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The purpose of all writing is to convince the readers that the writer’s angle is the right one, or at least a better version of it. There are many types of writing but the main aim or focus of the writer is always to make the reader think about the contents and depth of the writing. In turn, the stream of knowledge and thinking continues to flow.

Essay writing has many genres, including fairly simple narrative and descriptive essays as well as argumentative and expository essays. However, a critique essay is a different beast to slay. That’s why in this essay, we will cover the definition of a critique essay, critique papers, a simple guide on how to write a critique essay, major types, and formatting. It is a long way to go so let’s get started right away!

What Is A Critique Essay

A critique essay is more than a summary of a work or concept. Many critique essays cover the gist of the main idea or theory of a work by a famous author. In simple terms, the writer needs to carefully analyze the work and then extract key insights from the text to ensure that his critique essay has value.
It is not usually a thing that students write in high schools and colleges as it requires more in-depth knowledge of the subject, research, and a grasp of the field. The evaluation or findings after the analysis is another important aspect of the essay as it is incomplete without it.
Another important thing that students should keep in mind is that the format and structure of a critique paper or essay are not different from that of other essays. We will further discuss that in the upcoming sections.

Writing The Best Critique Essay

After learning the nature and scope of a critique essay, now let us get to our guide that will walk students and novice writers through how to write and ace a solid essay. There is no denying that knowledge is important in essay writing, but a fair bit of practice goes a long way. So, students are better advised to practice the craft before the final exams or essay writing to ensure they end up getting higher marks.

Critical Reading of The Text

There is no way to understand and examine a text than by critically reading and understanding it. While writing any piece, a writer is in a different state of mind and looking at things differently. That’s why it is necessary to understand the mindset of the writer and draw read through the text accordingly. In the critical reading phase, the writer needs to find and further understand the author’s thesis to find the emphasis on the text and then make a summary of it for later use.

Analyzing The Text 

The analysis is an important part of writing a critique essay. As we know there is no point in critical reading if we are not going to use the insights in the best possible way. Experts use the method of questioning and introspection as the best way to analyze the question under consideration. There are three major angles that analysis can explore: the readers’ emotional response after reading the text. The author’s background and the life he led. The verification and validation of the text according to its references, citations, etc.

Drafting The Essay

After covering the ground in the pre-writing phase, it is time for the writer to come up with a plan to write the whole critique essay. The plan to do so is simple. Writers always need to start with a hook and then provide an overview or context to the work of study that they want to explore. Then, right before the main summary of the analyzed text, they need to put down a thesis of their own. After that, the summary should cover the highlights wholly.

Proofreading & Editing

There is no escape from proofreading and editing for the writers and why should there be? It is an integral part of writing and optimizing a text so that it will be free of errors and inconsistencies as well as in better shape for the readers to draw lessons from. Students can use their understanding and excellence of grammar and composition, or employ online tools to ease their way to completion. After that, all they need to do is submit the finished work.

Major Types of Critique Essays

Like argumentative and expository essays, critique essays have different types based on their focus and contents. When comes to the various iterations of critique essays, change in the way a writer needs to approach and focus on the topic and then come up with a solid solution to lead the way. Here are three major types of critique essays and how they are stacked against one another.


As the name indicates, it is more about examining and describing the qualities and shortcomings of the piece of work that a writer is examining. The focus of the writer in this instance is on certain features of the work under the microscope. In many cases, the writer compares the text with a classical example as a reference to better gauge its quality and endurance in the contemporary world.


Evaluative critique essays provide a qualitative reference to the readers. Many writers believe that all works that are considered “good” or “classic” are not necessarily so. Instead, there is always an objective view of the things that must be kept in mind. That’s why this critique essay evaluates the work in comparison to the public recommendations and view of the quality of work in general perception.


Apart from gauging the literary or analytical value of an essay, writers for interpretative critique essays explain the underlying concepts and issues with the piece. These include the themes, the focus of the authors, and the background that prompted the author to come up with the ideas in the first place. Still, students need to come up with a single method of evaluation for objectivity to strengthen the argument.

Formatting & Structure of A Solid Critique Essay

Since we have covered the guide to writing a critique essay and its different types, let us examine its major sections and see how a novice writer can ace one. It is no different that that of other essays. The major sections are three in number and have familiar titles: opening or introduction, main body or essay body, and closing or conclusion. In this section, we will cover the ground on all of them briefly.
The introduction or opening of a critique essay is one of the most important sections. Writers need to formulate opening sentences with care to ensure that readers are invested in the text without losing its literary quality. The major bulk of the opening is covered by the background information or context of the subject. In the closing lines, the writer needs to come up with his thesis to put forward his arguments and findings.
Main Body
In the main body of the critique essay, the writer needs to explain his findings to the readers in a commensurate fashion. If a writer is attempting a descriptive critique essay, he will explain the merits and shortcomings of the work under consideration. For the evaluative critique essay, the writer needs to examine and grade the essay based on its comparison with a universal classic. As for the interpretative, the writer needs to explain it all.
In the conclusion or closing of a critique essay, the writer needs to reiterate the main ideas and arguments from the main body. It is also the best place to further strengthen the thesis statement and main ideas covered in the essay. Many writers make the mistake of adding new arguments and thoughts to the conclusion. This only weakens the conclusion and takes the light away from the main points.


How do you write a critique essay?

The process to write a critique essay is explained in this blog post. Those who want to learn the art and craft of writing a critique essay should refer to the resource. 

What are the 5 parts of a critique essay?

The 5 parts of a critique essay are given below:

  • Opening
  • Analysis
  • Thesis statement
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

What does critique mean in an essay?

When it comes to writing a critique, it can be considered an evaluation of a subject, another idea, or a piece of work that requires explaining. It is also used in the meaning of evaluation and interpretation as the focus of the writer shifts from explaining to evaluating and informing.

What is a critique example?

Students can find many examples from the literary pantheon that can help them with a critique. It should be well-crafted and well-researched with nothing to left for chance. The best critique essays cover the gist of the work under consideration and then ensure that the meanings are not lost to the readers.

How can I determine the type of critique essay for my assignment?

Usually, teachers and instructors do not assign the type and format of a critique essay to the students. They need to understand the gravity of the assignment and come up with the one themselves. That’s why it pays to learn the craft and then determine at the time which one will be the best for the lot.

What are the 3 parts of a critique paper?

When we zoom in on the critique paper, there are three major parts or sections of one:

  • Critical reading of the text
  • Analysis of the texts through questions
  • Drafting and proofreading

Final Thoughts

A critique essay is a different thing compared to other essay types, especially in terms of its focus and contents. Students usually do not get to write these essays in schools and colleges as it requires more training, tools, and understanding of both the subject under consideration as well as the general knowledge of the field. Still, we have touched the bases on how to write a solid critique essay, its types, and its formatting. We hope that those students who want to learn the art and craft of critique essays can benefit from that. For those who are not up for the challenge, Write My Essay can fill in for you. We have the best writers with advanced degrees and in-depth knowledge of writing. We offer exceptional value and a money-back guarantee on success. So, place your order today and get a submission-ready critique essay before the deadline!

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