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500 word essay

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Essay writing is a benchmark set by schools and colleges to gauge the research and writing capabilities of the students. There are more than a few types of essays, based on their word count and the depth of the topic. There is a common misconception that writing an essay is about simply sitting down and churning out a flawless piece of writing. On the contrary, it takes many steps, and even trial and error, to complete an essay.

However, in this blog, we will take a deep look at 500-word essays – a popular variant in academic institutions for being short but not too short. We will also cover the types of essays that can advantage of this specific format along with some tips to write a good 500-word essay quickly.

500-Word Essay

A 500-word essay is no different than your average essay, except its word count is capped at that specific number. This is a common practice in academia where teachers and instructors set a specific word count or length of the assignment. There is a little wiggle room for writers but they must be in the same ballpark. Anything too short or too long will have healthier chances of getting poor scores or failing the class altogether.
One of the most enticing things about a 500-word essay is its balanced word count for many popular essays in schools. This is not too short that a writer cannot convey a message, or too long that novice writers would come to dread the tasks. That’s why it is one of the essays that are assigned to students in the earliest stages of creative writing.

Different Types of Essays

There are countless types of essays that are used in academic institutions to help students learn the craft. In turn, they also help teachers to gauge the thinking, researching, and writing capabilities of the students. When it comes to 500-word essays, not all essay types can take advantage of that format. In this section, we have shared four of the most common options that are ideal in this word count territory.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a personal account of the writer based on an event or an incident. In this essay, a writer weaves a narrative around a specific point in space and time to engage the readers. The major purpose of writing a narrative essay is to entertain and educate readers. With the 500-word essay format, students can write good narrative essays while balancing their elements, including characters, themes, conflict, resolution, and so on.

Descriptive Essay

If the name is any indication, a descriptive essay describes a subject from the writer’s perspective to help readers understand its important aspects. The subject for a descriptive essay can be a person, a place, an incident, or an object. Writers often use figurative language and sensory details to make the subject come alive. When it comes to the 500-word essay format, descriptive essays can take advantage of that to produce clear and concise writing.

Personal Response Essay

A personal response essay is very much similar to a narrative essay as it showcases the personal opinion or subjective stance of the writer surrounding a subject. The structure of this essay is straightforward but it also leans toward the empirical evidence to back up the claims and responses. If writers are inclined toward using the 500-word essay format for this essay, then they will find it to be in line with the general guidelines.

Reflection Essay

A reflection essay, as the name indicates, is a writer’s views and opinions regarding a subject. That subject can be a book, a movie, an event, or another idea. A reflection essay is much hard to ace, as opposed to the common misconception. The structure of a reflection essay is also different from other essay types, but it somehow follows in their footsteps. Also, it is one of the essays that are compatible with the 500-word essay format.

Structure of A 500-Word Essay

The structure and formatting of an essay are important indicators of its overall quality. In many cases, teachers and instructors go through this side of the assignment before digging deeper. If they are not satisfied with this part, they will not go further, no matter how lucid the prose is. That’s why we have dedicated this section to the structure of a 500-word essay. Students who have a hard time with this can learn a lot here.


The opening or introduction of an essay is the most important section. This is where they can get the reader on their side or lose them forever. The ideal to compose opening lines is to entice them into reading and exploring more. After the successful opening comes to the satisfying context or background information of the topic. This is necessary to ease readers into the fold. The closing lines of the introduction cover the thesis before leading to the main body.

Main Body

No matter the word count and the essay type, this will be the most important section of the essay in terms of word count and content. It is called the main body for a reason because it is directly concerned with the subject or topic of the essay. Whether you are writing a narrative essay or a personal response paper, the elements of that specific essay will play out in this section. That’s why it gets 300 words out of the total 500.


It is not enough to masterfully open an essay and explore the idea without closing it properly. This is where the conclusion or closing remarks of the essay come to the fore. Many novice writers make the mistake of not paying enough attention to the contents and quality of this section. That turns out to be the doom of the whole write-up. Instead, the conclusion should summarize the main points and add value to the essay.

Professional Tips To Quickly Finish A 500-Word Essay

Whether it is a 500-word essay or a 1000-word essay, students are going to dread the assignment and look for a way out. For those who seek it, Write My Essay provides exceptional essay writing and editing services to its clients. All you have to do is fill out the submission form and the company will take care of the rest.

For those who want to learn the craft of quickly finishing 500-word essays, the guide is given in the section below.

Researching & Outline

No matter how well-versed a person is in a subject, he needs to cover all the bases for writing a good essay. These bases include collecting and consolidating data from different resources. After collecting the information, it is necessary to hone it in a shape where it can be used in the essay. Outlining is a good start to utilizing that information. The teal tip here is to research and outline at the same time as it will save time and effort.

Be Clear & Concise

Many students believe that they can add value to their writing by using complex words, lengthy sentences, and archaic phrases. This could not be farther from the truth as writing standards have been shifted from aesthetics to utility. So, students who want to add value to their 500-word essays, need to be clear and concise in their prose. They should look at the finished work from the readers’ perspective and make changes accordingly.

Balance Elements In Different Sections

There are different sections in a single essay to accommodate elements and let them play out at their specific places. There are many aspects that essays share among them but there are key things that make difference. Writers must understand the elements and their plays before writing an essay. It will save them time and effort to edit and proofread the text and cut out lengthy parts.

Editing Is Crucial 

Many novice writers think that merely writing the initial draft is enough to score good marks in an essay. This cannot be further from the truth as the text will have many issues and inconsistencies that require editing and proofreading. That’s why students should set time for that step in the beginning as it will ensure that their essay is written and edited within the stipulated time. There are many online tools to help them with that!


How long will be a 500-word essay?

If you want to know how long will be a 500-word essay, there are two approaches to it. In terms of pages, it will be 2 pages. However, if you want to look at it in terms of the number of paragraphs, it will be 5 paragraphs long.

What is the ideal number of paragraphs in a 500-word essay?

The best distribution of sections according to the word count is 5. One paragraph for the introduction, one for the conclusion, and three for the main body.

Is a 500-word essay a lot for a high school student?

It depends on the level of understanding and passion of the student. If he is passionate about learning and then showcasing his writing skills to his teachers and peers, it is not a hard nut to crack. On the contrary, it can take students weeks to finish a 500-word essay.

How can I write a good 500-word essay quickly?

Following are some of the tips to ace your 500-word essay quickly:

  • Choose the right topic
  • Research and outline at the same time
  • Write the first draft quickly
  • Edit and proofread before submitting

What is the standard format for a 500-word essay?

The standard format of a 500-word essay divides it into three parts. The opening introduces the topic and has one paragraph to do so. The main body has three paragraphs to balance all the elements. In the end, the conclusion also has one paragraph to summarize it all.

Is there a company that can help me with a 500-word essay?

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Summing Up The Discussion

There is no denying that writing a 500-word essay means different things to different students. Some will find it a piece of cake and be done with it in a couple of hours. On the other side of the fence, some students will not be able to finish it for days or weeks. To help them both in their endeavors, we have dedicated this blog to understanding everything there is to know about 500-word essays. We hope that they will find it extremely helpful in composing riveting essays.

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