How to Write an Academic Essay

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How to Write an Academic Essay

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Students face many challenges in the journey to their degree. People often don’t realize the effort and hard work to prepare assignments such as academic papers. Many students don’t even know how to start an academic essay. The struggle is real because these technical papers and a single mistake can result in the entire ship drowning. But if you want to sail through the rough sea of the complicated writing process, then you should consider seeking help from someone and ask them, “write my essay for me in Canada.” But before you do that, let’s learn a bit about essay writing.

What Is an Academic Essay?

Many of you might be wondering what an academic essay is? Well, that means you haven’t encountered one, and it is always best to prepare yourself for the future. The distinguishing feature of an academic piece is that the writer is supposed to make a claim in writing formally and address it, trying to prove the claim. It is a way to use data to inform the reader of a particular situation and persuade the reader about the credibility of your stance. Sounds simple? Of course, nevertheless, the academic essay definition is more accessible than the actual process. Let’s dive into the specifications!

Why It Is Important to Know How to Write an Academic Essay

There are plenty of reasons that convince us of the importance of academic essay writing. Here are some of them to help you understand why teachers emphasize these papers so much!

  • Students learn to analyze varying problems and situations to find a credible stance rather than going here and there, coming up with irrelevant thoughts and ideas for the process.
  • Since an academic writing essay doesn’t require a one-sided, biased argument, students present and talk about both sides of the debate and can critically think about the problem and the available information to make statements.
  • Students learn professionalism as a formal tone is maintained throughout the paper. When they start writing, they need to follow every instruction, making them more careful about the process.
  • Research skills become enhanced and more refined because academic tasks are all about research sources to gather relevant data and material to support a stance.
  • Another critical factor is that students learn to convey their understanding in a better way. They can express their learning on the topic and use terms that make it easy for their target audience to understand the piece from scratch.

Academic Essay Structure and Format

In every piece of writing, it is crucial to follow a proper structure to guide you through the paper. If you don’t, you won’t achieve the desired flow of information and content. It will only repel readers away because the writing appears to be unprofessional. People look for quality writings with an excellent flow of words. No one is looking for a paper in which they find scattered information in an unorganized way. However, you need not worry! The academic essay format is no rocket science. All you need to do is understand the outline properly.

How to Write an Outline?

Take a look at the academic essay outline to learn how to approach the writing task.

  • Introductory paragraph 
  • Background information 
  • Provide some basic details about the origin of the topic you choose.
  • A hook 
  • It is to interest the reader in your paper further, so be creative here.
  • Thesis statement 
  • The statement must contain an overview of the issue and your stance on the problem.
  • Body Paragraphs
  • You can include all the details you found regarding the topic here.
  • Present information in the form of tables, graphs, and charts.
  • Explain the data that you present to the audience.
  • Write at least two body paragraphs.
  • Conclusion 
  • Summarize your passage in this paragraph.
  • Rephrase your thesis statement to remind the reader of the main point of the argument.
  • End the paper excitingly and uniquely to stand out.

How to Start an Academic Essay?

The correct way to start an academic essay is to brainstorm and engage educational essay topics. Once you have shortlisted all the issues, you can select the one that helps you manage your time and word count. Don’t invest too much time in the same writing because there are plenty of other assignments on your plate! With your topic at your disposal, it’s time for you to begin with your introduction where you need to make your mark. Are you wondering how to write an academic essay introduction? It will be the first impression of your piece of work, and you need to come up with a hook with a lasting impact. Write an exciting and informative thesis statement but keep it brief. Provide a bit of background information, and you’re good to go!

How to Write Body Paragraphs?

Body paragraphs seem to be complicated but probably the most accessible chunk of the academic task. Why? Because you can provide all the data you have gathered and compared it. You can explain everything in your own words, keeping it formal. All you have to do is find a smooth transition between each paragraph and introduce a new point with its evidence. Don’t forget that transitioning phrases are an essential part of your academic essay structure. Make sure you don’t make the body paragraphs bland because already there is a lot of information you have to add; writing in a boring way will worsen.

How to Write a Conclusion for an Academic Essay?

Perhaps the most critical component of academic writing is the conclusion. Don’t be surprised. It is the final impression you leave on your reader. Here you need to restate your thesis statement along with the summary of the entire paper you wrote. Try to make it stand out by ending it with a firm opinion and relatable quotes that come to your mind. Make sure you don’t introduce any new information in this part; otherwise, you’ll get in trouble. With all these details, you won’t have to bother writing an academic essay.

