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May 18, 2023 Martha Simons
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If we consider the opinions of most of the students in academic institutions, History is considered to be the most boring and challenging subject to work on. Whether you need to take lectures, attend seminars, or write an essay or a paper, this is the least favorite thing that students are willing to spend their time on. However, inevitability leads them to pick topics and then write their papers on different topics of History.

Apart from going through the whole ordeal of researching, writing, and editing, picking a topic becomes harder than it should be. The lack of knowledge and options grows frustration in writers leading to poor grades.

In this blog, we will cover History research paper topics on different areas, including US History. If you want to hire a research paper writing service, there is no company better than WME!

Determining The Worth of History Research Paper Topics

Even at the expense of being a cliche, it is safe to say that fishing for a suitable research paper topic without prior knowledge is like threading a needle in a haystack, let alone searching for one. This becomes extremely difficult for assignments where no discussion and debate have been done. The standalone papers require extensive research and a sufficient repository of knowledge upon which writers can build their thesis and other elements. We know that much of the work gets streamlined once you get the topic in order, but it is hard to get it in order in the first place.

american history research paper topics

There are certain yardsticks and standards that we can employ to gauge whether the topic for a research paper that we have chosen is worth the trouble or not.

Following are some of the fine points that you must keep in mind to determine the quality and scope of the idea for your History research paper:

  • The relevancy of the topic is of the utmost importance
  • The thesis should be bold and clear with no ifs and buts
  • Vague arguments are never effective. They should focus on specific points or issues
  • The data to be used in the essay should be verified through reliable sources
  • If things are mentioned chronologically, they must be checked for accuracy
  • The outline of the essay should be able to determine its depth and scope
  • The arguments should be backed by empirical evidence and support

By comparing your title or the outline of your research paper against these points, you will be able to hone your topic and ensure that the paper that you build on it is technically sound. It will also help you in picking the right type of paper, be it an analytical one or an argumentative one.

Picking Perfect American History Research Paper Topics

American History is not an easy or simple area of expertise to work on. Unless students have in-depth prior knowledge of the events and things gone down in the past, they can face a lot of issues with deciding the right topic.

The most common issue is deduction of the grand ideas. They are presented with so many potential topics and ideas that they end up crowded with thoughts. It is immensely difficult to filter out potent ideas and topics from grand themes and settings. Yet, this is what students need to do if they want their papers to have some relevance and potency.

Apart from working independently on the topic, they can also work on the thesis at the same time and see where the narrative goes. This will help them narrow things down further.

Tips For Unique US History Research Paper Topics

No guide is complete without some tips and hacks for students in writing their American History research papers. This will be the case with this post but we will make sure that all the tips and tricks are effective and practical in the process. So, without wasting the time and space further, let’s get on with the tips.

Tweaking Existing Ideas

Perhaps this is the most ideal and practical way of choosing a topic. Mostly, all the topics have two dimensions to them – space and time. For instance, the topic of the US Civil War has a sense of place and time. By tweaking and molding the narrative a little, students can come up with a new idea, without dealing with the back-breaking process of finding something new or original.

Conducting In-Depth Research

When you cannot pick up the already explored ones and modify them a little, it is time to get in with the hard work. The process starts with brainstorming and shortlisting the ideas or topics that you are interested in. The next step is to test them through in-depth research and ensure that the most suitable ones stand out. Keep in mind that this is the longest and most time-consuming route.

Working With Multiple Theses

A thesis statement is a short and brief account of what the writer thinks about a topic or an issue. It is an integral part of an essay or a research paper and they are incomplete without one. Since writers work with their theses to get to the best topic, it is a better idea to work with multiple of these to ensure that you have redundancy in case one does not pan out.

Finding Reliable Sources

We cannot stress this enough when you are actively looking for a topic or an area of interest for your History research paper. The internet is the most popular and handy source to get ideas and points. However, you need to be extra vigilant and wary of information there because much of the things on the internet are opinions with no scientific backing or empirical support.

Best Topic Ideas & Questions For Your History Paper

Moving on to the creme de la creme of our blog, we will explore some of the best and most intriguing History topics in this section for your paper. Again, you can pick them as they are and compose your whole paper on them. Or, you can get creative and experiment with them to get a new angle or dimension to explore. 

Ancient History Topics

  • Value of Symbolism in Ancient Egypt
  • The Role of Power in the Establishment of Assyrian and Byzantium Empires
  • Role of Women in Ancient Europe and Britain
  • Distribution of responsibilities in the prehistoric times
  • A Look at Sumerian Cultures and Traditions
  • Analysis of Civilizations in Near and Far Eastern Regions
  • How water played a major role in the Making of Central Anatolia
  • Religions and prophets were the key players in Ancient times
  • An objective look at Palestinian History
  • Concepts of Death, life, and Immortality in Ancient Civilizations

Research Paper Ideas On Middle Ages

  • Religion and everyday life in the middle ages
  • Analysis of Politics and Society in Asia during the middle ages
  • Were witch trials designed to prosecute the powerless?
  • Were the dark ages dark, in the light of scientific knowledge and advancements?
  • Developing weapons and armor in the middle ages
  • Were crusades holy wars or instruments of cruel pilgrimage?
  • The House of Medici at the end of the dark ages
  • Gunpowder and the Art of War
  • Causes and Effects of Urban Medieval Europe
  • Chivalry in the middle ages

Paper Topics On US Civil War

  • The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln & A New Chapter in American History
  • Looking beyond Alabama Claims
  • Understanding US History Before and After 1877
  • Key Players in the Atlanta Campaign and its Results
  • Causes and effects of the Battle of Chancellorsville
  • The Legacy of the Civil War
  • Value of Confederate Monuments in the US
  • The implications of the Homestead Act in the modern times
  • Controversies about Civil War that are still active
  • The personality of Merry Chestnut

Research Paper Topics On World History

  • The Results of the Mexican-American War
  • The motives behind wars in the name of religion
  • Causes and Effects of the Thirty Years’ War
  • Use of Weapons in Ancient Civilizations
  • Bridal Ceremonies in Ancient Civilizations and their significance
  • Impact of apartheid politics on South Africa
  • The construction of society in the middle ages
  • The aftershocks of the Cold War in Europe and the Middle East
  • The history behind the Battle of the Seas

European History Research Paper Ideas

  • The scale of military innovations between the Great Wars
  • Nationalistic Trends in East and West Europe
  • Gender Bias through the History of Europe
  • Rise of Monarchies and Imperialism In Europe
  • Role of Catholic Institutions in witch hunts
  • Propaganda around Western theories and cultures
  • The causes and effects behind French Revolution
  • Civil Rights in Pre-Revolution France
  • Analysis of Mid-Tudor Crises
  • Literacy levels in Europe during the 19th century

Summing Up The Discussion

Writing research papers require a lot of research, writing, and editing. If you have not built a strong foundation, you cannot be sure about the results even after doing all the hard work. Choosing the right topic is the earliest and most crucial step in this regard. This blog has shed ample light on the problems that students face while writing History research papers and how they can determine whether they have come up with the right title or not. For those who cannot write a research paper on History, all you need to do is say “Write my research paper”, and WriteMyEssay will be just around the corner. For the best pricing and exceptional customer service, contact us today!

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