How To Write a Research Paper On Elderly Abuse

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How To Write a Research Paper On Elderly Abuse

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Research Paper on Elderly Abuse

how to write a research paper on elderly abuse

How to start a research paper on elderly abuse

The main goal of a research paper on elderly abuse is to illustrate available evidence of the prevalence and nature of mistreatment and neglect to the old people in society. The essay writer also covers other crucial factors necessary to help concerned individuals and stakeholders to address the problem. The author of the paper is therefore supposed to follow some guidelines in preparing effective work. Before starting the paper, the writer should have all the evidence material to help in presenting the discussion. Certain tips can help the writer make a good start to the paper on elderly abuse.

Tips on how to start

The first tip is to collect relevant sources of information discussing the subject of elderly abuse. The writer needs to develop a thesis statement that guides all discussions in the paper. The author should develop an outline of the paper according to the standards of best research papers. Besides, the writer should assess all the sources to find out appropriate quotes, evidence, and texts to use while writing the paper. Closely related is the organization of all arguments in order of priority to build the paper to the end. Finally, the research paper author can develop the first draft.

Example of an outline

  • Abstract: Brief presentation of paper summary
  • Introduction: Definition of terms and overview information about elderly abuse
  • Body:
    1) Illustration of the prevalence of elderly abuse both in nursing homes and residential care facilities. Presentation of limitations to the available evidence.
    2) Causes of elderly abuse and their impacts
    3) Description of solutions to the causes
  • Conclusion
  • References

Example of a thesis

The writer should prepare a thesis statement to give general information about the main ideas presented in the paper. An example of a thesis statement is, “The purpose of this paper is to highlight and describe different forms of abuse, prevalence, effects, their possible clinical presentation and relevant explanations for better understanding by those mandated to take care of the elderly.”

Example of an introduction for the research paper on elderly abuse

Elderly abuse can be described as the action of mistreatments like injury infliction, confinement without consent, intimidation, or any sort of punishment that causes physical harm, emotional or psychological discomfort to an old person. Elderly abuse can also be associated with willfully depriving old people of goods and services essential to maintaining mental and physical health (American Psychological Association, 2009). The issue of elderly abuse has been in existence for many years until recently when it came to the attention of different stakeholders dealing with the old people in society. Consequently, there are few research studies on the topic of elderly abuse (National Research Council, 2008).

How to write body paragraphs

Body paragraphs of the research paper develop every section presented in the outline and thesis statement. The paragraphs should, therefore, present detailed discussion with the use of available sources as evidence that builds the paper. Some tips can help to write effective and authentic body paragraphs.

Tips on body writing

Each paragraph should have a specific issue of discussion under the subject of elderly abuse. A topic statement is therefore necessary under each of the paragraphs. The writer should support the issues under each paragraph with sources from other scholars. One can develop the argument and use the sources in order of priority from least to most important hence building up the research paper. The body paragraphs should have a similar structure and almost the same in length. The author of a research paper should also have transition statements from one paragraph to the next indicating change of a discussion.

Example of the first body paragraph

Occasionally, society discounts the value of the elderly in society and treats them as individuals of lower status. This is due to the fact that many people have pride depending on the career and wealth possession. Retirement from the job, therefore, implies a loss of status in society and a reduced flow of income (Kemper & Murtaugh, 2009). The inability to work due to age sometimes attracts discrimination which hurts emotionally. Role reversal is another crucial cause of elderly abuse. Role reversal happens when parents grow old with their capabilities to work reducing. Therefore, their children take up the responsibility of taking care of them. Some children may lack the time or simply ignore taking care of their elderly parents through activities like cooking and taking medication as prescribed by a physician (Strahan, 2007).

Example of the second body paragraph

Elderly abuse exists under different forms such as domestic violence which can be perpetrated by a partner or a caregiver. Another form of abuse to the elderly is psychological abuse through verbal and non-physical actions that demeans the old person. The elderly also suffer sexual abuse when they get into sexual contact without their consent. Besides, the elderly encounter neglect from the caregivers who fail to offer basic needs such as food and medication (Spector, 2008). There is little information concerning elderly abuse including statistical data because few old people are willing to report cases of abuse. However, the recent intensified collection of information has brought into the limelight serious cases of abuse. For instance, the National Center on Elderly Abuse reveals that more than one million Americans above the age of sixty-five were abused in different ways in the year 2009 (Daly & Jogerst, 2012).

Example of the third body paragraph

The elderly people deserve to live comfortably and peacefully just like other people in society. They cannot be ignored on the basis of not working since some of them worked so hard for a better society when they had energy. It is necessary to introduce initiatives that will curb all forms of abuse towards the old people in society. Intensifying research on elderly abuse can help to get exact forms of abuse to the elderly and reveal some cases which go unreported. Policies to take care of the elderly wherever they live are crucial to safeguard their welfare (Mankikar & Gray, 2007).

How to finish a research paper on elderly abuse

A research paper on elderly abuse should end in a manner that communicates a clear message to the reader and perhaps make them take action. The writer should, therefore, connect the conclusion with other paragraphs of the paper. In this regard, the writer of a research paper on elderly abuse can follow some important tips in preparing the best conclusion.

Tips on conclusion writing

The conclusion can restate the main issues and give a brief summary of the entire discussion. The conclusion should also consist of limitations in brief of other proposed solutions to the problem of elderly abuse. The writer can then recommend other initiatives based on evidence to address the issues on the subject. The concluding paragraph should prove the writer’s point of view to influence and convince any concerned reader. One should leave the reader with the right and striking impression through a strong conclusion.

Example of a conclusion on elderly abuse

Elderly abuse is a critical issue of discussion in the United States and other countries across the world. On most occasions, the problem goes unreported and therefore no one can recognize its existence. All the forms of abuse have serious negative consequences on the normal lives of the elderly. Consequently, providing overnight housing, maximum care, and safe locations is necessary. Past strategies to solving the problem of elderly abuse have not been very effective. Therefore, there is a great need to enhance research studies under the subject for better solutions. The challenge may be solved easily or remain to be life-threatening depending on the approach by the concerned individuals and groups.

Tips on the revision of the research paper

The final task of writing a research paper on elderly abuse is to proofread and edit mistakes. The writer has to check if the organization matches the requirements of a complete research paper that covers all concepts under the subject. The author needs to confirm the thesis statement is relevant to the concepts in the research paper. In addition, one should ensure all the material for citation, quotations, and paraphrases are accurate and match with the main concepts in the paper. It is advisable that after writing the paper, one should take a break before rereading to polish minor mistakes. One can also seek assistance from a peer for proofreading. The writer should then check the accuracy of sentence structures, punctuation marks, grammar, and spelling. The paper will be effective only if it is accurate in all concepts.