How to Write a Research Paper on Child Abuse and Neglect

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How to Write a Research Paper on Child Abuse and Neglect

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Research Paper on Child Abuse and Neglect

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How to start a research paper on child abuse and neglect

Writing a research paper on child abuse can be a challenging task because of the significance of the subject where children fall as victims of abuse in the society. The best way to start the research paper on child abuse and neglect is to look for appropriate sources of information. The sources should include major instances of child abuse and neglect. The writer should also look for accurate statistics about the subject from authentic sources. Such statistics back up the indicated evidence. Any writer who encounters difficulty in starting the research paper about child abuse can follow some important tips.

Tips on how to start

The first step to write your paper on child abuse and neglect is to choose a topic since the entire subject is wide and covers many concepts. Another important tip to consider before writing the paper is to read and keep details and records of child abuse cases. The writer should have all the statistical evidence to use as a reference point for argument. The writer should then develop a thesis statement based on the available information. After all the information is collected, the author should prepare an outline of the paper which acts as a roadmap for the paper.

Example of an outline

  • Introduction: – definition of terms under child abuse and neglect. Illustration of the extent and limitations of child abuse. Presentation of the subject to build on the paper.
  • Body:
    1) Description of types of child abuse such as physical, sexual, emotional and neglect abuse.
    2) Signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect
    3) Discussion of effects of child abuse and how to overcome
  • Conclusion

Example of a thesis

A thesis statement on the subject of child abuse and neglect gives an indication of major ideas to be discussed in the research paper. An example of thesis statement on child abuse and neglect: “Abuse and neglect of children have signs and symptoms which identify the abuse; it also has a number of possible impacts which need to be overcome.” The thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction paragraph.

Example of an introduction on child abuse and neglect

Child abuse is an intentional behavior of adults like parents and caregivers out of the norms of conduct that can result in physical or mental harm to a child (Bromfield, 2008). According to the National Research Council on Child Abuse, mistreatment of children is a major problem in the society all over the world. The Council further notes that child abuse and neglect has serious consequences on social and healthy life. The behavior of adults towards children also affects their future life. Consequences of child abuse become evident in the different human aspects like education and social relationships (Bromfield, 2008). Different strategies can be applied to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.

How to write body paragraphs: Tips on body writing

Body paragraphs should give detailed information about the subject of the research paper. The body paragraphs act as the main area of informing the reader on aspects of the topic about child abuse and neglect. There are various tips to enhance the development of better body paragraphs. Each paragraph should be specific on a subtopic of the subject. In addition, every paragraph should have a thesis which acts as a point of discussion in the paragraph. The writer should include supporting evidence from other sources. A researcher should also give statistical figures to support the discussion. The author of a research paper should include very clear transitional sentences between paragraphs.

Example of first the paragraph

There are different categories of child abuse which include: physical abuse, neglect, family violence, emotional maltreatment, and sexual abuse. Physical abuse is the intentional use of force physically like through burning, punching, poisoning, slapping to harm a child. Emotional abuse is an act of inappropriate speech or sign that can cause a psychological problem to a child. Examples of emotional maltreatment include rejection, ignorance, isolations, and verbal insults. Neglect is another serious type of abuse which means that the adult parent or caregiver avoids giving enough care to a child as required in the society. Besides, child abuse can be in form of using a child in sexual activity. Finally is family violence which involves a person subjected to violence in presence of a child (Dubowitz & Pitts, 2009).

Example of the second paragraph

According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, the ratio of one to four girls and one to six boys encounter sexual abuse before 18 years of age. The organization further states that about 12% of girls who encounter sexual abuse are below the age of 10 years. Besides, more than three hundred thousand children are at risk of abuse every year. Such statistics indicate a major threat to children due to the serious effects associated with abuse. The organization notes that most children experience psychological challenges in their adulthood after the life experience of abuse. Consequently, their academic life is negatively affected in case the child does not get counseling and therapy. In addition, a child develops a bad relationship with other people around. Such negative effects illustrate that any abuse to a child is not just an event that fades away but a permanent mark in life.

Example of the third paragraph

Child abuse is a menace that can be dealt with to save the lives of young ones. Proper policies to check the welfare of children in the hands of different adult people can be the first step to stop the inhuman acts. However, the policies can only be effective if all stakeholders improve the quality of research in matters of child abuse. Most researchers focus on general cases of violence, poor education, and treatment of children rather than issues of child maltreatment. Another strategy to curb child abuse is to invest in the development of families since most experience cases of poverty, violence, substance abuse and other factors with negative consequences on children (Administration of Children and Families, 2011).

How to finish a research paper: Tips on conclusion writing

One can finish a research paper by writing a conclusion that summarizes the whole discussion and suggests crucial recommendations. Conclusion writing requires some important steps to make it more captivating. The writer should restate main issues addressed in the paper. The author should also rephrase the thesis about the entire paper that will indicate all ideas have been covered. Besides, the researcher should make an opinion on the performance of previous initiatives meant to curb child abuse. After close analysis of other sources, the writer should make a brief recommendation which will enable improved outcome in addressing child abuse.

Example of a conclusion

There is significant progress in understanding issues of child abuse and neglect due to intensified research. The progress is evident in the documented devastating and long-term impacts of child abuse on the victims and society at large. The documentation also contains detailed information about strategies to treat and prevent the problem of child abuse. However, sometimes the proposed strategies are dependent on each other and prevent possible effective intervention in addressing the underlying issues. It is important to develop research strategies that are capable of solving complex issues under the subject of child abuse prevent

Tips on research paper revision

A research paper on child abuse and neglect addresses a serious challenge in the society. The paper should, therefore, be of high standards to inform any reader. Revising and editing of the research paper is very important before submitting to the target reader. The author of the paper should reread the paper aloud and if possible with assistance from another person. Rereading enables one to insert any missing and critical information. Besides, it is necessary to help correct mistakes in the paper. It is important to check if the entire paper matches with the subject of child abuse and neglect. Therefore, the writer should ensure the thesis statement covers every idea in the paper. Another crucial tip for revising the paper is to check the accuracy of all of the sources and their relevance. In addition, the writer should confirm that the paper is in an effective style such as precise wording and clear sentences. Finally, the author of a research paper needs to check the paper organization with a clear connection between paragraphs, and relevant conclusion.