How to Write a Scholarship Essay

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How to Write a Scholarship Essay

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Essay writing is a difficult task that many students face several times during their student life. However, despite doing this activity several times in their life, students still despise doing essays. If you ask anybody in your senior friend’s circle, they will always reply, saying it was a daunting experience. Nevertheless, writing a simple essay is far easier than writing a scholarship one. This is because a scholarship essay is a bit more demanding and complicated. It requires much sheer will, commitment, and dedication. Below are some of the most useful scholarship essay tips to get a little more insight into this topic. 

What Is a Scholarship Essay?

In a scholarship essay, you need to write about your life events and achievements. It would be best to mention all those things that would help you persuade the readers to get you a scholarship. It is a chance to show the committee of your desired university why you deserve to get the scholarship. It also allows you to prove yourself by talking about your personality and what you are most proud of in life. Remember, your essay should be informative but also convincing at the same time. If you want to get a better idea about how these kinds of papers are written, you can always look at scholarship essay examples. However, if you still cannot do your work yourself, you can always ask someone to write your paper for you

Why It Is Important to Know How to Write a Scholarship Essay

How to write a scholarship essay? This is a question that many students ask when initiating their work. Most of the students do not know how this kind of essay works. This is because they have not written this essay before, even once in their lifetime. So, to learn about how to write an essay for a scholarship, below written are some of the crucial things you need to know before you start working on it.

  • Your sentence flow should be good
  • Get familiar with the prompt and stick with it
  • Write on an easy topic
  • Always be ahead of time
How to write a scholarship essay

After knowing all the essential things about writing a great scholarship essay, the question stands, why is it necessary to know about them? As mentioned earlier, scholarship essay writing is much more complicated than your daily assignments. You need to include here many things that you never say in a simple essay. The structure of your scholarship essay is different from your simple essay. According to the format of a simple essay, if you write your bursarship essay, the reader would immediately catch you on this mistake. Consequently, rejecting your proposal for a scholarship. 

Scholarship Essay Format

A scholarship essay is quite different from a common one. The main thing that makes this different is the scholarship essay format. For instance, an average bursarship essay requires the format written below.

  • Two to four pages in the page limit
  • The gaps between the lines should always be double spaced
  • The font should be times new roman
  • The font size should be 12
  • Margins should be one inch from the top, bottom, and sides

Apart from the main format written above, you also need to know how to write an outline, among other things. Luckily, you won’t need to go about searching the internet; just read and understand the text below thoroughly.

How to Write an Outline

How to write a scholarship application essay correctly? This is a question that students frequently ask over the internet. However, in my opinion, if you desire to write a perfect scholarship essay, draft an outline first. The outline is like a road map to your writing. Wherever you get off-topic, with the help of the outline, you can track the position from where you went wrong. So, the steps of writing an outline are:

  • Understand and identify your thesis
  • Decide the critical points you would like to discuss
  • Sync all your issues in a logical order
  • Mention transition between paragraphs

An example of an outline is,

Writing my scholarship essay outline

A. Introduction

1. Before Prohibition, crime rates related to alcohol were low-to-medium  

B. Main body

  1. Explain your main points here

C. Conclusion

1. Converge all your ideas and end

How to Start a Scholarship Essay

A scholarship essay introduction should be as great as its ending. This part is important because if you fail to grab the reader’s attention from the start, they might not even give it a whole read. Moreover, below are the few things written which will help you ace your essay.

  • Your first sentence should be eye-catchy
  • A brief explanation of what you will talk about
  • The thesis in which you target the essay prompt

How to Write Body Paragraphs

How to write a great scholarship essay? Every great thing is built because of its structure. Likewise, the scholarship essay also demands you to prepare a good format if you want it to be perfect. The body paragraphs have a crucial role in creating a good paper. The basic body paragraphs have three parts: introduction, main body (explanation), and conclusion. There are a total of six ways if you want to execute these parts efficiently. For example,

  • Craft a topic sentence
  • Expand the topic sentence
  • Provide various evidence
  • Evaluate your evidence
  • Argue for your objectives
  • Mention a transition

How to Write a Conclusion for a Scholarship Essay

Your conclusion must be written carefully. This is because professional readers hold great importance on the integrity of a conclusion. In simpler words, your ending paragraph must be remarkable. Make sure that you sum up all your arguments and end with a proper sentence. Also, ensure that you have proved your thesis in the end. This will give the readers closure on your work.

