200 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for 2023

June 28, 2023 Martha Simons

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A speech is a point of view of an orator or a scholar conveyed to the listeners effectively. For the writing part, it is very much similar to an argumentative essay as writers need to start with a broad point and then narrow it down based on the facts and evidence from credible sources.

Writing a speech requires the mastery of language and an in-depth knowledge of the subject. As external factors, the demographics and psychographics of the audience are also important to understand as they play a crucial role in helping scholars decide what to write and how to write it.

In this blog, we will cover the building blocks of a good persuasive speech and then suggest different topics to writers. Also, if you want a write my essay to get on board with you, WME is the best choice for you.

Building Blocks of A Persuasive Speech

Just like a structure or an edifice, every speech needs to have all the relevant building blocks to qualify as an effective persuasive speech. By borrowing the philosophy from Aristotle, let us examine the most important aspects of the speech so that students will be able to identify and incorporate them into their speeches.

Ethic (Ethos)

The ethos or the ethic of a good persuasive speech is to identify the orator or the deliverer of the speech. Audiences need to know that they are listening to a person of authority. It is equivalent to the credentials highlighted in the calling card or the resume of a person. Apart from the apparent qualifications, ethos also tells the listeners that the person is talking in good faith and bear no ill-will for them by misleading them through distorted facts. 

Logic (Logos)

Once the stage is set to deliver the speech, the next step includes the delivery of the argument. If your persuasive speech is about connecting the dots on a controversial subject matter, you need to tread with caution and base your points on logic and reasoning. According to Aristotle, the best use of logos is to encourage the listeners to conduct independent thinking and reach a conclusion before you, as an orator, spell it out for them.

Emotions (Pathos)

When a solid foundation is built and a logical argument is delivered to the audience, it is time to enhance the effects of both through a healthy dose of emotions – pathos. Many readers would think that this is about adding a bit of drama and character to the speech, whereas it is much more targeted and nuanced than that. For instance, it can be humor, love, sarcasm, and more. Again, knowing the audience is the key to winning the hearts and minds of the listeners.

Ideas For A Persuasive Speech

So, you are set to write and deliver a persuasive speech on a topic, it is necessary to have a solid idea and a topic. In many cases, writers even get stuck on picking the right topic and then researching, writing, and honing the text to make it better. If you want to base your speech on a persuasive essay, get in touch with the best essay writing services in Canada today!

In the following sections, we will take a look at some of the best and most relevant topic ideas for persuasive speeches in 2023. Whether you are a student in school or college, you can get benefit from them to come up with a winning speech.

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

  • You can’t buy love or happiness with money
  • Schools should teach cooking and kitchen skills to both boys and girls
  • The government should increase the minimum wage
  • Advertising is more of an art than a science
  • Introverts are more suited to become leaders than extroverts
  • Eating meat is becoming more controversial with each passing year
  • The minimum age limit for dating should not be below 16
  • Sustainable clothing is not sustainable at all
  • The strive to earn more is the root cause of all evil
  • The state should gradually phase out coins and paper money 

Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Either you drive or your text, there is no space for both
  • Celebrities should pay more for breaking the law
  • It should be mandatory for teachers to pass basic exams every few years
  • City governments should promote ride-sharing programs
  • People should go easy on junk food and develop healthy eating habits
  • All of us should be willing to sacrifice for others
  • It is necessary to learn from our elders to avoid making the same mistakes
  • Money is not the right tool to carve out love and affection
  • The system of penalties for students and children should be revised
  • Recycling can save the world from implosion

Persuasive Speech Topics For College

  • Teachers should pass an annual test to retain their certifications
  • College tuition should be free for poor and deserving students
  • Is it a good idea to introduce a skill set for students after high school?
  • The punishment for cyber-bullying should be expulsion
  • Would it be a good idea for high school students to complete community services before graduating?
  • The issue of cell phones and deteriorating attention span in children
  • Playing sports and the role of honor roll in high schools
  • Art and music are more than just extracurricular activities in schools
  • Fighting the drugs problem in schools requires searching the personal property of everyone
  • Is it a good idea to allow students to listen to music in study halls?

Persuasive Speech Topics On Animals

  • Is it good to buy pets from a breeder or adopt them from a shelter?
  • The pit bulls are engineered to be vicious, killing machines
  • Executing a dog that mauls a person
  • Taming wild animals such as sharks and lions in urban areas
  • The legality of battery farming in this century
  • Banning factory farming to save species from extinction
  • Adopting new pets is better than buying them from breeders
  • How do puppy mills change the dynamics of the pet industry?
  • The psychological benefits of owning and caring for pets
  • Cats vs. Dogs – which are the ultimate pet for urban families?

