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Getting good bands in the IELTS essay writing task is not easy. IELTS essay grading is quite strict and it can be difficult to score well enough to pass the exam. Unlike other essay assignments like college essay and university essay, the IELTS essay has some specific requirement that needs to be followed to get a good band. In this article, our team of essay-writing experts from Write My Essay has shared some valuable insights. This is why preparation for the IELTS essay section is important, with practice in understanding the question, analyzing model essays, expanding vocabulary, and using correct grammar.

IELTS Sample Essays – Plain Text Samples of Band 9 Essays

IELTS Band 9 Sample Essay 1

How to Deal with Problems Caused by Global Tourism

The recent surge in global tourism has caused a wide range of issues, particularly

for countries that heavily rely on the tourism industry. This essay will discuss the drawbacks of this trend, and what steps governments should take to effectively deal with tourism problems.

Let’s not overlook the advantages associated with increased levels of tourism. More tourism means more financial activity which brings more money into the country from overseas visitors. This helps boost the local economy and also creates jobs.  However, due to poor management in some cases, there are also negative effects associated with higher levels of tourism. 

All tourists are not the same and some of them don’t respect the places they visit. This careless attitude leads to pollution and damage to local historical sites. Locals also face social problems that become popular tourist destinations like overcrowding on streets, heavy traffic, and public transport problems to name a few.

In order to make sure that tourism is sustainable in the future local governments need to introduce reforms that help protect local communities and historical places from overcrowding. Heavy fines should be imposed on tourists who litter at historical places. Public transport should be improved enough to meet all the transportation requirements for the tourists to avoid overcrowding. Tourist routes should be separated from the busy routes that locals use on a regular basis. 

Tourists should be restricted to a certain place when visiting historical places so that they don’t damage anything. Steps should be taken to preserve the natural appeal of historical places for future generations. Moreover, all tourists should be educated about the ethical and moral standards of the community and their activity should be monitored to see if anyone violates these standards. 

In conclusion, although global tourism can bring many economic benefits it also has a number of problems associated with it as well. Therefore governments should act responsibly by regulating certain aspects that are mentioned above in order to maintain healthy populations and preserve the natural beauty of historical places for years to come.

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5 Professional Tips for a Band 9 IELTS Essay

Read & Analyze the Essay Question

Read the essay question carefully and make sure you understand all the keywords and terms. This will help you to write a focused response that addresses all the points in the question. Here’s what to do when you are given your IELTS essay topic:

  • Research any unfamiliar words or phrases that may be found in the question.
  • Identify any trends or patterns in the type of questions asked.

Brainstorm Ideas and Preplan

Brainstorm ideas using mind maps, diagrams, or lists to get your thoughts flowing before writing your essay. Try creating a list of potential approaches for answering the essay question and brainstorming ideas for relevant supporting arguments. Also, make sure to write down your thoughts so that you have something to refer back to when writing your essay; this also helps you remain focused when writing your essay.

Use the Right Words

Use appropriate vocabulary and phrasing to express yourself logically and precisely, avoiding unnecessary repetition or irrelevancy. Using the right vocabulary in an essay can help demonstrate your understanding of a topic and improve the clarity of your writing. Start by selecting words accurately, as well as familiarizing yourself with synonyms to expand your vocabulary. Familiarize yourself with academic language for more formal essays, as well as any specific terms related to the topic you’re writing about. Additionally, try to avoid repeating the same words throughout a paragraph or essay. Finally, always strive for accuracy and remember that it’s better to use precisely the right word than almost the right one.

Stay Focused Write Quickly

Stay focused on one idea per paragraph, develop arguments, and quote reliable sources when providing proof for your claims. Remember to not spend any time going through your essay again and again. Once you have proofread your essay for mistakes and you are confident then just hit the submit button and move on to the next task. Take time to revise and edit your work for accuracy, consistency, and clarity before submitting it for assessment. Start by reading through your essay and making any corrections to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also, make sure the tone of your essay is consistent throughout and that you haven’t switched between formal and informal writing styles. Before submitting the essay, review each sentence for clarity and make sure they are all concise.

IELTS Band 9 Sample Essay 2 

Mitigating the Negative Effects of COVID-19 on the Global Economy

The global economy has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have been forced to stop operations because of this pandemic. Government officials are busy taking measures to introduce new economic policies in order to mitigate the effects. This essay will discuss some effective measures that could help bring economic growth and stability.

One of the most successful economic sustainable measures has been the fiscal stimulus. This involves the government providing tax relief to all citizens that are suffering because of this pandemic. One example of this is the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package passed in the USA. This initiative has helped people to maintain household incomes during this period of the COVID crisis.

Another measure that could be taken to mitigate the global economic impact of COVID is monetary policies. This monetary policy is used to boost liquidity in the financial system. Low-interest rates can make borrowing easier for businesses, which combined with quantitative easing could increase the money supply so that there is more investment capital available. These measures can prove beneficial and improve access to necessary funds during periods of low business activity.

Another effective remedy against the adverse effects of COVID-19 on the global economy is the government initiative for the digitalization of economies. By introducing initiatives such as cashless payments, mobile banking, and e-commerce platforms, people have more options for conducting financial transactions quickly and securely without having to use physical money or visit a bank branch. This helps support economic activity even when movement restrictions are put in place due to pandemics crises.
In conclusion, governments around the world have implemented several measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has enabled them to maintain economic stability and prevent a further decline into recession or depression. Fiscal stimulus packages and low-interest rates help keep households afloat during times of hardship while digital solutions provide ways for people and businesses to stay connected during movement restrictions or closures.

What are IELTS Essay Grading Criteria?

IELTS essay grading is done according to the criteria set by the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). There are four basic grading criteria for evaluating the IELTS essay.

  1. Task Fulfilment: This is about how accurately and completely the essay answers the question given.
  2. Coherence and Cohesion: This assesses how well a writer links ideas together in their writing.
  3. Lexical Resource: This is about the variety of words used in an essay. The more words used correctly and appropriately, the higher the score.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Writers are also assessed on how well they have used grammar structures in writing, such as passive or active voice.

IELTS Essay Correction

The key to doing effective IELTS essay correction is to pay attention to detail when writing and editing your essay. Here are some steps you should take when correcting your IELTS essay:

  1. Read the essay for overall clarity and coherence.
  2. Check the structure of the essay, making sure it meets the required criteria and has a logical flow of ideas.
  3. Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation for accuracy and consistency throughout.
  4. Evaluate vocabulary by looking at words used in context and making sure they are appropriate for the topic being discussed.
  5. Ensure that all sources have been correctly cited if needed.
  6. Double-check information within the essay for accuracy by referencing reliable sources or other factual information about the topic if necessary.

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