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The academic life of school and college students is filled with activities and burdens that are not easily understood by others. Apart from classes and lectures, they have to cover assignments related to different subjects and courses. It would not be a far-fetched idea to say that the bulk of life in an academic institution is about writing and editing texts.

Many students consider outsourcing their work to professional essay writers. Some of them succeed in tracking down and connecting with real professionals. Others get scammed out of their time and money to receive subpar products.

In this post, we will cover who professional essay writers are, companies in Canada with the best writers, and some benefits of hiring Write My Essay, which is the trailblazer in the industry.

Professional Essay Writers

When we hear the term professional essay writers, it means different things for different people. Many believe them to be generalist freelance writers employed by online writing companies to provide poorly written essays to gullible students. 

In reality, professional essay writers distinguish themselves from all others. They are highly qualified writers with advanced degrees in their respective disciplines and subjects. In addition to this, they are more qualified to write academic essays than the professors and teachers in academic institutions because of their vast experience and expertise in writing essays almost every day. That’s why students rely on them to ensure that they get the best essays for schools and colleges. 

Some professional essay writers have carved out a reputation for themselves whereas others work in collaboration with established companies.

Services In Canada With The Best Essay Writers

There are countless online writing services that students can find with a Google search. But, a majority of them do not fulfill the minimum criteria of being professional because they lack many necessary resources. That’s why we have come up with some of the best services in Canada that employ the best essay writers. You can choose either of them and will get exceptional service.

Write My Essay

At the top of our list is Write My Essay. It is a decade-old name in academic writing for students around the globe, including regions like Canada, the UK, the US, and Australia. The company has an in-house team of academic writers with degrees from renowned colleges and universities. On top of that, they have extensive experience and knowledge in composing essays for schools and colleges. This should be your foremost choice if you want a reliable and professional essay writer by your side.


99Papers is among the leading service providers when it comes to the best essay writing companies in Canada. This fact can be attested by the number of customer reviews and testimonials for their services. The company is equipped with all the tools and personnel to ensure that each order is delivered to the client on the stipulated time. The pricing for their essay writing services is perfectly balanced and on the lower end of the spectrum without compromising the quality.


Studdit, as the name indicates, is all about connecting students with the best professional essay writers in the market. They are at the forefront when it comes to a diverse range of products, including essays, dissertations, theses, term papers, and so on. Whether you are a high school student or a university scholar with a lengthy essay to write, you can always rely on Studdit to come through. As for the pricing, they charge more than that of the earlier two entries.


If the word is any indication, you can be sure that EssayPro will deliver the best essays for your needs. In addition to being a reliable company in Canada for the best essay writing services, the company maintains a rich source of blogs with tips and other useful information for acing essays and dissertations in schools and colleges. The calculator for an order is in the header of the website where you can check the price of an essay by tweaking the variables.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Essay Writers

If you are on the fence about whether you should hire a professional essay writer or not for your task, there is only one answer: you should! Students in schools and colleges are often ill-equipped and poorly trained in dealing with the phases of writing. This results in poor scores and grades, despite the hard work. That’s why they should get professional writers by their side to ensure everything is right on the mark.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring the best essay writer in Canada.

Timely Delivery

Many students submit an order when there is not much time to work on an essay. This is a dilemma for companies because they have many orders to process and deliver on time. That’s why students should get to professional writers because they always deliver on time, no matter the circumstances.

Unique Content

Instead of working off of templates and worksheets, professional essay writers always start from scratch. This allows them to produce unique essays with no resemblance or reliance on other essays. For students who want to have zero plagiarism and 100% uniqueness of content, this is the way to go to get to the finish line.

Value For Money

Hiring professional essay writers does not put a dent in your pocket. It is something that is between too expensive and too extraordinary, thus striking a perfect balance with value for money. This is something that many other companies and professionals promise but fail to provide. So, if you are getting this from a service, you should not wait!

Guaranteed Success

There is no point in hiring a professional essay writer or an established company if you cannot have some sort of assurance. It has almost become a standard practice that every reliable company offers guaranteed success on their essays. So, you can have peace of mind moving forward with a deal.

What Write My Essay Brings To The Table

Write My Essay is a leading brand in Canada for providing a diverse range of services and products to customers. Since its inception, it has carved a reputation for being the best and most proactive brand around the globe. That’s why students from far-off regions rely on their services and products. Let us explore what makes them the best choice for essay writing services.
Competitive Pricing
Students do not have spare money lying around the house. They have limited resources to get the tasks done by professional writers. This is where Write My Essay gives a real edge to the customers with competitive pricing without compromising the quality and integrity of the text. This is hard to get from somewhere else.
Professional Essay Writers
This is another reason why Write My Essay is the absolute first choice of students when they get essays and theses with absolute quality. Professionals bring the best practices of research, writing, and editing to the table to provide exceptional value to the text. This is not something that can be done by amateurs.
Confidential Transactions
Cybersecurity and theft are real concerns for users. They do not want to engage with a company that cannot keep their data safe from the prying eyes of online stalkers. That’s another area where Write My Essay does not have a real competitor. Students cherish a company that can appreciate their trust and value.


Who are your essay writers?

Write My Essay houses a team of highly skilled professional writers with years of experience and expertise. In addition to having advanced degrees in their respective fields, they are sure to have vast experience in researching, writing, and editing essays for students across all universities.

How do you select essay writers for hire?

We have a strict hiring and recruitment process to ensure that only the best writers make the final cut. From pre-induction training to recruitment, everything is right on the mark to ensure our customers get the best product.

How can I find the best company with professional essay writers?

There is no way around it. Either you can go through a Google search and cover the ground slowly, or you can get the best writers by hiring Write My Essay to do the heavy lifting for you.

What is the average price of an essay in Canada?

According to research, the average price of an essay is determined by the time of delivery, the level and scope of research, and the word count. For a page with around 250 to 275 words, students need to pay around $13 a page.

Can I communicate directly with my essay writer?

Yes, you can! Write My Essay allows users to have a direct line of communication with the assigned writers. Both can collaborate on an order, and go through the proofs accordingly. This also helps in cutting the delivery time by a great margin because there is no need for lengthy revisions afterward.

What is the process of cooperation with essay writers?

The process of cooperation with essay writers is simple. Once you place an order and make the payment, the order will be activated internally. This will allow you to connect with the writer and share your thoughts on the progress of the task.

Final Thoughts

Writing your essay can be a good thing to do, if you have the skills, time, and focus to take up the task and then land it at the finish line. However, stiff deadlines and challenging assignments lead students to look outside for help. Professional essay writers bring a lot of advantages to students at the table. When they connect with a service like WME, they can be sure that they are paying the best price for excellent custom essays. Even after completion of the task, they can ask for multiple revisions until they are satisfied! So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and get excellent essays today!

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