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The Theory of Knowledge essay is a tough sell as it requires exceptional research skills and magnificent writing chops. WriteMyEssay has a team of trusted academic writers with ample experience in composing unique TOK essays for our clients. It’s the sure-fire way to score first-class!

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TOK Essay

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Writing is subjective and that is one of the many things that makes it hard. In terms of academic writing, there are many potential pitfalls for students as they are not seasoned writers during the course of their studies, especially to write high-scoring Theory of Knowledge (TOK) essays.

It takes a lot of time and effort to research, write, and proof TOK essays for students, and still they often come up short. Still, if they want good grades to make sense of their college degree, we are always here to help!

Through exceptional academic writers with years of experience and expertise in dealing with all the variables related to TOK and other complex academic writing, you will be sure to get the highest score in your assignment. When our clients put in orders like “write my essay”, we step up our game and do not shy away from going the extra mile. Our services come with all the other great things, including unique content, a money-back guarantee, etc.

The fact that we are the go-to essay writing partner for students around the globe should be enough to make up your mind. So, contact us now and place a custom order for your TOK essay!

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write A TOK Essay

Our company is not all about writing for money. We are a community builder and thus assist our clients in becoming better writers themselves. That’s the reason we have a dedicated “Blog” section with insights on writing, researching, and editing parts of the academic writing process.

In this section though, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to write a TOK essay. Keep in mind that even after going through this guide, if you are not up for the challenge, you can connect with us and we will do it for you!

Follow the Required Criteria

Before writing any piece of academic writing, especially a TOK essay, it is necessary to go through the required criteria. The most important point of doing so is to see what is required from students and the weightage each part carries.

In most cases, IB employs four points of criteria to mark an essay and they all carry equal weight.

  • The writer’s perspective is the foremost thing in a TOK essay. That’s why it must show independent thinking by the writer with two POVs along with ample supporting evidence
  • Setting up a rigid premise to work around the topic in your TOK essay is a crucial part as it will set the path for your further discussion in the paper
  • Before delving into arguments and their counterparts, it is necessary to explain underlying assumptions and implications of the discourse while providing evidence for key ideas
  • The structure is almost everything when it comes to TOK essays as it makes the write-up accessible and easy to follow

Outline As a Guiding Tool

Instead of employing the hit and trial method to progress with your TOK essay, students are highly advised to create a detailed outline for their essays. This will allow them to stay on point while keeping away from dead ends.

For instance, students must cite and reference claims for things that are hardly known outside the core circle of that discipline. Yet, many forget to do so because they do not have clear guidelines in the form of an outline.

So, students should not skip that part as it will help them in writing a high-scoring TOK essay!

The rationale behind writing a TOK essay is to dive deeper into the logic and reasoning of the phenomenons. That’s why many students choose to WriteMyEssay to do the heavy lifting on their behalf. So, if you have a TOK essay due soon, register at our site and enjoy amazing discounts and deals!

Hire Superb Writers

By this time, you know whether you are up for the challenge of writing a TOK essay yourself. With the complicated structure and balancing out contrasting aspects, it is understandable that many students find it intimidating.

Our company is your partner if you cannot write it yourself. We have a team of academic writers with advanced degrees in diverse disciplines to help our clients in scoring the highest marks.

Following are some of the areas that are covered by our writers:

  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • History
  • Humanities & Human Sciences
  • Ethics & Religion Studies
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Word Count for A TOK Essay

Depending on the type and scope of a study, the word count for a TOK essay can vary. However, for a general discourse, the normal range of word count is between 1200 to 1600 words. This is too much for students who do not have any experience or expertise in conducting research, writing multiple drafts, and then proofing those drafts to compose a perfect product.

Our company is happy to take the load off of its shoulders while guaranteeing exceptional results. So, place your order now and get exceptional discounts!

