Common Mistakes When Writing Your Essay (and How to Fix Them)

January 22, 2018 support
Common Mistakes When Writing Your Essay (and How to Fix Them)

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How to Write Your Essay Correctly

Writing Your Essay with no Mistakes

How do you feel when the end semester or term approaches? Well, end terms are full of essay deadlines. However, many students find challenges providing well-thought arguments and command of the language in their essays, and hence, some of them seek cheap essay writing services to get assistance. So, the present article offers common mistakes when writing essays and the solutions to fix such errors.

Why writing an essay is challenging

Students face numerous challenges when doing their writing assignments. Such difficulties arise due to poor management of time and tight schedules among others. However, the typical problems that writers face include a lack of preparedness. Most instructors lament the ill-preparedness of students for demanding high-quality education as well as improvement in grades.

Secondly, most students are not ready to receive positive criticism from instructors as well as their tutors. Instead, students only appreciate the instant gratifications from their peers with no corrections of mentorship. Therefore, such students just get encouraged to write essays through social networking instead of consulting their tutors.

Lastly, most students have no purpose when writing an essay. Therefore, the students do not provide clear and concise articles with proper arguments and points in the entire essay. Such compositions do not give a central theme to these statements. Besides, the students have no command of the language and provide unedited work.

Main essay writing mistakes

Writing an essay makes students feel uncomfortable due to the pressure that provides the students with no chance of proving their skills. The pressure enables students to make mistakes that cost them excellent grades. However, it essays to remain patient and plan carefully to avoid losing such valuable points as well as give yourself a chance to earn the top grade. The main essays writing mistakes that lead to low marks are as follows.

Most students do not read the questions, instructions, and topics carefully. Writing essays requires proper reading and comprehension of instructions. However, students make mistakes by not reading the instructions and understanding topics. Whenever an instructor gives a topic, writers fail to understand the instructions and topics hence they give essays that are out of context and do not follow the instructions. When students fail to follow the instructions, the brain quickly tricks them into thinking about a different question than the instructor did not provide. Therefore, the students offer papers that are entirely off the topic.

Also, students write essays without proper planning. Writers fail to give a plan for the compositions and give disorganized articles without a layout of ideas. Such papers lack structures and loss the concept with incoherency and wrong order.

Moreover, students provide papers with poor spelling and grammar. When authors do their writing assignments, they do not proofread their work and hence make spelling and grammar errors. Such essays are full of spelling and grammar mistakes that deny the students marks for their grades.

Some students do writing with no introductions and/or conclusions. Students sometimes forget to introduce the topics hence the assignment has no background information to set the stage for the thesis. Thus, the failure to craft an excellent introduction leaves the reader with no direction and with no surety of a topic or idea to read. Henceforth such essays create haphazardly. On the same note, students make mistakes of failing to write a strong conclusion hence the composition reflects an abrupt cut-off with missing finality.

Writers fail to include a thesis statement. Most students when writing fails to develop a thesis statement that contains the main idea. A thesis statement gives the readers an idea of how the author intends to improve the article and a line of focus on the topic. Therefore, such essays lack the position of arguments and fail to put the reader on the same page when exploring the topic. Thus, the composition has no structure and direction.

Solution for each mistake

To correct the various errors when writing essays, students need to stay focused and have proper plans before writing essays. The following resolutions are essential in solving the problems in academic writing.

Students need to solve the problem of providing a wrong thesis statement through reading and comprehending the topic. The student should know the main ideas of the essay and what they are writing about. Besides, they should indicate their purpose and stance on the article by elaborating what the composition is about the topic. Furthermore, essay authors need to develop a thesis statement that is simple and debatable. On the same note, they need to tweak the thesis through the performance of the prewriting exercises to establish a focused paper by formulating a thesis statement.

Secondly, writers need to provide background information for an introduction so to solve the problem of poor introduction. The introduction should have a hook and a transition with a thesis statement that directs the reader on what he or she discusses in the essay. Besides, students need to solve the problem of unsatisfactory conclusion by giving a summary of the essay, reiterate the thesis statement with a primary focus on the points discussed throughout the essay. On the same note, the conclusion should tell the reader the course of action or the point of argument the writer brings out.
Regarding poor spelling and grammar, students should check, and proofread their essays to correct the grammar and spelling errors. Besides, it is good to invite your friend or another person to read your essay and note the grammar and spelling mistakes before correction.

To correct the mistake of failing to write an outline, essay writers should develop a structure for the essay. Besides they need to build a bulleted list with a summary of each point to cover in the right order. Henceforth, the students should note the main points with brief elaborations and examples. Such points will help in the development of body paragraphs with transitions.

Lastly, authors need to read and understand the instructions and topics before they start writing. Writers usually develop essays from scratch. However, when the tutor provides a topic, students should read the topic and comprehend the instructions to avoid writing essays that are off the topic.


In a nutshell, writers need to take a stance on a theme or topic and strive to reason out as best as possible when writing essays. Convincing readers need sound reasoning, a substantial claim, and a hard-to-refute argument. Therefore, students need to shift context, perspective as well as an understanding of the concepts and ideas in the paper. Most students face challenges and make mistakes when writing essays. However, worry no more as writers from are ready to assist you!