help students pick the right company, we have dedicated this section to shed ample light on some of the best companies operating out of Canada.

Write My Essay

At the top of our pyramid is Write My Essay. It is a renowned online essay-writing company with over a decade of trust and reliability in the market. Since its inception, it has offered a diverse range of academic writing services to its clients. The writing services include essay writing, thesis and dissertation, term and research papers, and many more. The company tops the charts for its adherence to quality services, competitive pricing, and full-time customer support for students. Also, there is a money-back guarantee on the quality of the writing.


99Papers is another major player in the game, working out of Canada. They employ a large team of writers with in-depth knowledge and expansive experience in writing. Students can rest assured that their essays will be written by quality professionals. They do not rely on templates and other time-saving measures and write each essay from scratch. We have conducted deep research on their operations and learned that they are indeed committed to providing the highest quality work to their clients.


Studdit is another company with glowing reviews from customers around the globe. They offer a wide range of services, especially in essay writing for college students and higher levels. When it comes to pricing, they are almost a match for Write My Essay, but they still lack in quality and delivery. The positive points include a seamless website and onboarding process, support staff, and guaranteed delivery before the deadline. If you find the price to be a little steeper, you can go with WME without sacrificing the good stuff.


The company is known for its vast and reliable resources in writing and editing. Their blog is a rich source of knowledge and insights into understanding and learning the craft. So, it is only natural that they have superb essay writing services. Apart from essays and term papers, students can order complete dissertations, theses, and more. The pricing is more on the affordable side compared to other major players, but this could come with a cost. All in all, you can get your money’s worth by relying on their services.

All of these companies are great, with their focus on quality and teams of essay writers. But if you want to save time and effort and want to forge a lasting relationship for the rest of your academic life, WriteMyEssay is the best choice. With over a decade of academic excellence and mutual trust for clients, you can rely on us at any time. Our pricing is always competitive and proportional to what we bring to the table. If, for some reason, you do not like the finished product, you can always ask for revisions. So, place your order now!

Importance of Essay Writing Companies

Whether students are in high school or college, they are often poorly trained in researching and writing on a topic from scratch. They also do not possess the necessary tools to conduct meaningful research and outline the essay before writing and then going through an editing and proofreading phase afterward. Teachers can only spend so much time teaching the dynamics of writing essays. Ultimately, students need to take things into their own hands to produce quality results, especially when their grades depend on them.

Professional essay-writing companies have writers with years of experience and expertise in writing and fine-tuning writing pieces. When they receive an order, they conduct thorough research and outline the essay before working on it. Also, many offer a direct line of communication between writers and customers for nifty collaboration. They help students become better writers because students can see the whole process of research, writing, and editing, unfolding before their eyes. They learn the craft of tweaking and tuning a raw product into a piece of art.

Advantages of Hiring A Professional Essay Writing Company

This whole post has become a rundown on the benefits of hiring a professional essay writing service. But for the sake of this heading, let us go through some more advantages of having a professional essay writing service by your side. This section will cover four of the most important and rewarding benefits of hiring professional writers for essay writing and other academic writing work.

Cheapest Pricing For Quality Work

For around $12 a page, essay writing services are not deal-breaking, especially when you consider the quality of services and time of delivery. In most cases, they do not get more than a couple of hours to provide a well-researched and masterfully written essay on time. With that in mind, it is best to skip the writing process and get a professional essay writer to do the job for you.

Guaranteed Plagiarism-Free Essays 

Plagiarism is another menace that students face. In schools and colleges, it is hard for young boys and girls to churn out essays with no copied content. The original essays come at a cost of spending hours in front of their computers. With a good essay writing company such as Write My Essay, they do not have to worry about the quality or integrity of the essay.

Native Essay Writers

This is a game-changer for many customers. Non-native writers are good at writing but still don’t understand or are proficient in following the norms and preferences of schools and colleges in Europe and America. On the other side, it is a game changer to have a native writer at your disposal because they require minimal guidance and input since they have studied at these institutions themselves.

Quick Delivery Options

Mostly, companies take from days to weeks to write a good academic essay. This can be a deal-breaker for students who only have a couple of hours to submit their essays. The services we have mentioned in the earlier section deal with quick delivery options, especially Write My Essay. Of course, it will cost more than usual but the quality will not be compromised and the finished product will be delivered before the deadline.


What is the best essay writing company in Canada in your opinion?

Write My Essay is the best essay writing service in Canada. It has a team of in-house writers with years of experience and expertise. The onboarding process is smooth and the pricing is almost nominal. 

How do I write an essay in Canada?

Canada has many great essay-writing services. Instead of giving time and energy to writing an essay yourself, you can outsource the hectic part of the process and kick back. The trained and highly skilled writers will do the job for you and deliver a finished essay to your inbox.

How much does an essay writing service cost?

The price of a finished essay depends on many factors, including the length, scope, and time of the essay delivery. On average, it costs around $12 for a page of a well-researched essay. For a typical essay, you have to pay around $50.

Is selling essays online legal?

Of course, it is legal. No law in the world bars a company from selling unique essays and students from buying them. When a transaction like this happens, there is no copyright infringement nor there is any sort of exploitation. Students pay for a service and they get the product they ask for in the end.

What is the cheapest essay writing service?

The cheapest essay writing service may not be a good match for you. Instead, you should look for the ultimate value. In those terms, Write My Essay is the cheapest company for essay writing that offers good pricing but never compromises on quality.

Will I get caught if I hire an essay-writing company?

Professional essay writing services have all the privacy and confidentiality measures in place. They have dedicated data protection departments with stress on encryption and anti-theft. You will never have to worry about getting your personal information or records of transactions leaked out in the open from those companies.


Finding and hiring the best essay writing service in Canada is not an easy task. It is because there are many good and bad companies. We have taken an in-depth view of the good and the bad and laid out the facts for you. In the face of submitting an essay on time that can also fetch good grades for you, it is always best to go to a professional writer. Write My Essay prides itself on long-standing records of customer satisfaction and support. even when you are in a pinch and need an essay in a matter of hours, this is the company for you!

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