Why Choose WriteMyEssay Over other Companies

There are just too many reasons for students to choose us over other companies. The fact that we are in business for over a decade and only thriving since our inception. Following are some of the traits that make us stand out from the crowd.
Exceptional Research & Editing
We know that writing is more about researching and editing before and after the writing part, respectively. This is where we focus and this is where our writers shine in terms of academic prowess and acumen.
Error-Free Essays
We stand behind our work every time. That’s why we go through several rounds of editing and proofreading before dispatching finished assignments. Even after that, if there are any issues, we are bound to offer revisions and rewrites, free of cost!
Nominal Pricing
Aside from our professional commitment and brand name, we offer nominal pricing for our clients. As they are students with limited means of income, we have tweaked our financial model to provide maximum value for them.
100% Unique TOK Essays
We do not employ templates while writing TOK essays. Our writers start from scratch to provide world-class essays with all the requisites in place.
No Compromise on Quality
We have built our company around quality and exceptional content. This has allowed us to operate in this industry for over a decade. We do not take quality issues lightly and erect many quality checks internally to ensure our clients get the most refined product.
Free Revision
In case a student wants to get their essay edited or revised, we have free revisions and rewrites in place so that they can have assignments written according to their requirements.

Leave All the Tough Tasks to Experts

It is best to leave the tough tasks to experts as they have ample experience and expertise in steering clear of problems while writing TOK essays. WriteMyEssay has an in-house team of excellent academic writers that can take of all your writing and editing needs. Let us know the deadlines and relax because we will deliver way before it is due!

Economical TOK Writing Services – Just A Few Clicks Away!

There are many professional online writing and editing companies around that charge exorbitant prices for tasks. Our company, when compared to its competitors, offer competitive pricing with a money-back guarantee and all-time customer support. The customer reviews and testimonials are a testament to what we are and what we offer!

Is It Hard To Write An Exceptional TOK Essay?

Writing a TOK essay is hard as it takes a lot of research, proofing, and of course exceptional writing capabilities. When compared to other academic writing pieces, it is fairly hard and complicated.

If you have a TOK essay due but cannot find the strength to write it by yourself, we are happy to oblige with the best pricing, high-quality content, and free revisions.

Why Should I Hire WriteMyEssay To Help With My TOK Essay Assignment?

Here are the things that help our company stand out from the rest of them:

  • Best Pricing
  • Native Canadian Academic Writers
  • 100% Unique & Plagiarism-Free Content
  • Free Revisions & Rewrites
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Discounts & Deals

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FAQs on Write My TOK Essay

How do I write my TOK essay?

A theory of knowledge essay is a test to gauge a student’s understanding of a certain topic. It is best to start with research and make fine points before commencing to write.

How long does it take to write a TOK essay?

Since the topics or areas of interest are defined each year, it is safe to assume that it takes around 10 hours for students to finish a TOK essay.

How do you write a 2022 TOK essay?

Depending on the given topics and the one chosen by students, it takes extensive research and structuring of data before actually writing a TOK essay. If a student is not up for the task, you can always order us your TOK essay.

How many examples do you need in TOK essay?

There is no defined number of examples in a TOK essay. However, expert writers suggest that a winning TOK essay should have around 4 to 6 examples corresponding to the main points made in the essay.

Can I include pictures in my TOK essay?

It is not a standard practice to have pictures in a TOK essay. This also does not mean that adding pictures will render your essay obsolete. The best practice in this regard is to ask your teacher first and then proceed accordingly.

How do you choose a TOK essay title?

The real point of writing a TOK essay is to have a critical or argumentative discussion about the chosen topic. It is best to vet the topic of your interest through rigorous testing before choosing it to write the essay.

Can the TOK essay be personal?

Yes, it can be personal. The idea of writing a TOK essay is to discuss a topic and provide pertinent examples from the world. If the examples come from personal experience, there is nothing wrong with it.

How much is TOK essay worth?

TOK essays carry a lot of weightage when it comes to the final grade of the TOK paper. According to resources, it takes around 67% of the total TOK grade so it should be written with great care and expertise.


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