Business Persuasive Speech Ideas

  • Advertising is more of a mind game than simply stating the facts
  • The need to curb false advertising in the modern world
  • Understanding niche marketing and reaping its rewards
  • The reasons why introverts make better and more effective leaders
  • Running a small business is a 24-hour job
  • The circumstances you face will change you for good
  • Never go to business with family members and friends
  • Knowing someone does not make you eligible for discounts at all
  • The organization is the key to running a thriving a business
  • Bringing personality to your business leads to better growth

Medical Persuasive Ideas For Speeches

  • Healthcare outlets should sell contraceptives to minor girls with parents’ consent
  • Using stem cells from aborted babies to cure diseases in adults and elders
  • Should doctors be able to prescribe contraceptive medicines to girls under 16?
  • USA and the idea of a universal healthcare system
  • Distributing free condoms in school to prevent teenage pregnancies
  • Regular exercise is the best antidote to aging and age-related issues
  • Restaurants should be obligated to inform patrons about ingredients to prevent allergic reactions
  • Putting warning labels on fast food items to inform the consumers
  • Using animals in medical research is natural and not a necessary evil
  • Seat belts ensure the safety of all passengers in a vehicle

Persuasive Ideas For Practical Knowledge & Psychology

  • Everyone should learn to practice basic survival skills
  • Camping connects us with our distant fathers
  • Personal hygiene is important in social settings
  • Intelligence is directly related to the environment a person lives in
  • Environmental factors play an important part in better human development
  • Seeing psychologists cause more problems than solving the existing ones
  • Why do humans have the urge to love and be loved?
  • Can money have the power to give you happiness in this world?
  • Introverts make the best public speakers compared to extroverts
  • Verbal abuse can cause deeper damage compared to the physical one

Hilarious Ideas For Persuasive Speeches

  • Blondes are not dumb as portrayed in the popular culture
  • Funny pickup lines are effective and cringe at the same time
  • Gossiping is more common in boys than girls
  • Do not add your mom to your Facebook friends list
  • When things go wrong, your horoscopes are to be blamed
  • Students need to deliver persuasive speeches in front of a large audience
  • Millennials should be wearing what they want to wear all the time
  • Dads are heroes of both young girls and boys
  • Argumentative essays do not have a clear point in them
  • Shoes that do not fit right can lead to injuries

Persuasive Topics On Science

  • Do you think the world governments should spend more on space exploration programs?
  • The need to know what is going on in the outer space
  • Considering Pluto a planet should not be a mistake
  • Mars and Earth share a common past
  • Donating your body to science is beneficial for the betterment of humanity
  • Our species need more ethical scientific research
  • Quality trumps quantity in all walks of life
  • Religion and science can mix well to save humanity from extinction
  • Scientific papers should not be written in much formal language
  • Theories without the muscle to be transformed into strategies are useless

Persuasive Speech Ideas On Sports

  • Musical bands and show choirs should not be considered sports
  • Cities should promote a bike-sharing program to curb pollution
  • Paying college athletes can improve the prospects of the sports
  • Testing basketball players before games should be made mandatory
  • High school football programs collapse due to lack of or poor management of funding
  • Female sports should get the same coverage as male sports
  • Making drug tests mandatory for sports
  • Athletes make more than scientists and scholars
  • School athletes should undergo drug testing before performing
  • Winning is as important as trying your best

Persuasive Speech Ideas On the Environment

  • There should be stricter laws to protect endangered species
  • Growing only native plants in gardens
  • More people should use public transportation to save the environment
  • Limiting the use of natural resources leads to a better world
  • Pollution has many negative effects on humanity
  • Using algae to produce oil instead of drilling it out of the earth’s crest
  • Hydraulic fracturing is detrimental to the environment
  • Why governments should ban disposable diapers
  • Hybrid cars are good for the environment and consumers
  • Keeping our community clean leads to better living conditions

Practical Tips For Composing A Gripping Persuasive Speech

Practical Tips For Composing A Gripping Persuasive Speech

Any guide can be incomplete without some practical tips and hacks to make good time. Since we have covered a wide range of topics and ideas for persuasive speeches on different topics, it is time to take a look at some of the best hacks to make the best out of your speeches.

Map Out The Whole Speech

Spontaneity can be excellent to capture the imagination of the readers. However, it is always the best idea to map out the whole speech – from start to finish. This allows writers to anticipate issues and ensure that they are not missing any crucial parts.

Employ The Right Vocabulary

Using the right word at the right time can have a great impact on the reader’s mind. Many writers make the mistake of using difficult words and brainy phrases to falsely leave an impression on the audience. However, it is much better to use the right words and terms instead of always fishing for the difficult ones.

Get Professional Help

If you need to write a persuasive speech but you do not have the skills or time to do it, it is best to have professional help from the best speech writing companies in Canada. They have experienced writers and editors to conduct in-depth research, write multiple drafts, and then fine-tune it to make it better for the audience.

Practice, Practice, & Practice

Even at the cost of being a cliche, practice makes things better for professionals. When you are tasked to write a speech, there is no way you can get the best part on the first try. You need to be able to invest time and effort in doing it again and again until you have got it right.

Final Thoughts

Writing a good speech requires a lot of effort. The different phases of composing a winning one include researching the topic and then mapping out the whole speech. Then, when it comes to writing, you need to make sure that all the bases are covered. In the end, it requires a lot of proofreading and editing until you are sure that it gets all the elements of a good speech.

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