How to Write a History Essay

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How to Write a History Essay

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What Is a History Essay?

Learning how to write a history essay is not as different from writing any other type of essay for your assignment. However, you need to clearly understand what it is and what you are expected to do while attempting it.

A history essay is a type of written text where you will have to explore a certain angle about a remarkable and significant historical event or a person. You will then need to support your analysis with persuasive facts and figures gleaned from reliable sources.

Many people have misconceptions regarding a history essay. It is not a list of facts in a text form that can be copied from anywhere. History essay writing requires the author to describe a significant event or a person belonging to the past in great detail. If you are writing a history essay, think about the topic objectively. Use multiple resources to extract information and thoroughly evaluate conflicting arguments.

Why Is It Important to Know How to Write a History Essay?

Are you wondering why it is crucial to learn to write a history essay? Firstly, it helps you to understand its purpose. Secondly, you get to learn about the influences that lead to the historical event. It also allows you to explore the significance of an individual’s impact on the entire history. The goal is not to keep the readers stuck in the past. Instead, it so to help everyone see the mistakes made at a particular point and learn from them. Good writers should be able to construct this literary piece so that it discusses the relevance of the given event or individual to the present. The audience should end the essay with valuable takeaways and learning the lasting impact of the event or person discussed.

In general, acquiring valuable skills like essay writing will teach you how to research, evaluate, critically think and write. It is vital for your education and mostly all the job prospects., it can get tricky to remember numerous dates, names, and events. The guideline below will ensure that you will be capable of crafting a well-written history essay by the end of this on your own. An alternate solution is to hire professionals to write your essays.

History Essay Structure & Format

The history essay format is not much different from the structure of any other type of essay. It has to follow a systematic and orderly presentation of events and logical connections that can help the readers analyze what happened.

The most common formats to be followed for your essay include APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Make sure what is required from you. Remember formatting incorrectly can take away a considerable chunk of your overall score.

How to Write an Outline?

To save time, many writers make the mistake of jumping into the writing process right away. Learn from history and save yourself the hassle. Starting unprepared can cause your essay to be a haphazard mess. A history essay has to be very systematic and follow a sequence of events to make sense. It can only be possible if you have a blueprint to start with.  The outline will give an overall structure to your essay.

How to write a good history essay? Ensure that your outline has the following sections:

  • An introduction
  • Main body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

How to Start A History Essay?

How to start a history essay? Begin your history essay with an impactful introduction. Undoubtedly, every part of this essay is essential, but consider this section vital. It provides you the first chance to impress the audience, and as they say, the first impression is the last. If you want to engage the readers, it is your best shot at it.

Your introduction is a section that allows the reader to get an overview of the subject at hand. It would help if you also clarified your stance here. Try to keep it concise yet engaging. You can make it fun by introducing a hook. It can be anything to grab attention. Consider using a fascinating anecdote or a jaw-dropping fact with stats. How about bringing light sarcasm in your tone. A history essay can become boring quite quickly. It would be challenging to make it exciting but remember, if you fail here, the reader might not bother to go through the entirety of your essay. Make the few minutes spent on this paragraph worth their while. Also, include your thesis statement here.

How to Write Body Paragraphs?

The role of this section is to provide support to your stance. Split the body paragraphs according to your word count and number of ideas. Nonetheless, make certain the least number of paragraphs here is three. Another critical thing to keep in mind here is that you should not involve any emotion or opinion. Keep it strictly objective and packed with evidence. The proof you use should be extracted from authentic and reputable sources only.  Save them as you will need them later for your reference section if required by the format.

How to Write a Conclusion for a History Essay?

Now it is time to learn how to end a history essay. In this final paragraph, do not include a new point. Instead, reinstate and sum up your verdict about the case you discussed. Keep this concise. You can quickly recap to the readers the central arguments you provided in the essay and leave them with either a question or a satisfactory conclusion. The end of history essay has to be robust to create lasting impressions on the readers’ minds.

