How To Write A Proposal Essay

June 7, 2021 support

As a student, you are bound to feel drained from all your school works. Even if you have to do something you like, it becomes something that pressures you. Because some students prefer to pass that pressure to someone else, they avail themselves of custom writing services. Instead of struggling on their own, they choose to get help from companies who say, “We can write an essay for you.”

But if you do not have the means to pay them, you can still do your tasks independently. In this article, you will learn how to write an essay proposal. You will also see an example that you can emulate as you work.

○ What Is a Proposal Essay?

Based on its name, proposal essays aim to propose or pitch an idea accompanied by pieces of evidence or supporting details. It is meant to convince the reader of why the writer’s opinion is good or bad.

Proposals are typically associated with business and economic transactions, such as suggesting a solution or presenting a new product. However, they are not for these purposes alone because they can be used in other contexts, too. If your teacher asked you to make a proposal essay, you could still use other fields of study that interest you.

● Why It Is Important to Know How to Write a Proposal Essay

There are so many parts of your curriculum that seem questionable. Probably it is because it has no relation to your future work or everyday life. While it may seem like that for other tasks that you do in school, you must understand that they are necessary. Too. The new knowledge and skills you will gain from doing this will help you in the future. So, like any other schoolwork, writing an essay proposal has a purpose, too.

Based on its nature as a non-fiction work, it can be an avenue to share ideas. As a student, you can use this to express your opinions to your teachers, school heads, or even to government officials. It can be your platform to show your insights in a logical way. Eventually, you might impact your recipients or readers into carrying out your ideals. By writing a simple work like this, you can affect a change in your community.

● Proposal Essay Structure & Format

Because you already know the goals and purposes of this writing task, you must now be interested to know how it should be written. In this section, you will know the proper essay proposal format and structure so that you can start right away. As you read, you will find helpful tips that will make this task easier for you.

○ How to Write an Outline

If you are one of the students who do not outline before drafting, you must understand that doing this step saves you time. Some students think that it is much better to start immediately. But as they write, they will realize that they do not have a clear direction, and their thoughts are all over the place. Therefore, outlining also allows you to create a more organized output. This way, you do not have to take so much time rewriting your work.

In academic writing, the standard outline applies to almost all types. However, it is not appropriate for proposal essays. It follows a different structure because it has another purpose. For a clearer idea of its structure, you can look at the sample essay proposal outline below.

I. Introduction

  1. Start with a “hook” or attention-getter
  2. Give background information about the subject
  3. Highlight the problem your proposal would solve

II. Proposal

  1. State the purpose of the proposal
  2. Briefly discuss it

III. Plan of Action (provide one paragraph per plan of action)

  1. Explain how the proposal will be achieved
  2. Supporting details
  3. Potential problems

IV. Conclusion

  1. Summarize the key points
  2. Call to Action

How to Start A Proposal Essay

Before drafting, it would be best to think of a topic that you like to discuss. If your teacher gave you the liberty to choose what you want to talk about, you should consider your interests and preferences. As a part of your brainstorming process, it would be best to list them on paper. You can also look for proposal essay topics found online and take inspiration from them. After choosing, you should start researching relevant materials, like articles and studies. You will use them as supporting details for your body paragraphs.

You can start your introduction with a “hook” or attention-getter, such as thought-provoking questions, recent data, and personal anecdotes. Then, follow it up with background information or history that will provide readers some context. Afterward, you can give your claim, which highlights the problem that you wish to solve.

● How to Write Body Paragraphs

The heart of your paper is the body paragraphs. Part of learning how to write essay proposals is developing logical and organized ideas and proofs. In this kind of paper, your paragraphs will be divided into two: proposal and plan of action.

The former is where you will state the purpose of your paper. It should be composed of only a few sentences to be concise. It would be best not to include specific details about how you intend to carry out your plans. Leave the specifics in the next paragraph.

In the next section, you will present the plan of action. This is where you will provide more details and information about how the proposal will be implemented. In this part, you can sound convincing and reasonable by giving supporting details. Also, you can be honest about the potential problems that you will encounter, as this will show your professionalism. It would be best if you provide one paragraph for each plan of action. This way, you can be more organized and will not make your readers confused.

