How to Write a Research Paper on Web Security

February 20, 2018 support
How to Write a Research Paper on Web Security (1)

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Research Paper on Web Security


Writing Your Research Paper on Web Security,

How to start a research paper on web security

Before start writing your paper, it is imperative that you have basic knowledge of web security. High technology is being used for communication over the world wide web in this present era and unfortunately, the web is open to all forms of cyber attacks and security risks. In the same way, the networks connected to the web servers are also in a danger of varying online risks. Access to social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Google Mail, and etc. has made lives of people more accommodating and relaxing. Relaying that misuse of network communication will eventually be a future probable dilemma in case the system has been breached or violated. Hence, there is a need for server maintenance and updates of website programs alongside the need for encryption software to ensure the safety of the laptop or desktop.

Example of an outline

Below is a sample outline that will show the organization and flow of thoughts of a paper focused on a detailed enumeration of how to prevent or avoid risks over the web and how to provide for the basic solutions in answering web security issues. This outline serves as a guideline of how the paper shall be completed and what the contents are.

  1. A Brief Introduction on the Importance of Computer Access and Security Measures
  2. A Step-by-Step Trouble Shooting Method of the Security Risks at Hand
  3. A Literature Review on the Different Factors of Web Security and Legal Aspects of Cyber Security
  4. Solutions and Strategical Methods to Secure Measures and Avoid Risks of Web Infiltration
  5. Conclusion and References Page

How to write an introduction

Your introduction needs to show how coherent and organized the flow of thoughts of the writer is. Likewise, there are important factors which should be considered in writing the beginning of the paper. Remember that firstly, the writer should start with a statement that is sure to grab the reader’s attention. Followed by the purpose of the writing and what the contents would like to achieve. There has to be a brief discussion of what the readers will expect to see and learn about in the subsections of the paper. There are numerous ways to start an accurate and thorough research paper on web security and it starts with the basics. First, the writer should discuss the importance of the internet for everyday life and office work. Start by telling the readers that computers are the new fad of the season and how it helps ease up the burden of e-mail or letter writing, how at one click of the finger a person could order items online and do research studies in the absence of a pen and a paper.

How to write a thesis statement

The thesis statement should be straightforward and not beat around the bush. It has to be concise, accurate, and easily understood in layman’s terms. The thesis should not set forth the stand and argument of the writer so that the reader will have a grasp of what the paper is all about.

Example of a thesis statement for a research paper on web security

An example of a thesis statement for a thorough paper on web security is: “Web service is the most advanced technological invention in the history of science; however, it has loopholes that must be addressed because of its pros and cons, the disadvantages over which could be detrimental to a person’s confidential data or information.”

Example of the introduction and thesis

Nowadays, the international websites are the most convenient way to gather or disseminate information to different parts of the world. At the touch of the keyboard, the user could go to places working on research by just staring at the computer screen and surfing the web. Moreover, this is not without repercussions since there are numerous risks that could be found on the web as well. Hackers are present, viruses that could attack your system are also spread out in the interface and a slow, lagging program consisting of interruptions could really cause further agitation.

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on web security

It is very pertinent that the content of the body paragraphs is concise and straight to the point. The focus of the paragraphs should be on the risks present when using the web and it would be helpful if examples of risks are enumerated so that the reader will have a clear grasp of the message. All in all, writers should ensure that the paper is narrowed down into the very gist of the topic of web security. Some readers do not have the time to read broad and long documents so concise papers will surely keep the reader’s attention. Some papers may need technical solutions with a statistical overview and advice from expert authors in the field of web security.

Tips on body writing

The content of the paper should be brief and exact. First, explain the goals and purpose of writing the paper. Second, show the pros and cons of web security. Third, give examples of programs that elucidate authorized and legal software which serve as protection of the web. Fourth, enumerate literature review coming from primary and secondary sources that will prove the information being discussed. Fifth, follow the outline as this will help in organizing the paper and also will make your paper better understood by the readers.

Example of body paragraphs

Example of the 1st paragraph

Web service programs are not only for purposes of raw input and programming but it also involves the process of selective research which is beneficial for its users. The web security has issues and controversies which should be discussed head on to reiterate the importance of vigilance even on the internet. This will prevent consequences resulting in system failures and disruptions.

Example of the 2nd paragraph

The number of sites worldwide is numerous and some are undocumented. It could be an open door for hackers and security attackers to get the confidential information from the user and use it to steal or commit a crime. The top and primary concerns must be constricted and emphasized to expose the vulnerabilities and lead to definite solutions.

How to finish a research paper on web security

There are tips to accomplish an excellent web security paper. Writing the finishing of the paper should be concise with a definite solution provided at the end. First, summarize again the goals and purpose of writing the document. Second, repeat the pros and cons of web security and choose the best. Third, emphasize the solutions rather than the dilemma. Fourth, give a final statement that gives precautionary measures in using the web. Fifth, give a winning conclusion on the subject matter.

Example of a conclusion

Hence, after detailed summary and discussion of the legitimate sources on web security, we are now aware that our site is 1,000 times more likely to be attacked with any form of virus or hacker that will endanger the system. The list of solutions is given highly suggesting that counter-measures be specifically performed to avoid this destructive act from taking place.

Research paper revision

An excellent paper on web security must be checked and corrected by an editor which could be hired to systematically study and search the paper for any need of revision. This process will polish the paper and make it more understandable as it is very appropriate as a source for readers looking for tips on how to write a web security paper.