How To Write A Narrative Essay For Class 8

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narrative essay writing for class 8

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Whether you are at a higher academic level or just a kid starting in middle school, writing essays will always be there, so as to haunt you or make you feel challenged. Class 8 is a fairly higher level to write narrative essays. Students are already familiar with books and stories, so they know how to string sentences and events together to make an impact.

However, narrative essay writing is a disciplined craft that requires a lot of thinking, balancing of elements, and editing. It is normal for students to panic the moment they are assigned to write a narrative essay.

In this blog post, we will shed ample light on what is a narrative essay, the differences between a short story and a narrative essay, as well as the purpose behind writing a narrative essay. Then, we will go through the process of writing a riveting narrative essay.

Narrative Essay Writing

Narrative essay writing is one of the most primitive and simplest forms of essay writing. It is a writer’s discourse over a personal experience or incident that left not only a lasting impression but altered the course of events in the future. It can be an accident or an event that is unforgettable for the writer. Through narrative writing and its elements, the writer tries to convey the gist of it.

The structure of a narrative essay is that of a standard essay. It starts with a hook and provides some context before moving on to the thesis statement. Then the main body paragraphs detail the elements, including conflict, climax, setting, characters, etc. The last paragraph summarizes the events and highlights the key takeaways for the readers.

Short Story Vs. Narrative Essay

Many students confuse a short story with a narrative essay since they are very much similar in their form, focus, and other elements. However, they are different from one another at multiple levels. The most important aspect that is different between the two forms of writing is the overall content. Where narrative essay revolves around a writer’s personal experience or incidents that he might have endured, short stories do not have to follow such lines.

Instead, they can be about fictional people with fictional plots and settings. All they need to be are entertaining and purposeful. That’s why writers need to do some research for writing short stories but they can potentially write a narrative essay with no collection of information at all.

Purpose Behind Narrative Essay Writing

Another thing that students should try to identify in different forms of writing is their purpose. Sometimes, it helps us to better understand and differentiate things from one another. When it comes to writing a narrative essay, its purpose is to educate and entertain readers with clarity of language and expression. Compared to that other essay types, the rationale behind expository essay writing is to provide factual information to the readers whereas argumentative writing illuminates and elucidates a point.

Format of A Class 8 Narrative Essay

Format or elements of a narrative essay is necessary to learn and apply in an essay. Keep in mind that it is not only necessary to get the elements in line but to apply them in such a way that they balance one another and enhance the narrative or the story. This section is dedicated to helping students of class 8 to know about elements and how they are stacked against one another.
A thesis or a thesis statement is a bold and brief stance that a writer takes against the essay question. It is embedded in the theme of the narrative essay and be considered as the solution from the writer for the problem that essay explores. There is no set place for the thesis statement to go in the essay but the closing lines of the introduction are considered the most appropriate.
The plot is the series of events that are covered across the length of the main body paragraphs of a narrative essay. Novice writers often confuse it with a setting that is something entirely different. The plot is both external and internal distance that a protagonist covers during the essay. Sometimes, there is no clear plot in the essay, but even a rudimentary form always exists.
The setting is the space and time in which all the characters play out their roles. For instance, if a writer is recollecting events and incidents from a specific disaster or another event, that disaster will be the setting of the essay. For personal narrative essays, there is no need to come up with such things if the writer had not faced them in the first place.
Characters are the people that populate the narrative. Mostly, there are only a handful of people that play any role in the essay. The most important ones, however, are the protagonist and the antagonist. The protagonist is the main character of the narrative who goes through the change. The antagonist is the opposition that the protagonist faces in the narrative and needs to outsmart.
Conflict is the backbone of every story. This comes in the form of sudden change arising from the arrival of a person of interest, a change, or an act of god. If there is no conflict, or change for that matter, there is nothing to cover in a narrative essay. Writers should introduce a conflict in the essay early on so that the protagonist has some ambition.
This is one of the most misunderstood things in narrative essay writing. The theme of a piece of writing or literature is not what is on the surface, but what is deeply embedded in the contents. If characters are singing in a narrative essay because of the loss, pain, or tragedy, the essay is not a musical, but a tragedy!

Writing A Narrative Essay For Class 8

Now that we have covered some bases regarding the introduction of a narrative essay, writing, purpose, and the elements that come to play, it is time to move on to the process. In this section, we will cover three of the major sections of a narrative essay and help students understand its mechanics of it.


This is where everything starts in the essay. The opening should have a hook to lure the readers in and make them invested to go on. The hook can be anything, from a question, a statement, or a statistic, to anything that is related to the story and can let the readers ease in. Then, it is time to provide some context or background information to the story before writing the thesis statement. This leads to the body paragraphs of the essay.

Body Paragraphs

If the name is any indication, this is where all the action happens as elements come to play here. In terms of word count and length of the essay, this is the bulkiest part of the essay, no matter the type and focus of the essay. The introduction and conclusion of the essay cover only the peripheral things as the core act unfolds here. Even though there is much space to go about it, students need to make every word count.


The closing or conclusion of an essay covers the departing end of the essay. There is nothing more to it. Novice writers often make the mistake of adding new dimensions or points of the narrative in the conclusion. This is against the common practices of the industry that allows only the reiteration and summation of already discussed things in the essay. Writers can add further value to the conclusion by using one-liners and catchy phrases.

Topic Ideas For Class 8 Narrative Essay Writing

Here are some topic ideas that can help students with practicing and writing narrative essays:

  • A mentor you will never forget
  • A tale of losing a dear friend
  • An embarrassing day at school
  • Your first experience in competitive sports
  • Talk about the person you are bonded to the most
  • The time you got lost in the woods
  • Attending a music concert or festival for the first time
  • The time you dealt with a natural disaster
  • Helping a stranger in his time of need
  • The best present you ever received

Students can either pick them as is or they can experiment with them to add or subtract dimensions from the topics.


Is it difficult for class 8 students to write narrative essays?

It depends on the student’s interests and abilities. Those who are invested in learning and mastering the craft can easily write a narrative essay. However, they always need guidance and support to learn the ropes.

Can a class 8 student hire an essay writing company?

No law in the world bars a student of class 8 from hiring an essay writing company. In essence, a writing company helps the client with a fully-written essay. In turn, they are paid for their time and services which is not illegal, by any stretch of the meaning.

What makes a topic good for a narrative essay in class 8?

Following are some of the things that make a narrative essay topic good:

  • It should be focused
  • It should not reveal too much nor hide too much
  • Readers should feel interested in the essay after reading the topic

What are the five major phases in narrative writing?

Here are the five major phases in narrative writing

  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Falling Action
  • Resolution

How can you make an impact in the opening of a narrative essay?

The opening section of a narrative essay should be riveting and interesting to the readers. Many readers are not invested in the story early on and need a push to make a difference. That’s why seasoned writers employ hooks to lure the readers in.

What are the different types of narrative in narrative essay writing?

Following are some of the most common types of narrative used in narrative essay writing:

  • Linear Narrative
  • Non-Linear Narrative
  • Quest Narrative
  • Viewpoint Narrative

Final Thoughts

Narrative essay writing is one of the most common types of writings in schools and colleges. Students need to cover all the bases before moving on to the other complex and more complicated types of essays. In this resource, we have highlighted all the necessary things that novice writers and students of class 8 need to understand. We hope that students will find it helpful in becoming better and more equipped writers.

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