● How to Write Conclusion for a Proposal Essay

To make a lasting impact on the reader, you should also prioritize the ending of your paper. This is similar to how people usually remember a movie based on its resolution. Even if you think that the first parts seemed sufficient to convince your readers, it is also significant that it continues till the end.

In the conclusion, you can summarize the proposal and the key points you discussed. It will help them recall the things you have shared in the body paragraphs. Lastly, you can conclude with a call to action that your readers can take or consider. It would be best if you refrain from adding new information or making this part lengthy. Include exactly what you have discussed and shared but in a summarized version. No more, no less.

● Tips for a Great Proposal Essay

Even though this task can be challenging, you can apply the tips and guidelines shared above. You can use them as references to complete your work. But if you feel that they are not yet enough, you can read more tips below.

  1. Make some time for brainstorming to editing phases.
  2. Think of a pressing problem in your school, community, country, or world. It would be best if it affects you and the people around you.
  3. Provide a solution that is S.M.A.R.T.: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.
  4. Use transitional devices, like “therefore,” “for example,” and “furthermore.”
  5. Maximize your outline while drafting.
  6. Ensure that your readers can relate to the topic.
  7. Cite your sources according to the correct citation style.
  8. Always proofread and edit your work before submitting it.

Short Example of a Proposal Essay

Below is an essay proposal example that you can use as a reference as you draft. Observe how the guidelines on format and structure are applied in this output.


From one to ten, how would you rate yourself? This question might seem harmless at first. But as you think of the answer, you begin to question everything about yourself, including your identity and strengths. Later on, you will realize that this question unexpectedly reveals your self-esteem. For many years, experts have studied how self-esteem affects students’ academic performance. Some studies (D’Mello, Monteiro, & Pinto, 2018) have shown that it has no direct influence, while some (Arshad, Zaidi, & Mahmood, 2015) show otherwise. Despite being an essential part of students’ lives, the development of self-esteem is still a concern neglected by schools nowadays.


I propose that schools organize monthly activities that will allow each student to share what good things they appreciate toward one another. Teachers can also participate in the activity.

Plan of Action:

During homeroom sessions, the students will be asked to bring out a short bond paper and write their names in the middle. Then, the teacher will instruct them to form a circle to quickly pass their respective papers to the person next to them. During this activity, the students will have 30 seconds to share what they appreciate about their classmate whose name is on the paper. They can also share what good deeds they are grateful for toward that person. Once the papers have returned to the respective owners, the teacher will give them time to read the contents of their paper silently.

Because this activity is done monthly, it will challenge the students to observe their classmates’ actions. Moreover, it will motivate them to interact with people they do not usually talk to in school. Lastly, it will boost their self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.


This class activity will allow the students to record their good traits and good deeds toward others. It will also serve as a reminder of how others perceive them. As a result of this monthly activity, the students can look back at how they interacted with their classmates for the entire school year. It will also give them the chance to reflect on their actions and how to improve over time.

● Q&A

In this section, you will find answers to some commonly asked questions related to this topic. Most of them are already answered in this article. But if you want to read a shortened version, you can rely on this part.

○ How do you start a proposal essay?

To get the attention of your readers, you can start with a “hook” or attention-getter. It can be a question, story, or study. Then, you can proceed with giving background details about the problem to provide context. Follow it up by stating the problem that you are trying to solve.

○ What is the format of a proposal?

The proposal essay format should have four parts. It includes the introduction, proposal, plan of action, and conclusion or call to action. Utilize this format to create a connection to the readers and get their agreement.

○ What should an essay proposal include?

As mentioned previously, your paper should include the nature and context of the proposal, plan of action, and call to action. Ensure that you provide a separate paragraph for each plan of action to have an organized paper. It would be best to use your pathos or emotions in connecting with the reader.

○ How do you write a one-page proposal?

For more details and information, it would be best to read the entire article. If you are still lost and confused about how to do it, you can avail yourself of the WriteMyEssay.Ca service. Their professional writers can deliver high-quality output for you on this task. At the same time, you can work on other activities you must do.