How to Write a ‘War on Drugs’ Research Paper

March 21, 2018 support
How to Write a ‘War on Drugs’ Research Paper

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War on Drugs

How to Write War on Drugs Research Paper,

How to start the research paper

A written paper with accurate and informative statements is trustworthy enough to be read and studied. A valuable research material is filled with paragraphs that are proven to be effective, educational and based on facts. Hence, there are guidelines that should be followed to ensure that a topic and a paper itslef is founded on truth, fairness and has a clear explanation easily understood by its readers.

Example of the outline

Writing the outline will help the essay writer to see how many more topics he has to finish concerning the war on drugs. It will serve as a reference to the topics discussed within the body of the paper. Below is an example of the outline for the War on Drugs Topic:

I. A Brief Introduction on the Dangerous Drugs Law and the Effects of Illegal Drugs

  • What are dangerous drugs?
  • What are the types of dangerous drugs?
  • The ill-effects of dangerous drugs on the physical state of a person

II. Different Laws Encompassing the Illegal Use of Dangerous Drugs

III. Government Agencies with Jurisdiction on Dangerous Drugs Cases

IV. Latest Updates on the Project of the Government on the War against Drugs

  • Number of deaths by reason of the war on drugs
  • Statistical data on the number of dangerous drugs surrenderees
  • Rehabilitation procedures

V. Pros and Cons of the War Against Drugs


How to write the introduction

Writing an introduction is easy once you have the basic research materials collated regarding the war on drugs. The following are tips on how to write an accurate, informative and thorough introduction that will surely catch the readers’ attention. First, do not use flowery words, be brief, concise and accurate. Do not go around the bush. Get the gist of the topic. Second, using poems, quotations or a short narration that appeals to the emotion is one of the greatest strategies that could be included in the introduction. Third, give a brief definition as to the meaning of dangerous drugs and explain it a little to give the readers a brief background on the topic. Fourth, write what the reader can expect in the next subsections of your paper and what the purpose is for writing such a research paper. Fifth, give a final statement in the introductory part and a startling statement to connect the introduction with the body as the next subsection.

How to write the thesis statement

A thesis statement acts as the very theme and main thought in the paper. Hence, the writer must know how to put the thesis statement into one sentence only and express the thought in a manner that could be easily understood by the readers. There is no need to over-complicate things. The simpler the sentence, the easier it will be for the readers to understand the topic of war against drugs.

Example of the thesis statement

An example of the thesis statement with regard to this topic on the war on drugs is:

War on drugs could be achieved not just by means of force or violence by the police against the perpetrators but also by means of peace and strategies that invoke peaceful resolutions to obtain the trust of the community and help rehabilitate the sick drug users and pushers.

Example of the introduction

The menace of dangerous drugs is that they have caused the death and sickness of millions of lives. People who are addicted to shabu, marijuana and other types of dangerous drugs have become a dilemma for the society. The effects are tragic and this dilemma has become a major problem for the government.

How to write body paragraphs for the research paper on war on drugs

Body paragraphs should be concise and straight to the point. There must be primary and secondary sources to support the thesis statement and to back up the main idea of the topic with authentic literature review and analysis of the war against drugs. Accuracy and clarity must be the ultimate style and characteristics of the written work.

Example of the 1st body paragraph

The War on Drugs has become such a deep dilemma in the society because it has destroyed and taken lives of thousands. Not only do users commit crimes but they become victims as well of an addiction that is hard to break.

Example of the 2nd body paragraph

There is an urgent call to fight dangerous drugs at all cost and to catch the perpetrators who are pushing other people to succumb to the bondage of drugs. The government must work in full force with the military and police to lessen or to put an end to the wicked effects of dangerous drugs and the lives it is destroying.

Example of the 3rd body paragraph

Dangerous drugs have caused the death and sickness of millions of lives. People who are addicted to these types of dangerous drugs have become a burden on the society. They kill, destroy properties and lives because their minds are already under the influence of drugs. The effects are tragic and this dilemma has become a major problem in the society.

How to finish the research paper on war on drugs

Your conclusion should be unbiased and based purely on facts to avoid any form of violation of the laws and principles of writing. After you have restated the thesis statement and recap all the points discussed in the paper, review and revise if necessary so that the whole paper will be free from errors. Fifth, keep the conclusion simple and concise to avoid ambiguity.

Example of the conclusion

There are different methods to combat dangerous drugs. A meticulous and careful approach will not only protect the lives of the police, military, and civilians but it will ensure victory and a clean approach to saving lives as against dangerous drugs.

Research paper revision

Check the grammar and spelling errors to avoid misinterpretations and producing an inaccurate paper. Review and revise the paper if the writer finds it full of errors whether grammatical or wrong facts.

Closing Remarks

The war on drugs is a long-standing issue in the country, not to mention it is a controversial one with polarizing takes and sides. Students need to practice discretion and caution in discussing the causes and effects of the war on drugs research paper. Of course, they must present the facts in a clear manner and then back them up through empirical evidence and proof. We have already outlined the whole process in this guide that will help students in coming up with the best topic and sail through the phases of writing and editing.