How to Write a Research Paper on Human-Computer Interaction

December 6, 2017 support
How to Write a Research Paper on Human-Computer Interaction

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Research Paper on Human-Computer Interaction

How to Write a Research Paper on Human-Computer Interaction

A research paper forms a part of academic writing requirements; students are required to present original research on a particular topic. A research paper entails interpreting the data collected, analyzing, and discussing the findings to present better insights about the topic. A research paper explores scientific and social issues that require an in-depth analysis.

How to start a research paper on human-computer interaction

Before writing a paper, one needs to know the topic and read the guidelines to understand the general requirements for the research. If you already have the topic, the next step is to begin the search by gathering information relevant to the research. Information can be obtained from online journals, web pages, books, interviews, and blog posts among other sources. Always remember to use credible resources. Also, creating an outline is an important process of writing research because it helps you organize your ideas without missing out on important details.

Example of an outline on human-computer interaction

  • An abstract – brief summary of research done in the field of human-computer interaction

I. Introduction – background information

  • How graphical user interface enhanced human-computer interaction
  • How the graphical user interface works

II. Body

  • Why do computers use icons?
  • Research show how icons are powerful representations that allow immediate recognition.
  • How applications are used to create and represent graphical images.
  • Utilize menus and entity matching.
  • Discussion on how humans and machines interact.

III. Conclusion

IV. Reference

How to write a thesis

A thesis statement presents the main idea of the research paper; the thesis acts as a guide that will help the writer follow when presenting his arguments. The body will revolve around the main idea in the thesis. The thesis is more like a declaration of your belief that guide your argument. A thesis statement explains to the reader how you will interpret the subject of the research telling them what to expect. Readers should be aware of what to expect early enough; the thesis should form part of the introductory paragraph.

Example of the thesis

Computers have become an integral part of our lives, we use them to perform several tasks, including playing games. Many people interact with these machines without understanding the logic behind their operation. The interaction process requires a mode of communication that is not known to many, this mode of communication is known as the graphical user interface popularized by Macintosh Computer. The Graphical User Interface is one of the key elements used during the interaction process facilitating human-computer interaction.

Example of an introduction

Several research studies have been conducted to understand human-computer interaction. The interaction process between humans and computers requires a mode of communication known as the graphical user interface. The research question is, what are important elements used during human-computer interaction? To answer this question, this paper will investigate two elements of the computer interface – the icons and the menu items.

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on human-computer interaction

The paper body is where you present your arguments to support the thesis statement. When presenting facts to justify your argument, always remember to follow the outline by building your paper around the points you want to make. Integrate your sources into the discussion to strengthen your argument. Present your research findings and discuss some of the new insights of your research in the paper body. Summarize, analyze, explain, and evaluate the literature relevant to your research to answer the research question.

Example of the first body paragraph

There are multiple representations of objects in the real world which is similar to what we see on our computer screens. Computers use simple words like Print to represent an action of printing a document. Research shows that icons are the most powerful way of how humans can interact with computers because it allows immediate recognition, and thus a user can find an object on the computer screen faster.

Example of the second body paragraph

Interacting in the real world requires mental processing of information; this is a concept similar to how humans interact with computers. Icons are related to a real-life situation like a clock that represents time. Icons do not require many cognitive efforts because they are like what we use in the real world. Menus also assist in the human-computer interaction as they appear on the screen. Humans can easily select what action they want to perform by choosing to form a list of items in the menu items. The users find the menu item that corresponds to the action he wants. This includes a visual search known as entry matching where the user compares the menu item to the menu item available; this is what helps in finding the correct action by clicking on the item, which is a command that informs the computer what to do.

Example of the third body paragraph

Research studies conducted in the field of human-computer interaction show the importance of an icon and a menu. Computer designers and programmers have created computer interfaces that can easily complement human abilities and the way of how they perceive and understand these visual devices to enhance communication.

How to finish a research paper: Tips on conclusion writing

The conclusion needs to summarize the findings so as to present the importance of the research. Prior to your conclusion, you need to explain the significance of the findings in a broader context. Review what you have stated in the introduction and connect it with the findings. A good research conclusion needs to suggest the need for further research if there is any gap identified during the research process.

Example of a conclusion

The interaction between humans and computers has drawn the interest of several researchers who want to understand the logic behind their interaction. The research reveals various approaches to prove how humans interact with machines by analyzing existing interfaces like the graphical user interface. The research provides insights on how computers operate with instruction provided by humans, helping users understand how visual subsystem helps humans communicate with computers in an interactive way.

Research paper revision

Before finalizing your paper, revise by re-reading the paper, check out the overall organization, including a logical flow of sentences, the depth of the discussion in the body paragraphs, and the effectiveness of the conclusion. Ensure that the transition within and between paragraphs is well placed and the sentences are logically presented. Edit your paper to ensure that it does not have grammatical and spelling errors. Always strive to present a professional research paper!