How to Write a Synthesis Essay

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How to Write a Synthesis Essay

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Writing a synthesis essay can be overwhelming for several students. It is not a straightforward piece of literature and needs excellent research before getting started. If you are a beginner, this is a complete and comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to write a synthesis essay.

What Is A Synthesis Essay?

This type of essay requires a single unique perspective regarding a central idea, topic, or theme. The writer then has to back it up using multiple sources. This comprises three essential components. The first one is to synthesize the sources. They are followed by composing a claim or thesis. Finally, you have to format the essay.

For synthesis writing, you should have the ability to digest crucial information and then present it systematically. The purpose behind this is to draw connections between various works with the final objective of supporting a given claim. You can also search for an online service to help you write my essay.

Importance of Writing a Synthesis Essay?

As a student, you might get asked to write several types of essays throughout your academic life. This is just one of them. Knowing how to attempt this essay can help you develop and polish your analysis and evaluation skills. Other than this, the art of drawing connections between different incidents will also help you in real life. You will get encouraged to look at the bigger picture and keep every aspect under consideration while deciding. These are all vital life skills.

Synthesis Essay Structure & Format

Below is everything you need to know about your synthesis essay structure:

How to Write an Outline?

Before you sit down to write your essay, the first thing to do is prepare a synthesis essay outline. Some might think that it takes up extra time, but it is a misconception. Consider it an investment. This will save you time by acting as the backbone of your essay and eliminating the chances of any errors. You will stay on track and remember to include all the essential details.

So, what should an ideal outline for this type of essay look like?

An Introduction

This is a brief paragraph containing the central idea of the essay. It should also contain a thesis statement that will represent your agenda and stance on the chosen topic. The rest of the essay will be directed to this. Start a synthesis essay introduction by giving a brief description of the subject along with its relevance. Provide a brief background; basically, you are working to bring the reader on the same page as you.


This section should consist of no less than three paragraphs. Each paragraph has to contain these three components; target point, evidence, and a conclusion. Every paragraph has to introduce a new point. Use evidence to back up your point utilizing information from credible sources only. You will have to cite these sources at the end. The basic idea should fall in line with the thesis statement mentioned in the introduction.


Wrap up your essay in this last paragraph by presenting a logical conclusion. Do not introduce any new ideas here. Reinstate what you have already worked with. Perhaps, mention a few recommendations for the readers. Keep this section concise and to the point.

Tips concerning Writing A Synthesis Essay Intro & Thesis Statement

  • How to write an introduction for a synthesis essay? Here are a few useful tips:
  • Use a powerful hook like a metaphor, a surprising fact, or a powerful quote
  • For an average length essay, write no more than five lines and 100words.
  • Write a thesis statement for a synthesis essay
  • Do not introduce any point here
  • Keep it concise and provide the significance of your study
  • Ensure that the central idea of your essay is getting conveyed clearly

How to Write Body Paragraphs

Below are a few valuable tips for writing synthesis essays with impactful body paragraphs:

  • Start with a new topic sentence
  • Every new idea has to support your thesis statement
  • Do not structure the paragraphs around the sources
  • The sources used should be from credible sources
  • Treat every paragraph in this section as a mini-essay. There has to be an introductory sentence, enough evidence to support the idea, and a conclusive remark.

How to Write Conclusion for a Synthesis Essay

Write a good synthesis essay using these guidelines for your conclusion:

  • Craft a memorable and robust closing
  • Reinforce the main ideas mentioned above
  • Write it no longer than your introduction
  • Add recommendations if any

Tips for a Great Synthesis Essay

How to write a synthesis essay that is confirmed to glue the reader till the very end? Here is how:

Understanding the prompt

Take your time to analyze and understand your prompt. You should clearly understand what is expected from you and how you will tackle the subject at hand. Underline the keyword and define the purpose of the given assignment.

Selecting sources

This type of essay is entirely dependent on your chosen sources. Start by shortlisting at least three sources that you will be using in your body paragraphs. Make sure that these are extracted from authentic and credible sources.

Formulating thesis statement

A thesis for a synthesis essay aims to reflect your claim and the main idea presented in the essay. It would help if you considered it as a one-two-line summary of this synthesis paper. This part comes at the very end of your introductory paragraph and should provide you with a clear direction to work towards.

Compiling the Data

One of the most straightforward techniques you can use is using the most relevant sources and then summarizing them. You will not be introducing any original thoughts. It is solely dependent on the studies already conducted by the researcher.

Using Examples and Visuals

An effective way to explain your viewpoints and claims is by providing visuals. Feel free to include examples and quotes from different sources or write your own firsthand experiences. Visual tools like charts, graphs, and photos can help leave a lasting impact on the reader and make them understand your side of the story quickly.

Presenting Multiple Supporting Reasons

Write an impactful synthesis essay by first putting your claim and then supporting your thesis statement by providing relevant pieces of evidence. Provide multiple reasons for a clear finish.

Using Straw man Technique

This technique requires you to put the opposing viewpoint first and explain why you do not support it. It will indirectly prove your point and showcase the knowledge you have about the complete picture. It is an excellent way to convince the readers.