Choosing History Essay Topic

Looking for excellent history essay topics? Here are a few ideas:

  • Religions and Crusades
  • Mexican-American Wars
  • Fall of the Mughal empire
  • Hindu vs. Muslim war
  • Reasons leading up to Thirty Years War

Tips for a Great History Essay

Here are a few tips that can help you master the skill of writing a history essay:

  • Before you start writing, study the question and understand what is being asked of you.
  • A history essay requires extensive research. Make sure to utilize both primary and secondary material.
  • Make a detailed  essay plan
  • Use multiple sources when extracting information.
  • Ensure that the sources you are using for referencing are authentic and credible.
  • Proofread your work and ask a trusted friend to provide you with an unbiased review.
  • Check for the assignment requirements, including formatting type, word count, font, etc.
  • Check for plagiarism before turning in your work.

Short Example of a History Essay

For helping you better understand, here is a history essay example:

How close were we to World War III?

The League of Nations had failed, and six years of fighting had finally led to the second World War approaching a halt. The world’s anticipations of peace were soon yet again decimated by a decline in the relations between the only two existing superpowers: USSR and the United States. The world t after having recently witnessed the catastrophic nature of war, trembled in fear.

It began with the rising disparity between Communistic and Capitalistic ideas. By 1945, English writer George Orwell had already predicted the Nuclear stalemate, which would ensue not long after, terming it “The Cold War.” It was named such because either side had the resources to cause unprecedented devastation, but neither dared to declare war openly. Hence began an era of tension that, unbeknownst to the world, would last 45 years. 

It would be incorrect to assume that the absence of a declaration for battle means that there weren’t casualties on a large scale. An infamous outcome of this was the Vietnam war of 1955. With the Soviet Union aiding the North and America backing the South, the war had become inevitable. Vietnam was crushed between the agenda of the superpowers and perished immensely. As many as two million civilians were estimated to be deceased as a result of this 2-decade-lasting war. An example of a more confrontational would be the U-2 incident. The name belonged to a US reconnaissance plane shot down over the Soviet Union in May 1960. After that, the summit conference between the United States and the Soviet Union collapsed. The Cuban missile crisis marked the apex of tension on October 16, 1962. A very fragile situation presented itself when American spy planes detected Soviet missile sites in Cuba. President John Kennedy demanded that these sites are removed and the Soviets, at the brink of war, obliged.

Though the Cold War died alongside the Soviet flag in 1991, it almost succeeded in birthing the third world. During the Cuban missile crisis, the United States sat on a nuclear stockpile equivalent to 42,000 Hiroshima bombs. Either side was prepared to commence war on a moment’s notice. An alarm set off when an Air Force security guard shot a bear who was petrified by the thought of it being a Soviet invader. A malfunction led to other military bases being informed to commence nuclear warfare. F-106A fighter jets, equipped with missiles and nuclear rockets, began to speed down the runways. Just before takeoff, an officer flashed his car’s headlights to notify the pilots of the false alarm, and the attack was called off, preventing a global calamity due to something as mere as human error. 

It is crucial to acknowledge exactly how close the world got to all-out nuclear warfare to realize that the United Nations, just like the League of nations, cannot keep such an event at bay forever either.


Following are brief answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the history essay format?

How to write a history essay outline? Like any other essay, a history essay starts with an introductory paragraph, followed by at least three body paragraphs. The essay structure also includes one final, conclusive section that winds up the entire paper.

Why Is It Important?

When you are unaware of the reason behind writing the essay on history, it is hard to nail it. A history essay aims to test your research, writing, and evaluation skills and judge your development and progress in this field as a whole. By the end of it, you will not only emerge as a better writer but also with an expanded knowledge base. It is up to you if you are open to exploring different aspects of a historical event and learning from it.

What are tips to write a great History Essay?

If you think there is any way around the research, you are mistaken. The number one tip here is to take out time for a thorough and profound analysis of the essay question. Other than this, draw connections between different events to evaluate and analyze the topic and hand. Another valuable piece of advice while writing this type of essay is never to write it in one sitting.  Take your time; critical evaluation is not an easy task. Make sure you cover all aspects of the event or person you are writing about.

Finally, if you are still struggling with writing a historical essay, delegate your work to professionals. It is never a good idea to risk your grade. You can utilize our service WriteMyEssay for this. We have professional writers that can take care of any topic of your preference. Order any time, and we assure to deliver your essay even on the strictest of deadlines.