How to Write a Research Paper on Mental Health

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How to Write a Research Paper on Mental Health

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Writing a Research Paper on Mental Health


Writing a Research Paper on Mental Health, Write My Paper

How to start a research on mental health

When writing your paper, you should choose a topic first. The topic should be timely and relatable so that the readers will take interest in reading the research. Mental health is a proper topic that will make the readers curious. So, to start, an outline should be made first.

Example of an outline

An outline will be the writer’s guide in making the research paper. It will help one write in an organize manner.


  • Background
  • Thesis statement


  • Mental health: a) Depression and b) Anxiety
  • Causes: a) Bullying and b) Childhood
  • Solution: a) How to cure depression and how to deal with anxiety and b) Different therapies for depressed people


How to write an introduction

Mental Health is a very broad subject and your introduction for this should have the overview of how it affects people worldwide. The writer can also include a little data in the introduction just to make it look more scholarly done. For a more efficient introduction, these tips should be followed.

    • Capture the interest. You need to have a good start that will capture the interest of the readers. Catch their attention and make use of the facts about mental health to make them interested in your work. Remember, the introduction will be the first impression and thus it has to be a good one.
      • Reason out. Give the readers the reason why the topic is chosen. This will make a reader-author connection because sharing the reason for choosing the topic is something a bit personal.
      • Proper selection of words. It is important for your introduction and the entirety of the research paper. Mental health is a scientific subject that’s why the writer should not describe it using words that the readers will not understand. Do not use words that are too complicated because you want your readers to fully understand your main points.
      • Just enough length. The length of the introduction should only be enough for an introduction. In a research paper, three paragraphs should be the maximum length of an introduction for it to be just elaborative and not boring. The minimum will be one paragraph with more than five sentences. It should not be less than five sentences because that will be too short to explain the background and the thesis statement.
      • Don’t be pressured. The writer should just enjoy what he or she is doing in order to produce an effective research paper.

How to write a thesis statement

The thesis statement will be the center focus of your arguments. It is composed of one or two sentences that usually state your stand about the topic you choose for your research paper. The whole research paper will depend on what your thesis statement is. All the information and arguments presented in the research paper should support the thesis. It has to be a statement that states your personal view on the topic you chose.

Example of a thesis statement for a research paper on mental health

Anxiety and depression always have negative effects and can even lead to death; thus, it should be treated well.

Example of an introduction

The number of people who took their lives because of depression has been numerous for the past five years. This shows how big mental health issues are and how much it was being ignored. Mental health problem is a serious thing that people should not laugh about because many others are struggling. People are taking their lives because depression has taken over their lives and the support they need is not there. Even though there are tons of treatment and therapies, some refuse because of the social stigma that the society connects with people having therapy. That should be stopped and the acceptance needs to start. All in all, anxiety and depression always have negative effects and can even lead to death; thus, it should be treated well.

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on mental health

The body of the paper contains additional information about the supporting points that you wrote in your timeline. This will support the whole research paper and will make the thesis statement strong.

Tips on body writing

      • Convince with credible sources. The essay will be convincing if the writer will cite information from credible sources. These can be books, journals and/or other research papers. It is important that all the information stated in the research has a basis.
      • Mention important points. It is also a necessity to include all the important points in the body paragraphs so no ideas will be left behind in making the research paper.
      • Be mindful. The writer should know what his or her topic is all about. The research should be done ahead of time so that the information will not be substantial.
      • Elaborate properly. The topic should be elaborate properly. It should be explained clearly so that the readers will understand the main point. The idea should be stated and explained properly in a manner that will be understood in all aspects. Why, what, and how questions are necessary to answer. You should not present an idea that is not related to your topic or thesis statement.
      • Focus. Making a research paper is not easy. So in writing the body paragraph and all its other parts, the focus is the key.

Example of the 1st body paragraph

Depression is the leading mental health problem that people suffers from. It has no face and even the person who smiles the most might have it. It can sometimes be deceiving because some may think that the person is not going through anything. Laughter and smiles are the masks that people with depression usually carry with them. Many people who don’t seem to have this surprisingly take their lives and leave their loved ones in shock. Anxiety also comes with depression and it makes the person overthink about the negativity that surrounds. A person with anxiety prefers to be alone most of the times. So, when you feel like a loved one is going through something, give support and a hand to hold.

Example of the 2nd body paragraph

Mental health issues are usually tied to childhood experiences. Many are victims of bullying at a very young age and as the child develops, mental health issues also develop with them. Bullying is the major contributor because the person will feel bad for him or herself. Self-harm will happen and the next thing you know, the once innocent child already took his o her life away because of the cruelty he or she experienced.

Example of the 3rd body paragraph

Therapy and treatments are available for anybody who needs it. No one should be put to shame by taking prescription pills to control anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Treatment is a real thing and every person who suffers must be supported. We must all lend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters who are in the dark light. Therapies and treatments should be encouraged so that no one will lose a life again.

How to finish a research paper on mental health

The conclusion will be marked as the end of your research paper. It will serve as the summary of the research paper. It will also determine if the thesis statement has been explained well. To be able to write an effective conclusion, here are some tips to be followed.

      • Include a brief summary of all the ideas mentioned in the research paper. This way, the readers will remember the important points they’ve learned in the research.
      • Opinion. Opinion about the topic is acceptable to be included in the conclusion. A question like “Does the research paper answer the thesis statement?” can also be included in the conclusion. The writer can also add a lesson or recommendation to this part.
      • Put a quotation. Including a quotation related to the topic will make the conclusion look more intellectually done. It will also serve as a lesson of the research to the readers. That way, the research paper will be remembered by the readers.
      • Leave a question. The writer can also have an open-ended conclusion by asking a question. After the brief summary and all the needed information to educate the readers, the conclusion can include a question. That question will make the readers be more curious about the topic.
      • Make it short. The conclusion does not need to be long because it will bore the readers. It should just be short enough to explain all the ideas that need explanation, but not too short to lack in substance.

Example of a conclusion

Mental health issues is a laughing matter for others but for some, it is a serious matter that makes them think about suicide. Will all the available treatment and therapies, it is not still accepted by people with a narrow mind. Mental health issues are a real problem and it should be talked about, not stigmatized. As citizens of this country, let us help each other in making it a better world for people with mental health problems. We never know, one of our loved ones might be the next victim. So, be open and lend help as mental health issues can lead to death and it should not be like that.

Research paper revision

    • Consult. When revising your research paper, one should consult a professional who can help in making it better. It can be a professor or someone who knows how to properly point out the errors in a research paper.
    • Observe. If there is nobody who can check the work, one should know how to point out own errors in the paper. Search about how to write research papers properly and check if the right thing is done.
    • Follow. Follow the basic rules in making a research paper, such as making an outline and following it. Be mindful of what you are writing, starting from the spelling, punctuation marks and grammars. Everything has to be right so that the readers will be convinced that the research paper is reliable and credible.