Using Concession Technique

Here, you can agree with the opposing viewpoint to some extent but prove how your stance outnumbers the other one with the positive points. It is pretty useful when your audience belongs to the opposing party.

Good Synthesis Essay Topics to Write About

Are you on the lookout for good synthesis essay topics? Consider the options below:

  • Influence of social media on Gen Z
  • Rising patriarchy all around the world and its effects
  • How is ecology affected by housing estates
  • Beauty standards all around the world
  • The evolution of E-commerce
  • The role of technology on teens learning
  • Positive awareness of sexual harassment
  • The role of deforestation in damaging the Ozone layer
  • An insight into the changing norms of society
  • How does Instagram promote stereotyping?

Short Example of a College Synthesis Essay

You can take a look at a synthesis essay example written below for your inspiration:

short synthesis essay sample

How are supermarkets affecting small businesses in this fast-paced global era?

Globalization has proved to be a boon as well as a bane for the business sector. Small businesses are emerging and are paving the way for destinations such as mega malls. However, in this melodious symphony of direct proportionality, there is a hidden downside. Some of these small businesses are becoming giants who are engulfing the others. Is this so?

Starting its journey as a discount store, the number of Walmart stores in the US has surpassed 5000. The reason for the steep climb is the argument of “employment.” By having such a large chain of stores, it has opened employment opportunities for thousands. It also stresses that the locals’ overall trips to nearby shops have reduced significantly. Due to this, there is a large footfall in the supermarkets. This, as a result, has boosted the business of mega markets.

The other side of the story highlights the “protestors.” They are raising their voices and stamping “Walmart” as a money-grubbing scheme. This community is against the shift, and thus their action is continuously growing. The protestors have raised concerns regarding the increasing consumerism that is benefiting the capitalist agenda. They also believe that stores like such are homogenizing the communities, which is taking away the values. The whole shopping experience has been disrupted.

The statistics show that megastores tend to generate a whopping amount of $1.7 million per annum. This is the additional income that is added to what a local store makes in a year. The amount might look massive; however, some details must be surfaced. The money generated by the local stores stays within the local town and circulates it. While on the other hand, all of the money spent within a Walmart store goes to the headquarters. Since it has stores in developing countries, this issue causes huge challenges and hinders stability and growth.

Walmart makes its case by bringing in the “job” argument. However, a counter-argument is that these huge markets take away the culture and are responsible for the nosediving economy. Despite such concerns, Walmart has kept its foot firm on the ground. This is due to two main reasons. One is its strong business model and seamless operations. At the same time, the other one is the overall mindset of people. Their preferences have evolved with time, and they are continually attracted to huge market places.

Walmart is staying in the game by maintaining its competitive prices. It is hard for people to switch back to traditional local stores and to let go of a convenient shopping experience. The local businesses will have to match the pace and bring more value to attract customers.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Synthesis Essay

  • Do not start writing without a well-formulated outline
  • Do not make the mistake of constructing a complex or unclear thesis statement
  • Refrain from writing an introduction that is too long. Keep it crisp and concise
  • Never jump into the writing phase without proper and in-depth research
  • Stay away from using unauthentic sources to cite in your work. This will harm your credibility
  • Please do not submit your work without proofreading and editing it
  • Never plagiarize your content
  • Do not use a single source to extract all your information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a synthesis essay?

Select a topic. It is preferable to choose the one you are familiar with or have an interest in. Then, create your thesis statement. Conduct your research followed by outlining. Draft your essay and make sure to quote evidence from different sources. Add all the references, meet the requirements for your synthesis essay format, and you are almost done. Proofread your work to ensure there are no possible errors and that your body paragraphs run smoothly into each other. Finally, check for plagiarism.

What is a synthesis essay?

It is an argumentative literary piece that presents your viewpoint with supporting evidence from multiple sources. The heart of a good synthesis essay lies in thorough and in-depth research.

What is an example of a synthesis?

For instance, the topic you choose for an argumentative synthesis essay is “Is homeschooling a good idea for your children?” Start by writing a brief introduction mentioning how this practice comes into being, what you are trying to achieve, and your stance on it. Here you can write a thesis statement like “Homeschooling can limit your child’s experience and hinder his future growth.”. With the three body paragraphs to follow, you will be introducing a new point supporting this statement. The opening line for the first paragraph can be “lack of socialization can make children unconfident.” You will then use sources to back up this statement. Repeat this three times. Finally, end with a conclusion that will reinforce what you just said in your entire essay.

How do you write an introduction for a synthesis essay?

Initiate with a hook to grasp the readers’ attention. Describe the purpose of your essay using only a few words. It will be helpful to include the significance of your study here. End your introduction with a powerful thesis statement. You have to write this section in such a way that the audience understands what to expect next.

Who Can Write My Synthesis Essay?

With this extensive guide mentioned above, you should be prepared enough to tackle this tricky form of essay on your own. However, it is always better to take input from a professional for the best results. For your synthesis essay, consider seeking assistance from a competent and well-reputable service like Write My Essay. We take pride in offering you a professional platform to caters to all of your academic needs in no time.