How To Write An Analytical Essay

June 7, 2021 support

What is an analytical essay? 

An analytical essay is a type of writing that provides a substantial analysis of a specific topic. It is an academic paper that can be written about literature, art, philosophy, music, history, current events, and other available subjects. An analysis paper can be a complicated paper to write, primarily for those who struggle at writing. But the first step of conquering the difficulties is to start doing it.

This article will show you steps, tips, ideas, and an analytical essay example to help write your paper.

Why is it important to know how to write an analytical essay? 

  • Writing an analytical essay helps you understand more profound the topic at hand. Writing this essay will require doing tons of research and studying a specific topic. It will help your cognitive process realize what you see and the underlying meaning of a particular topic or piece.
  • It can also help you convey your message precisely and share your insights with your readers. For example, you are doing an analysis essay on a piece of art or literature. Through your writing, you can help other people understand the deeper meaning of the piece and what the creator of the art wants to tell.

Analytical Essay Structure and Format 

An analytical essay format is just like any other essay type. It only differs on the content and how to write it. But it is still essential that we know that format to follow to keep a logical consistency in our writing. Professional writers may use a different form but using the traditional is an excellent place to start.

Analytical Essay Outline INTRODUCTION 

  • Start with a section that will hook your readers. You can use anecdotes, short stories, a current statistic, or a quote from a famous personality.
  • Write your analytical essay thesis statement.


  • Start with the topic sentence
  • Present and discuss the key argument #1
  • Back up your claims with data gathered from credible sources

Follow this format for the body, depending on the number of arguments you have prepared.

  • Restate your thesis statement
  • Summarize all your key points and show how they are connected to one another.
  • Write your closing statement. This statement should be impactful and leaves an impression on your target audience.

How to start an analytical essay? 

To write a good analytical essay, one should know the topic of the article. When choosing a case for your paper, it should be a topic you are interested in and a topic that will pique the interest of your target audience. An excellent issue does not need to be complicated. If you push yourself to write a challenging topic you do not understand, it will result in a poorly written paper.

To help you arrange your thoughts carefully and set the parameters of the topic, you should include. It will help you make a graphic organizer or an outline. An outline will help you organize your thoughts and your writing process by helping you avoid including unnecessary information.

How to write body paragraphs 

Analytical essay writing will require doing a lot of research. The body of the essay is where to discuss all your main points and your arguments. Since this is an analysis of a specific topic, you will more likely need your support claim from scholarly publications such as journals, books, and research papers. Remember to keep an eye on outdated sources and fake ones. Using incorrect information will lose your paper’s credibility and might lead to misinformation.

You can put your personal ideas and insight into your paper, but you should not build your entire essay on your opinions. Combine your insights with the data you gathered to apply the logic or idea you just learned in your arguments. You can also provide opposing claims to your views, and this technique can help you raise the validity of your claims via comparison.

How to write a conclusion of an analytical essay 

Start the analytical essay conclusion by restating the thesis statement. Review all your key points and summarize all arguments you have discussed in your paper. Make sure that you summarize all the facts by tying it all together and showing how it is interrelated. Like the analytical essay introduction, this part must also be written to attract your readers’ attention. It should leave an impact and an impression that will lead them to change the view of behavior towards the subject.

Tips for a great analytical essay 

  1. Do not overanalyze things. Do not include information that is too complicated for you to explain. Using complex words and arguments will not make you sound more intelligent if you cannot discuss it properly and correctly.
  2. Suppose you are new to this type of writing. Familiarize yourself with the analytical essay structure. It will help you keep a logical consistency on your paper.
  3. Choose a topic closely related to your program. If you are studying arts, choose a painting or a work of art to analyze. The flow of thoughts and research will be more effortless for you if you align with your topic.
  4. Cite your sources correctly. It is necessary to gather support for your claim but do not forget to credit the authors you borrowed your ideas.
  5. Do not forget to write your thesis statement. Give your readers an overview of the core issue of your paper and the main points of discussion.
  6. Avoid the overuse of quotes. Using one or two sections can help you hook the readers or prove your point. But avoid using too much. You are writing an academic paper, not a book on quotations.
  7. Arrange your thoughts chronologically.
  8. Always edit your work before submitting it. Use applications like Grammarly to help you identify your grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You can also run your paper for plagiarism check on the same application.