Tips for a Great Scholarship Essay

If you want to know about some of the excellent scholarship essay tips, read the text written below.

  • Always stick to your prompt
  • Search for examples 
  • Craft an outline
  • Never save the best things for the last minute
  • Always be personal in writing
  • Be proud, but don’t brag
  • Always have a second opinion
  • Ask yourself questions like, what makes your essay special?

Short Example of a Scholarship Essay

Short example of a Scholarship Essay

My mother passed away when I was 18 years old because of her conflict with kidney failure and cardiovascular disorder. As long as I shall stay in this world, I do know that we shall never see her like again. I will never forget the lifeless look in that cold coffin where my mom resided. I just could not accept the fact that she won’t be able to joke around or speak with her grandchildren ever again. To be honest, I just wanted more time with her, even if it meant reliving my life all over again. I don’t know why, but I was left incomplete since my mom’s funeral, like a part of me just vanished. On September eighth, 2016, I lost many things, my life support, my constant, and my best mate

However, after the funeral, I realized that I had lost much more than just my mother. I was so much in grief that I forgot about the fact that her insurance could never cover the medical costs left by the hospital’s bills. Due to the fact he did not have any form of life coverage, the economic burden of his death became now the responsibility of my father and me. Even though my father works at a dine-in, his transport being three hours daily, he was still obliged to work extra shifts. Before my mom’s death, I already worked about ten to thirteen hours a week, but now I am also a full-time student. Despite the fact that my father’s death compelled me to realize the significance of cherishing time with my family, I no longer see them very often because of our hectic routines. I additionally compromised my social life. Instead of pursuing the dream of being a football captain or becoming the homecoming king, I was always looking over my shoulder, depressed because of my family’s financial troubles. 

Only if my mom had bought an insurance policy would we not have to go through such traumatizing hassles of life just to survive in society. If any lesson my mother taught me was this, financial planning for your family is necessary, even after you are gone. How I spent those crucial days of my life, no one can imagine. Now I know that having life coverage is highly essential if you love your family and want to ensure its survival. However, preparing for a mishap is impossible; the best we can do is mourn the situation away. Although, mourning away stress-free of financial burden is a better way.

Sometimes, I even get angry with my mother. She was the reason we were in this situation in the first place. However, I am also very grateful to her because she is the reason I am such a strong person. She taught me things in life that no other woman could. Whatever I am, I am because of her.

I love you, Mom; we shall meet again soon.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Scholarship Essay

There are several mistakes that students commonly make while writing a scholarship essay. Some of the common ones to be avoided are,

  • Deadline passes
  • Utilization of online templates
  • Crafting a boring essay
  • Vague information
  • Extra modesty


  • How do you start a scholarship essay?

Start with a sentence that would immediately grab the reader’s attention.

  • What is the format for a scholarship essay?

The format for a scholarship essay should be, times new roman. There should be double space between lines, and the font should be size 12.

  • How do you write a 500-word scholarship essay?

Always create a thesis statement first. Then start with an excellent introduction.

Final Thoughts

Securing a scholarship in school or college is one of the most prestigious things that a student can achieve. It does not only provide financial assistance but also set them up for a lifetime of success. However, writing a scholarship essay is the first and most important step to realizing that dream. In this blog, we have come up with an exceptional guide on how to write one. It is simple to follow and effective in dealing with all the known and unknown variables of the process. As for those who cannot write one, WME is the best place to get excellent scholarship essays. We have professional academic writers with ample experience and expertise to research, write, and fine-tune essays for students in top colleges and universities. So, what are you waiting for?

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