How to Write a Research Paper on Stem Cells

October 20, 2017 support
How to Write a Research Paper on Stem Cells

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Research Paper on Stem Cells

How to write a research paper on stem cells


Many students jitter whenever they hear the word ‘research’. However, an outline of this kind of academic work is similar in various disciplines. Students need to get a grasp of outlines to channel their thoughts especially when they write long papers. Thus, this article presents a few technical approaches for handling research papers. The formulation of a research paper takes many forms. However, most of the papers have an introduction, thesis statements, the body and conclusion depending on the instructions.

How to start a research paper on stem cells

When writing a research paper on stem cells, authors should first note whether the paper should be informative or descriptive. Consequently, the student should brainstorm the best topic. To choose the best topic for the research, visit a library catalog, indexes, suggestions as well as primary and secondary sources. Furthermore, find more information on journals, books, and other documents. Develop the best system for noting the sources on the bibliography cards and organize your work as well as the best way to take notes. Separately, students should follow the below tips to start their research papers.

Tips on how to start

  • Select a topic on stem cells
  • Conduct research on the topic from magazines, journals, books, and internet
  • Write down a thesis statement
  • Develop an outline for the paper
  • Organize all the notes collected during the research
  • Draft the paper
  • Revise the draft
  • Write the final research paper

Example of an outline

Topic: Benefits of Stem Cells


  • Background of stem cells.
  • The student should write the thesis statement regarding the topic.


  • Myocardial infarction treatment
  • Cardiomyocytes
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neural precursors
  • Toxicity testing
  • Human stem cells


  • Summary
  • Reiteration of the thesis statement
  • Concluding statement
  • Call for action

Example of a thesis

The human embryonic stem cell has unique differentiation process that enables them to treat leukemia, congenital disabilities, injuries on the spinal cord, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer disease among others.

Example of an introduction

Imagine one day you get involved in a car crash that leaves you unconscious and paralyzed from the right side of the body. Would you have a hope of getting better someday? Well, is better to be informed of the functions of stem cells. Though still under research, there is a potential breakthrough that such cells are used in the recovery process. Stem cells have the unique behavior of differentiation into specialized cells such as the nerve cells, adipocyte cells, osteocytes, and cardiomyocytes. The behavior of the stem cells is essential in the scientific research especially for leukemia treatment due to their slow trans-differentiation processes. Therefore, researchers continue to discover the differentiating aspects of stem cells such as the cardiac muscle, pancreatic cells, nerves, and blood cells among others. Besides, scientific research discovers the possibilities of undifferentiated cells that help in the treatment of problems such as Parkinson’s Diseases, congenital disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Cardiac problems, Type I diabetes, cancer, and organ problems. The human embryonic stem cell has unique differentiation process that enables them to treat leukemia, congenital disabilities, injuries on the spinal cord, stroke, and cancer and Alzheimer disease among others.

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on stem cells

The body of the paper should be creative and informative. Therefore, students should follow the best outline that gives a flow of information in their correct order. Besides, students should build the research paper around the selected ideas and points with supporting evidence and examples. Furthermore, the writer should integrate the sources in the discussion and give a good summary of explanation and analysis of the information. Separately, ensure that the paper has a flow on the ladder of different levels from generalization to detail as well as back to the generalization. Therefore, the following tips give the best guide for writing the body.

Tips on body writing

  • Student should write the first point or idea in a sentence format
  • Write down the supporting points for the first idea
  • Describe the points in more details
  • Give evidence and relevant examples to support the points
  • Write subsequent paragraphs with different points following the same procedure
  • Use transitions in all the paragraphs and link to the thesis statement

Example of the first body paragraph

Human embryonic stem cell treats myocardial infarction. Extraction of human stem cells from embryo releases the cardiomyocytes. The growth factors for the human stem cells hence help in the generation of cardiomyocytes that are then used in the replacement therapy processes. The cardiomyocytes have high plastic characteristics thus they help in the cardiac repair processes in the treatment of myocardial infarction.

Example of the second body paragraph

Secondly, human embryonic stem cells help in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. The differential property of the hES leads to the development of neural precursors that are multipotent. An experiment on rat indicated that its neurons derived from the ES survive, restore as well as integrate with transplantation process. Therefore, the ES cells can be used for the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

Example of the third body paragraph

Stem cells have essential in the drug toxicity testing. The cells are usually pluripotent. Therefore, more drugs that are safer and effective can be manufactured since the hES provide a physiological media for the processes. However, there are numerous challenges in implementing the clinical trials such as the formation of terato-carcinomas and grafts as well as the escalation of the host disease.

How to finish a research paper on stem cells

Proper research papers without best conclusions do not result in good grades. Therefore, students should emphasize on providing best summery for the arguments to the reader. The writers should explain the findings and use the end of the paper to add all the point to elaborate on the significance. When writing the conclusion, shift the level of the paper from a detailed perspective to general level to bring back the main idea to the context in the introduction. Lastly, inform the reader of your position and the next course of action.

Tips on conclusion writing

When concluding a stem cell research paper, students should

  • Give summary of the paper
  • Reiterate thesis statement
  • Summarize the different ideas in the body paragraphs of the paper
  • Conclude with a final statement regarding the topic
  • Give a call for action statement or answer so what?

Example of a conclusion

The discovery of stem cells in the scientific world has given physicians new approaches to handling infections such as Parkinson’s Diseases, congenital disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, Cardiac problems, Type I diabetes, cancer, and organ problems. The cells have high plastic nature and are perfect for the cell replacement therapy. Even though there have been issues regarding ethics in their isolation and terato-carcinoma, the discovery of hES and its differential process gives victims of accidents, organ diseases among others second chance to live their healthy life if successfully used in the treatment of the various infections. Therefore, it is important to note their importance amidst potential ethics in their applications.

Tips on research paper revision

Revision is another part of research paper writing that needs special attention. Students should erase irrelevant information, add important information, give clarity on different sections, examine the content, ensure that the research has the best structure and proofread the work. Therefore, writers should clearly note the main point and examine the thesis statement. Besides, ensure that the paper addresses the audience appropriately using the relevant vocabulary, focus on the concept and define the difficult words. In a nutshell, students should follow the below tips when performing a revision.

  • Invite a friend to read the research paper and correct the errors
  • Read the research paper aloud and correct errors on sentence structures, grammar errors
    and spelling mistakes
  • Use spelling check software as Grammarly to correct grammar errors, spelling errors, mistakes on the sentence structures and vocabularies
  • Follow the instruction of the tutor
  • Correct the structure and vocabulary to suit the audience