Tips for a Great Academic Essay

In your journey to learn how to write a good academic essay, we are here with some tips to guide you through the difficulties of a new piece of writing!

  • Please choose a topic that interests you the most; otherwise, you will not be able to write a lengthy, in-depth paper on it.
  • Conduct extensive research before you begin writing and understand the data at hand through and thorough.
  • Make sure you prefer scholarly articles as primary data sources rather than some random source you find on the internet. It will only reduce the credibility of your stance.
  • Maintain a formal tone throughout the paper.
  • Make notes as you move along the paper to help you remind yourself which information you want to include in which part.
  • Cross-check the format and make sure you have the correct template with you.
  • Distribute time accordingly to different parts of your paper while writing an academic essay. Since the body paragraphs are the longest and most detailed, try to dedicate seventy per cent of the time to them.
  • Once you’re done writing, proofread the entire paper and remove any spelling and grammatical errors you can identify quickly.

Short Example of an Academic Essay

Students often wander on the internet to find a suitable academic essay example. So to make the search easy, we are here with an example of an academic writing essay.

Technology is an essential component of our lives today. Technology came into being about 3.3 million years ago in flakes and sharp stones by the first human beings. It wasn’t in the form as we see it today, but it was still technology for that time and generation. However, many people abuse the boon we see as technology and turn it into a curse for humanity.

The first advantage of technology is that it makes life easier. Everything we do is more convenient if it involves technology, whether cleaning with a vacuum cleaner at home or simply ringing a doorbell instead of knocking on the door. Everything is better when technology is included. However, it cannot be denied that technology makes humankind lazy and unable to carry out essential functions now. Today’s generations will never know the difficulties the past generations went to gather information from different libraries because we have everything at our fingertips now.

Another factor is that communication has become ten times easier due to technology. One can call another person sitting in another corner of the world, and we know that our loved ones are just a message away from us. Sitting in Asia, one can get the news of Africa within seconds. The internet has become a global platform for interaction and trade. However, it makes physical interaction much less valuable, and people prefer spending time in their own company than giving importance to family and friends.

AI is another field that is an exemplary illustration of the mechanical headways man has accomplished. Who might have envisioned that a machine would be fit for deduction like us? That is the thing that AI has been effective in doing. It is an intelligent machine equipped for acting like us. It can do exercises, for example, critical thinking, arranging, learning, and surprisingly thinking. Today AI is utilized in all significant regions like fighting, security, medical services, and correspondence.

Technology and innovation have advanced so much that economies entirely depend on them for growth. Be its economic development through thermal power technology or building towns within a few years by using advanced machinery. Entire nations are dependent upon technology in every area of life. A decline in technological development means a fall in the monetary growth of a country.

Innovation is an aid for humankind. It is even more significant for the economic development of a country. Present-day innovations have indeed prevailed with regards to diminishing the human exertion and the danger in doing a ton numerous things. Still, it is for us to perceive how best we utilize the innovation accessible to us. It is in our hands to turn it into a boon or a curse. Technology on its own can’t offer you anything unless one is aware of the right way to approach it and use it.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Academic Essay

  • Students often avoid conducting proper research, and this is a mistake.
  • Avoid incorrect use of punctuation.
  • Follow grammar rules.
  • Use appropriate formal language.
  • Don’t mix two formats in confusion.
  • Avoid writing lengthy sentences.
  • Explain every graph and chart you present.
  • Don’t skip the revision of your paper.
  • Avoid repetition.
  • Make sure the content is authentic, and you don’t plagiarize.
  • Provide proper bibliography in the correct format.
  • Don’t neglect the instructions.


How do you start an academic essay?

You should start with an engaging introduction on the topic you have chosen once you finish your brainstorming. Make sure the opening is fascinating and not too long otherwise, it will repel readers.

What is the format of an academic essay?

Start with an introduction, followed by at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion which marks the end of the whole format of an essay.

How do you write a university-level essay?

You can write it by giving yourself time and understanding the process. Divide the piece into different marks and provide relevant information in each part to avoid redundancy. However, if it is too difficult for you, you can seek help from our academic service writing service, WriteMyEssay Canada, to guide you.

Key Takeaways

Writing an academic essay is a tough nut to crack. There are many steps of the process, apart from merely writing the text, that can take a lot of time and effort. Students often lack the skills and tools to come up with riveting topics and write excellent academic essays. That’s why we have shared this simple but effective guide on how to write a solid academic essay. Still, if you are not able to write one, WriteMyEssay is the best partner for you. We have qualified writers and demand competitive pricing for our world-class services. So, place your order now and enjoy discounts!

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