How to Write a Research Paper on Drunk Driving

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How to Write a Research Paper on Drunk Driving

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Research Paper on Drunk Driving

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How to start a research paper on drunk driving

A research paper is a type of academic writing that requires a detailed review of the literature to present relevant data and theories that justify the argument stated in the research question. Students are required to search for information about the assigned topic to present a reasonable argument. The argument needs to be supported by evidence in an organized report. A research paper on drunk driving requires an in-depth research for facts and statistics about the root cause of drunk driving and those who are affected by this problem. Before writing the paper, students need to be familiar with research paper structure and the content requirements.

Tips on how to start

When it comes to writing about drunk driving, it is important to develop a quality piece of work. When writing a research paper on drunk driving, you need to choose what to focus on. Students should think of the intended audience before deciding on what to write. If the writer wants to address parents or teenagers, he/she will have to use persuasive language that reveals the real situation and highlights those who can be affected the most. It is important to incorporate persuasive elements in the essay to show the reader the importance of the topic.

A good research paper on drunk driving can begin with facts and quotation to attract the readers’ attention on the research content. The most important thing when writing a paper on drunk driving is to motivate the reader, and inspire them to continue reading; this means being innovative by referring to various sources. To capture readers’ attention, the writer needs to carry out an in-depth research and find out relevant information that will help in arguing out his points.

Before writing, don’t miss the crucial step which is to develop an outline; it will help you keep your thoughts in an organized way.

Example of an outline

  • Introduction
  • Thesis: Stating why people should not drive under the influence of alcohol
  • Body paragraphs
    a) Statistics on car accidents related to drunk driving.
    b) Perception of why drunk driving among young people is a common occurrence.
    c) Example of those who were affected by drunk driving, celebrities.
    d) How drunk driving causes fatal accidents.
    e) Justify why drunk driving has a negative impact on many people.
    f) Why we should not drink and drive.
    g) Educating others.
  • Conclusion
    a) Reviewing why we should not drink and drive
    b) The importance of educating people on dangers of drinking and driving

Example of a thesis

It is a good idea to use statistics to prove why many car accidents are so common as a result of drunk driving. A good thesis statement needs to highlight the problem and briefly to inform the reader what the research intends to achieve.

Here is a possible example. “Most of the time, when people are under the influence of alcohol, they tend to think they are indomitable. Such notions can result in fatal consequences, hence should be avoided.”

Example of an introduction

A good research paper introduction needs to announce the main issue of discussion; an introduction needs to provide context and rationale for a research including research questions and research hypothesis. A well-written introduction needs to set the tone for a research paper using a thesis statement.

“Drunk driving causes one of the serious problem affecting many people today, death from car accidents under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving does not only affect the victim, but it also affects the family of the victim and the nation at large, making it one of the serious issues that need to be reviewed to prevent more deaths.”

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on drunk driving: Tips on body writing

Body paragraphs of a research paper need to expand the thesis by providing supportive evidence to prove the hypothesis. The body paragraphs need to integrate statistics, examples, and figures to prove the research hypothesis. The first body paragraph should elaborate the main idea supporting the claim and expanding the discussion. The second body paragraph continues to justify the hypothesis.The body also needs to present logic explanations to convince the reader. Each body paragraph has to contain separate points, use each paragraph for each point followed by evidence to support the hypothesis.

Example of the first body paragraph

Drunk driving has become a common occurrence among the young people; drunk driving mostly occurs after attending parties with friends or when drinking on special occasions. Most of the teenage accidents are related to alcohol; alcohol causes more than 60% of all teenage car accidents. Teenagers who drink while driving put their lives at risk while driving under the influence of alcohol. They also put others at risks affecting many families. The national highway traffic safety administration report indicates that 10,839 people are affected annually by car accidents that are alcohol-related.

Example of the second body paragraph

Drunk driving results to negative and devastating effects such as deaths of being physically impaired for the rest of their lives. Many car accidents affect the drive, passengers in the car and also pedestrians walking along the road. The death toll of car accidents has risen to 50%. Those who drive under the influence of alcohol do not only risk their lives but also risk their future. When one is paralyzed or kill someone while drinking, all his dreams and hopes could be taken away, especially when convicted of killing an innocent person. Thus, drunk driving causes devastating effects.

Example of the third body paragraph

It is important to review some of the best strategies to minimize some of the negative effects of drunk driving. We need to educate people about these effects and severe consequences of drinking while driving. Through education, many people will understand the danger involved when drinking while driving. It is unusually advisable to have a designated driver while going to parties for everyone to be safe.

How to finish a research paper on drunk driving

The conclusion should search summary of the research and review the key points highlighted in the research. The conclusion needs to not only rephrase the content presented during the introduction but also connect the findings to a broader idea.

Tips on conclusion writing

A good research conclusion should convince the reader about the research findings. The conclusion reviews the main issues discussed in the body paragraphs and provides a solution for the research problem. A research conclusion needs to present recommendations based on the final research findings and reveal whether there is a need for further research in a specific area, where limitations were noted during the research. For example, when concluding the research paper on drunk driving, you need to review what the thesis statement stated and justified whether the research proved if the hypothesis was correct.

Example of a conclusion

Drunk driving should be stopped because it puts many people at risk, including the driver, passengers, and innocent people. Based on the alarming statistics, it is evident that drunk driving needs a permanent solution which includes strict jail terms for those involved in drinking while driving. Further research needs to be conducted to review the role of family members in promoting good morals among children and its impact on early upbringing.

Tips on research paper revision

After compiling all the relevant information about drunk driving and completing the first draft, it is important to review the draft by going through the paper to ensure that it is professionally written. Editing is an important step in writing. Editing entails going through the whole paper p to check for important detail like spelling a sentence structure, logic explanations and the relevance of the examples. A good research paper includes logic paragraphs expanding the research findings that justify the hypothesis. Editing requires adequate time to rearrange sentences based on the standard guidelines.

When editing, the author should check for transitional words to ensure that the sentences make sense and connect with other paragraphs. When reviewing the research paper, you need to ensure that the paper includes important details like statistical data and any theory that supports the research needs; it has to come from credible sources and has to be cited. The research paper should be arranged chronologically to enable readers to follow the discussion. All in all, revising the paper before submitting the final draft is important because students tend to miss out small details that would make the paper look unprofessional.