Topics and ideas for an analytical essay 

Here are some analytical essay topics to jumpstart your writing process.

  1. How do people develop their phobias?
  2. What is the cause of teenage suicides?
  3. How do pets help their owners overcome anxiety and depression?
  4. Why are women still linked as the minor gender in today’s society?
  5. Will graduates of online distance learning have the same rigor as those who graduate from a traditional classroom setup.
  6. The irreversible effects of the global pandemic COVID 19.
  7. How do family relationships affect the children growing up?
  8. How did the renaissance period affect how we view art in the present day?
  9. An in-depth analysis of the characters of Romeo and Juliet
  10. How does peer pressure affect an individual?

Short example of an analytical essay

Here is an example of an analytical essay based on characters of a book

A Character Analysis of Romeo and Juliet 

The star-crossed lovers may be the most famous couple students who take literature know—being recklessly in love and giving it all for one another. In the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, a play written by William Shakespeare, he shows his audience the power of feeling hopelessly in love despite and situations and the consequences of having families blinded by the power of dominance that led to their children’s demise.

We all know the story the happened in fair Verona where the characters of Romeo and Juliet met. Despite being in families that hated each other, their love still blossomed. The consequences of their passion cost both of their lives and the life of the family members. This piece of literature teaches us that love can eradicate the deepest-seated hate, but sometimes we realize it too late.

The characters of Romeo and Juliet are reckless by choosing to run away and even more reckless by not thinking about the consequences of their actions. When we come to the scene where Juliet faked her death, Romeo undoubtedly drank the poison without knowing the actual situation, which cost them both of their lives. It is true they still ended up being together but in a different realm.

If the families opened their eyes that despite their difference there can still love the grows between the two clans,  the deaths in the play could be avoided. But it was too late. Although there was the unfortunate death of the star-crossed lovers, the two families were able to build peace between them. It was a long road, and there was a considerable price to pay.

This situation also reflects some of our actions in modern times. Many people decide spurs of the moment things and act recklessly without knowing the full consequences of their actions. Sometimes, it is good to take the risk, but there are times when we need to sit back and assess the situation. Some things cannot be undone and things that are irreversible. There are things that you can only do in one opportunity. Let this be a lesson for all of us that our actions can have a drastic effect on ourselves and the lives of everyone around us.

Create a solid analytical statement thesis

Writing a thesis statement for any type of essay can be a complicated task. If you are new to this, you can use these guide questions to help you formulate an excellent thesis statement.

  1. What is the claim/issue?
  2. How is the claim supported?
  3. What does the claim mean, and why is it important?

For example, you are going to write an analysis paper on Taylor Swift’s song Enchanted. You write your thesis statement like this:

“In the record-breaking song “Enchanted,” Taylor Swift talks about the experience of finding love and why it is important to take risks and chances than losing the opportunity to do so with her listeners.”

Questions and Answers 

  • What is an analytical essay? 

An analytical essay is an academic paper the provides an in-depth analysis of a particular issue. This paper’s topics can be pieces of literature, work of art, law, history, current events, and others.

  • How do you write an excellent analytical paragraph? 

It is always good to have a plan to follow. So, start making an outline for your paper before beginning the writing process. Pick your key points and arrange them in a logical order—back up your claims by doing solid research from credible sources found in publications, journals, or the internet.

  • How do you write an excellent analytical essay hook? 

You can use quotations, short stories, or anecdotes to hook the audience. But be sure that the accounts you will use in the hook should also be related to your paper.

  • How many paragraphs does an analytical essay have? 

According to the analytical essay definition, this type of essay should be at least five paragraphs long. The introduction, the body, and the conclusion are already included in those paragraphs.