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Hiring a professional academic writing and editing company can be costly for students. WriteMyEssay offers the best of both worlds, in terms of pricing as well as the quality of work with additional perks and benefits. So, place your order today and claim amazing deals and discounts!

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Schools and colleges are getting more rigorous in their syllabuses and curriculum. In turn, students need to donate a big chunk of their time to researching, writing, and proofing college essays, research papers, school homework, and so on. This puts a lot of pressure on them as they have to juggle between personal and academic life.

What if there is a company out there that can help them with all of their writing and editing needs. WriteMyEssay is just that, and much more!

We have a team of professional academic writers with ample experience and expertise in dealing with all the academic writing asked from students both in Canada and around the world. We have an intuitive site with a complete guide on how to sign up and order your essays or dissertations or anything that a school or college might ask them.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and almost a steal for those who are sick of other companies charging extortionist amounts on writing school essays or college assignments.

All of our dealings are done through highly secure channels, including registration of clients, payments, and delivery of the finished products. So, feel free to connect with us today and enjoy countless discounts and deals on your assignments!     

The Cost Of Excellent College Essay

WriteMyEssay is the home of exceptional college essays written at competitive pricing. We understand that most of our clientele are students with limited means of income. They could never have hundreds of dollars to have a well-researched college essay.

As a premier company, we do deliver well-researched content but discounted price.

For instance, for a 1000-word college essay, WriteMyEssay will charge somewhere around $75 to $80. In addition to this, as new customers, students are entitled to get 15% off of their first purchase.

Why Native Canadian Writers Are The Best For College Essay Writing

What makes us the best online professional writing and editing company is that we have a team of native English academic writers. They have advanced degrees in their respective fields and know their way around writing and editing issues.

This places them at an advantageous rallying point for students across the globe, whether it is in the US, the UK, Australia, and even India.

That’s why you are sure to get the best essays when you place your order today!

What Is The Cost Of a Well-Researched College Essay?

We will charge somewhere around $75 to $80 to write a well-researched college essay. In terms of word count, it would be around 1000 words.

Who Will Write My College Essay At Your Company?

Only professional academic writers go through all the steps of writing and editing a college essay before delivering it to clients.

How Does WriteMyEssay Work

There is literally nothing to it. As a new client who wants to take advantage of the team of professional academic writers, a secure website with a strict confidentiality structure, and protected payment methods, the whole process is extremely intuitive meaning hassle-free and seamless from every angle.

Register/Sign Up

The first step is making an account on the website. It is simple as it takes an email and a new password to let you in. Once you are in, you need to move on to one of the “Contact Us” button and it will direct you to the proposal submission or assignment submission page.

Proposal Submission

The first step is making an account on the website. It is simple as it takes an email and a new password to let you in. Once you are in, you need to move on to one of the “Contact Us” button and it will direct you to the proposal submission or assignment submission page.

Proposal Submission

At this point, there is a simple form that you have to fill out to complete and confirm your order. Feel free to add any additional files or requirements that will help our writers better reflect your thoughts on the paper. Additionally, you can do this when the work will be in progress.


After completing the proposal submission form, you will be directed to the payments page. There, you can choose from a wide range of payment options available at WriteMyEssay. Pick the one with a suitable currency that will help you make the transaction smoothly.

Feedback During Progress

For recurring clients, we have a system where they can connect with their preferred writers, those with whom they had collaborated before. Still, if you are a new client, fret not as our managers will find the best of the best writer for your assignment.

Once the work is in progress, you can connect with the writer and keep tabs on the pace and quality of work.


We do take deadlines and commitments seriously. We will deliver your assignment at the stipulated time or before that. You are free to edit that file or check it for any inconsistencies or errors in the file, which will be a rarity as we can assure you.

Submit that file to your school or college and get the highest marks to help you secure healthy grades.

Private Services

Trust and confidentiality are the traits that have always helped us in becoming what this company is now. Whenever a client registers or signs up, we take their online security and wellbeing very seriously.

Free Revisions

Do you want our writer to provide you with the last fix to your essay? Then apply for a free revision. Moreover, you can ask for as many revisions as you want! We believe that we have to provide you with the satisfactory result you are looking for.

The Best Writing & Editing Company In Canada

There are many professional writing and editing companies operating our of Canada. Some of them might be good but they are no match for us when it comes to quality of work, pricing, delivery times, etc.

All of this is possible in the small span of ten years because we are committed to our craft. We hire native writers with advanced degrees in their relevant line of expertise. It is costly to have an in-house team of writers, especially when compared to our competitors, but it allows us to offer exceptional work and deadline consistency across the board.

In addition to this, we have a 24/7 customer service team that is always online, always ready to help put clients with their concerns and queries. With 100% plagiarism-free work and a money-back guarantee, it is hard to find a company that offers so much more in so little. So, place your order and get a 15% discount right away!

Types of Academic Papers That WriteMyEssay Offers

  • College/School Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Thesis
  • Movie/Book Reviews
  • Research Papers/Proposals
  • College Admission Essays
  • Term Papers
  • Speech/Presentation Writing
  • Business Plans

FAQs on Essay Writing Services

What is the cheapest essay writing service?

When it comes to affordable rates and the highest quality essays, only our company provides this combo in the essay writing world. It is our motto to offer more for less to our clients whether it is a 500-word essay or a lengthier one.

What is the best essay writing service Canada?

We are the best essay writing service in Canada and there is no real competition for us. We have the best writers equipped with the necessary tools, quality assurance, guaranteed quality content, and so much more.

How much does an essay writing service cost?

Depending on the variables for each individual essay, the cost can vary drastically. On average, a well-researched essay should cost around 20 CAD per page.

Are cheap essays legit?

When they are written by us, they are legit and fetch maximum scores for our clients. Even though our pricing is on the affordable side, we do not compromise on quality – at all.

What is the best essay writing service?

Our company rules the market when it comes to quality products and full customer satisfaction in the essay writing business. Our pricing is affordable and we offer unlimited revisions for a month!

Are essay writing services legal in Canada?

Yes, they are! There are no laws or regulations in Canada or around the world that prohibits students from hiring professional essay writing services to get help with their academic writing.

Who can I pay to writemyessay?

We will be your trusted partner for your academic life, whether you are in school or in college. Our services span diverse levels and disciplines so you can always count on us to provide quality essays.

Do essay writing services plagiarize?

Our quality standards are too high and stringent that do not tolerate any plagiarism. We have comprehensive SOPs in place so our writers start each assignment from scratch to provide unique and original essays.

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I placed my order and got an essay in under 5 hours. There were places that I wanted to get brushed up a little. The rewrites and reviews are easy to get and totally guilt-free. Kudos to the team of Essay Writing Services
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