How to Write an Opinion Essay

May 7, 2021 Martha Simons
How to Write an Opinion Essay

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The challenge doesn’t merely lie in writing an opinion essay; it is more about proper formatting, proper use of language, and persuasively presenting your opinion. Students find it hard to make time for such tasks in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay allows students to share their thoughts and point of view on a topic. Use evidence and references to back your stance up.

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Why Is It Important to Know How to Write an Opinion Essay?

Opinion writing is a crucial part of learning. Students neglect the importance of an opinion-based paper countless times. Nevertheless, we will encourage you to learn how to write a synthesis essay by bringing out the numerous benefits it offers in the long run.

It helps you present your opinion

Writing an opinion essay is considerable for people trying to present straightforward opinions without beating around the bush.

You will have better analysis techniques

Practice makes perfect. If you are constantly trying to analyze different topics to develop a strong opinion, nothing else is better than learning how to write an opinion essay. One has to analyze and evaluate the information they find and then throw away the irrelevant pieces.

It improves research skills

Working on a synthesis essay requires you to find evidence to support your opinion. It teaches learners about different platforms to conduct research. The internet might be a hub of information and evidence; however, one has to fund authentic details to form an opinion and call out to the audience.

Gives better persuasive skills

By using solid evidence, facts, and statements, the writer learns how to convince a reader. It will help learners find alternate ways to call out to the readers to prove their point. It also enhances writing skills.

More knowledge in different areas

Students conduct extensive research for these essays. It helps them understand topics of a different nature and style. They learn more about the world around them rather than sticking to their own major only.

Opinion Essay Structure and Format

Nothing is as important as your opinion essay format. If you don’t follow the correct format, your ship will drown before it reaches its destination. It isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is stick to the traditional five-paragraph opinion essay structure. A clever approach is to come up with an outline to guide your writing actions.

How to Write an Outline

An opinion essay outline might confuse you in the beginning, but there is nothing to fear. We are here with an opinion essay example outline to ease your task by ten folds!


Background information: Provide an essential background about the issue you are presenting. For example, swimming has been popular for enhancing muscle power and is also a cardiovascular sport to improve and strengthen your heart rate. It also builds stamina to support other sports.

Thesis: Swimming is an active and fun alternative to other sports.

Body Paragraph

  • Topic Sentence: Swimming provides several benefits that other sports offer.
  • Evidence and evaluation: the exercise is known to improve muscle strength and helps learners cooperate in teams.

Follow the same format for all body paragraphs. Remember that you can’t write less than three body paragraphs.


  • Summarize the arguments in your conclusion. For example, there are many reasons why swimming can replace other sports.
  • Restate your thesis statement.

Tips on Writing an Opinion Essay Intro & Thesis Statement

To start an opinion essay, you need a well-written introduction. An introductory paragraph can either make or break the entire opinion-based paper within seconds. Just because it is the first part of your paper doesn’t necessarily mean you should write it first.

Try to attract your reader’s attention with easy yet fascinating hooks. Link it to an interesting fact or statistical information related to your topic. You can also try to ask rhetorical questions to make the paper intriguing. Include fascinating background information so that your reader can understand where your paper is going. Direction is critical; otherwise, you will repel your readers.

A thesis statement is a concise way of presenting the claim of your paper. Keep it short and easy to understand. Write it when you have finished the rest of your paper.

How to Write Body Paragraphs for an Opinion Essay

Body paragraphs are the heart of your synthesis essay. The information you provide here and how you analyze it helps your readers decide whether they agree or disagree with your side of the debate.

Here are a few steps that will make the process of building strong body paragraphs easy for you!

  • Start with a topic sentence.
  • Bring in the evidence. To support the point, and evaluate it by linking it to your point.
  • Once you reach the end of your paragraph, insert a concluding sentence that helps you transition smoothly to the other paragraph with another point.

Writing Conclusion for an Opinion Essay

The conclusion is the end game of your writing task. It should end with a bang so that the audience feels like readers invested their time in the right thing and remember it for a long time. Write a summary of the entire paper and try to repeat all the arguments and ideas briefly. Restate your thesis statement to remind the readers about the crux of your writing.

