How to Write a Research Paper on Alternative Fuels

November 10, 2017 support
How to Write a Research Paper on Alternative Fuels

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Research Paper on Alternative Fuels

How to Write a Research Paper on Alternative Fuels

How to start a research paper on alternative fuels

A research paper is an academic paper based on the writer’s original research work on a specific topic. A research paper requires an in-depth analysis of the research topic and the interpretation of the research findings. In college, students are required to present a detailed paper to demonstrate their level of comprehension of specific issues. Presenting a research paper is an academic requirement. A good research paper needs to present a concrete argument using valid evidence from credible sources.

Before writing an essay, choosing the topic is the first step. An engaging topic will help the author gather a lot of evidence from various kinds of literature to develop logical arguments. For instance, when writing a research paper on alternative fuels, the writer should justify why the topic is important and is worth being investigated. A good research paper needs to present the usefulness of the topic and further cite expert opinions on the same. A research paper needs to highlight previous research studies to show how the research paper is different from other previous studies and what it intends to solve.

Tips on how to start

Before writing the paper, the author needs to review the main purpose of the research paper, which in most cases is written in the form of a question. The author should state how he plans to approach the topic. Research papers can be in various forms, and the readers need to know which style the author will use, whether it’s a factual report, a book review, comparison research, or an analysis of a problem. In the beginning, the student needs to explain the major points to be covered in the paper and convince readers why the topic should be of interest to him.

Ideally, good research should be organized so that all the information gathered needs to be in the outline. An outline is a guide that helps the author put down important information and logically organize his ideas. An outline helps the authors highlight key points and all the points presented in the research paper outline should relate to the major points of the essay body.

Before writing a research paper, the writer should organize all the information collected according to the outline guidelines, analyze the research data and verify if the information collected is factual.

Example of an outline

Topic: Benefits of Alternative Fuels


  • Background of stem cells.
  • Thesis (Hypothesis).


  • An alternative-fueled society
  • Modern technologies and the increasing need for energy.
  • The need for alternative solutions to this problem.
  • Renewable energy sources, solar and wind energy in Massachusetts.


Example of a thesis

Research papers require a thesis statement; a thesis statement presents the main research ideas and is considered the central point of the research paper. The essay body will revolve around the central ideas presented in the thesis statement. A thesis statement is similar to a declaration of the author’s beliefs.

An example of the thesis statement on alternative fuel can be as follows: American energy consumption is high, and oil and coal are energy sources being consumed at an incredible speed. These energy sources are not renewable. Hence, there is a need to think of an alternative solution for future sustainability.

Keep in mind that you do not have to have a thesis in the form of a short passage. Ideally, it can be a short and bold sentence with the stance of the writer clearly articulated.

Example of an introduction

The world’s natural resources continue to decline; the increasing population means increased energy consumption. Oil and coal mines have been exhausted, in every business and every home people use energy for several purposes. Since most of the energy sources are not renewable, there is a need to think of an alternative solution.

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on alternative fuels

Essay body paragraphs elaborate the essay introduction, the essay body breaks down the thesis statement by providing evidence to prove the research claim.

Tips on body writing

When writing an essay body, it’s important to start with a topic sentence that informs the reader of the paragraph content. Essay bodies contain concrete evidence like statistics, figures, quotes, and facts. The essay body gives the students an opportunity to present their main ideas in detail. Each body paragraph contains one main idea followed by evidence and the author’s analysis. The author’s analysis makes up the majority of the paragraph.

Example of the first body paragraph

Our everyday life depends on energy, modern technological inventions have made major development, and everything we use needs energy to operate. It is not possible to provide adequate energy from nonrenewable energy sources of oil and coal. That is why we need an alternative.

Example of the second body paragraph

Considering the fact that renewable energy sources like solar and wind are readily available, states like Massachusetts have adopted clean energy making clean energy the economic driver. Using alternative fuel sources, Massachusetts has created ten thousand jobs through its renewable energy projects offering not only energy solutions to its residents but also improving its economy.

Example of the third body paragraph

Wind energy is one of the useful alternative solutions in Massachusetts, the onshore commercial wind development projects along the coast of Massachusetts are among the many alternative projects the state has initiated to solve its energy problems.

How to finish a research paper on alternative fuels: Tips on conclusion writing

An essay conclusion forms the last part of the research paper, the essay conclusion needs to review the main points of discussion without presenting any new ideas in the paper. A good conclusion should leave readers with a lasting impression or drive them to take appropriate action.

Example of a conclusion

With the world’s natural resources declining, if we want to make changes, wind, and solar energy would be some of the options to consider. In the future, we need inexpensive, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy solutions to sustain our levels of energy consumption.

Tips on research paper revision

Revising a paper before submitting the final document is the last process after finishing the first draft. Going through the paper requires adequate time because it’s the last chance to rearrange the paper based on the standard requirements. Revising the paper means ensuring that all the research ideas are well connected and the overall structure presents coherent research ideas. Here are some practical ideas to go about revising your research paper:

  • Identify and resolve all grammatical and spelling errors
  • Make sure that the structure is solid
  • Standard formatting and citations
  • Logical content flow with specified sections

Based on the points, you can ensure that your paper is in its prime condition when you submit it and hope to get the highest grades. Keep in mind that merely writing a paper is not enough, it needs to be well-revised and proofread to fulfill the purpose behind its writing.