How to Write a Research Paper on Emotional Intelligence

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How to Write a Research Paper on Emotional Intelligence

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Research Paper on Emotional Intelligence

How to Write a Research Paper on Emotional Intelligence, write my essay

How to start a research paper on emotional intelligence

Students usually face difficulty when writing essays or research papers on emotional intelligence. Writing such papers needs dedication of time to conduct thorough research on the relevant topic with more information. Therefore, students should discover, narrow and focus on the topics that are researchable. Students can only accomplish such through a selection of topics that are of interest. Besides, students should research the sources of information and select the best sources in the library catalog, periodical indexes, and bibliography. Furthermore, ensure that the sources are both primary and secondary especially journals, books and other readable materials. On a separate note, students should correctly group the documenting information in sequence to ensure the proper system for taking notes, organizing information about their importance. Lastly, choose the best outline and a prospectus for yourself.

Tips on how to start

  • Choose a relevant topic on emotional intelligence
  • Conduct a research and get information on the subject
  • Develop a thesis statement on the subject
  • Develop an outline for your paper
  • Gather all the notes and organize them to suit the topic
  • Write the research draft
  • Revise the draft and its outline
  • Write the final paper

Example of an outline

Topic: Benefits of Emotional Behavior


  • Give an overview of emotional behavior
  • Students should then follow the overview by providing thesis statement at the end of the introduction on the topic.


  • Happiness
  • Peace of mind
  • Satisfaction
  • Low EQ
  • Rational thinking
  • Patent behavior
  • High EQ
  • Social objectives
  • Personal needs
  • Needs for others
  • Happiness in the society



  • Write summary
  • Reiterate thesis statement
  • Give position the topic
  • Cause of action
  • Final statement

Example of a thesis

Our behaviors usually arise from the emotional intelligence that dictates the way we achieve our social objective, a feel of happiness and our rational behavior.

Example of an introduction

Emotional intelligence is a field of psychology and forms part of a person’s success in life. The EI comes with IQ and EQ. However, EQ is currently helpful in measuring intelligence in a person. To understand emotional intelligence, one should understand his or her behavior about the usually accepted norms of a given society. Therefore, emotional intelligence is the ability to control one’s feelings, emotions and attempt to tolerate other people’s views before taking action. Besides, EI entails empathy that helps people recognize personal moods and those of other people. People with emotional intelligence adapt to different challenges such as stress and aids in honest emotional expression, respect, and courtesy. Our behaviors usually arise from the emotional intelligence that dictates the way we achieve our social objective, a feel of happiness and our rational behavior.

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on emotional intelligence

Writing, the body of an essay, constitutes organizing the essay around important points and ideas. Therefore, the student should integrate the relevant information and sources in the discussion. Besides, he or she should give analysis, evaluation, and explanation of the sources in the body. Separately, the writer should give a varied level essay that shifts from generalization aspect to particular aspect of concrete evidence and examples. Therefore, the following tips help in developing the best body of a research paper.

Tips on body writing

  • Begin with the first idea as the first sentence of the first paragraph
  • Provide points to support the idea on the subsequence sentences
  • Elaborate on the points supporting the main idea
  • Provide evidence and examples that support the positions about the main idea
  • Follow the same procedure in other paragraphs with different points
  • Ensure that the paragraphs follow together by using transitions and relate them to the thesis statement.

Example of the first body paragraph

Emotional intelligence makes people happy. People with high EQ experience high motivation, have peace of mind and feel satisfied with their actions. On the same note, their emotional intelligence is responsible for their self-control behavior with proper balance in their lives. Contrarily, a person with low EQ experiences frequent frustrations, depression, feel loneliness and disappointments. Therefore, emotional intelligence enhances positivity in a person that results in happiness.

Example of the second body paragraph

Besides, emotional intelligence promotes rational thinking and behavior of a person. Rationality in a person determines an objective act. People reason have patent behavior that connects both ends and means. Therefore, they choose best methods to arrive at the desired outcomes. Emotional intelligence comes due to high EQ that enables a person to understand a stimulus for behavior. Under such circumstances, the person develops the right relations between the means and the ends and the action becomes rational. A person with no emotional intelligence develops wrong perceptions of an environment that leads to an incorrect interpretation of information according to the emotional status instead of the reality. Such people experience emotional behavior when they communicate with their colleagues to solve a problem.

Example of the third body paragraph

Lastly, emotional intelligence enables human beings to fulfill their social objectives. People stay together and interact every time. Therefore, they are responsible for themselves and others in the community. The society provides people with all sorts of their needs. Hence a person takes anything he or she needs and at the same time gives something to the community. Emotional intelligence ensures that a person portrays a behavior that is socially accepted by others as he or she expects a reciprocation of such response from others. Consequently, people live happily in the family, among friends, groups and work colleagues. On the other hand, a person who has a low emotional intelligence is selfish with profound dysfunctional behavior that leads to sadness in the society. Therefore, emotional intelligence promotes tolerance and people with such actions are beneficial to the community.

How to finish a research paper on emotional intelligence

Writing a conclusion of an essay gives the reader the impression of the closure on the essay. However, the conclusion should not indicate a mere summary. Instead, it should provide more points and evaluation if at all such never featured within the body of the research work. When concluding research paper on emotional intelligence, students should elaborate on the significance of the essay. Besides, they should give a summary of the paper and change its level from the detailed aspect to the generalization level. Besides, the writer should restate the thesis statement in his or her own words and informs the reader on his position regarding the topic. Lastly, the writer should give the next course of action for the reader especially further research regarding the topic. The following tips henceforth give a clue on the best way to conclude a research paper.

Tips on conclusion writing

The conclusion of a research paper on emotional intelligence should be clear and outstanding. Therefore, students should be precise from their point of view and give the reader the cause of action. The following tips will help a student write a reasonable conclusion.

  • Give a summary of the research paper
  • Restate the thesis statement in your own words
  • Write an overview of the main points within the body paragraphs.
  • Mention your position on the topic
  • Direct the reader to the next cause of action

Example of a conclusion

In a nutshell, emotional intelligence is essential in our lives. People with emotional intelligence adapt to different challenges such as stress and helps in honest emotional expression, respect, and courtesy. People with no emotional intelligence live in chaos, are under constant frustrations and depression hence find it difficult to live with others peacefully. Therefore, human behaviors whether it may be rational or irrational emanate from the emotional intelligence consequently it controls the way we think, the way we attempt to achieve goals and the overall happiness. Besides, the EI determines our intelligence and ensure that we develop a peace of mind as well as promote positive social coexistence with others as we fulfill our social objectives.

Tips on research paper revision

Revising an essay is a process that increased the strength of a research paper. After completing a research paper, students should have a rest and recover from the hard work. When performing revision, students should erase all the irrelevant information and should avoid redundancy. Secondly, add new information in relation to the topic and clarify all the sections of the research. Furthermore, students should examine the whole essay and ensure that essay has rich content. Besides, they should correct the sentences structures and the syntax the proofread the work. Separately, the writers should inform the reader on the main point and examine the thesis statement besides addressing the audience appropriately. Below are the best tips that enable students to conduct revision.

  • Ensure that the research paper meets the instruction that the tutor provides
  • Use a simple format and an outline for the research paper
  • Read the final research paper aloud and correct the various errors
  • Give the research paper to a friend or family members to read and correct the mistakes
  • Use Grammarly software to correct spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, plagiarism and
    poor sentence structures