Tips for a Great Opinion Essay

  • Don’t title your essay with a question; it confuses the readers and makes your heading bland.
  • Present the readers with an attention-grabbing opening that distinguishes your opinion from the rest.
  • Present your strongest argument before the rest to have a powerful impact on the reader in the initial stages of the paper.
  • Try to incorporate a bit of emotion in your essay, as people appreciate it when they can link the reading to their personal experiences.
  • Make sure you proofread every bit of information you present.
  • Try to stick to an active voice approach.
  • Develop a strong opinion on the topic before you start writing.
  • Keep all your sources of information in front of you for accuracy and to save time.

Good Opinion Essay Topics to Write About

  1. If there was one thing you could change about the world today, what would it be?
  2. Technology is becoming destructive for human life today.
  3. Cars are convenient for humans but detrimental to the environment.
  4. Reading books is not the only form of learning that makes a difference.
  5. Is homework an essential aspect of education?
  6. Following traditional views is the best way to live life today.
  7. Financial independence is more important than giving time to your family.
  8. To compete in the world, you need to step over other people.
  9. Online education has made lives undemanding.
  10. Should there be government intervention in religious practices?
  11. Eliminating corruption is impossible.
  12. Are the foreign policies of the world helping overcome the impacts of COVID-19?
  13. Law is the same for everyone.
  14. Virtual training is an essential tool for training medical students.
  15. Do video games encourage violence?

Short Example of a College Opinion Essay

Who has a more demanding job: a teacher or a nurse?

In our school lives, we have all encountered at least one teacher that changed our life. From encouraging students to pursue their wildest dreams to teaching them everything they need to know to achieve said dreams, teachers play one of the most crucial and valuable roles. Between elementary schools and medical universities, teachers are the ones who prepare students for their medical aspirations.

They encourage and motivate them. Also, teachers are becoming less and less in numbers, making them all the more valuable and crucial. Teachers form the backbone of successful nurses and doctors. First, teachers educate mere toddlers throughout their youth until they are young adults and give them all the education necessary to achieve their aspirations. Without the knowledge that nurses obtain through teachers, they would be unsuccessful and unable to do their jobs. In 2018, the Massachusetts Secretary of Education increased funding to elementary schools by nearly 10%. They believed that early education is essential in shaping the minds and futures of young children. It is proof of how much of an impact education and teachers can have on our lives.

Alongside providing education, teachers are a credible and irreplaceable source of comfort and motivation for students of all ages. Having to battle family problems, stress because of school, personal conflicts, social lives, and so much more is a heavy and common burden. Caught between said obstacles, students tend to drop out of school or stop trying to improve their grades. According to, a global student movement, high school dropout rates were 25% in 2018. However, studies also show that students who have a welcoming and encouraging teacher are less likely to drop out. In a research conducted by the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) in 2016, two groups of students learned a lesson from two different kinds of teachers, one ignorant and strict, while the other was kind and encouraging. By the end of the experiment, the latter teacher’s group indicated a better understanding of the topic and had a keen interest in the topic.

Lastly, the percentage of active teachers over the last decade has continued to decline. While making them more valuable, it is another reason for introducing work in the teaching department. According to the Center for American Progress, there was a 28% decline in active teachers from 2010 through 2018. Courtesy to retirement, transfers, firing due to incompetency, students backing out of teacher preparation courses, and now the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an ever-growing shortage of teachers worldwide. It has a significantly negative impact on the quality of education students receive.

Teachers of every level educate young kids through vital stages of their lives, motivate them to strive for a better tomorrow, and have become significantly more important now that there are fewer of them. All in all, teachers are priceless, and it is a well-proven fact that without them, we would not be here, thriving and yet striving for a brighter future always.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Writing Opinion Essays

  • Avoid contradicting ideas that cause ambiguity.
  • Don’t repeat any of your main points or evidence.
  • Content should always be relevant to the topic.
  • The topic should strike a balance. It shouldn’t be too broad or too narrow to write.
  • Have enough facts and evidence to support every idea you introduce.
  • Keep the sentences short and easy to read.
  • Follow a proper outline and format.
  • Don’t plagiarize anything.
  • Use credible sources of information.
  • Avoid the use of slang.


How do you write an opinion?

Introduce your opinion in a one-liner sentence rather than making it too wordy. Stick to the point and be straightforward.

What is the structure of an opinion essay?

Start with an introduction followed by a minimum of three body paragraphs and finally, a conclusion.

What makes a good opinion essay?

The correct use of language and grammar paired with valid evidence and proper evaluation of every point of the argument. Follow the format and structure outline to make sure it is easy to read.

Who can write my opinion essay?

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