How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework

June 26, 2023 Martha Simons

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The moment students get past the middle school threshold and get themselves into high school, it is hard to find respite in routine. The long and arduous classes and then more complicated home assignments make it a grueling task to graduate. However, this goes on and on no matter how many academic ladders you have climbed on. Ironically, it gets more time-taking and hard.

Feeling burnout and finding no power or motivation to go on is a real thing in students. They go through different stages and almost feel the same. The most common culprit, in this case, is homework. Many students are yet to justify its existence and believe in getting into more classes and lectures than burning the midnight oil to write essays and papers. This blog is dedicated to helping students overcome their lethargic state and get up with new zeal and vigor. But before motivating them to do homework, let us explore the things that make them skip or ignore it in the first place.

Why Do I Have To Do Homework?

This is the question that many students ask themselves and others in schools and colleges. It is no secret that the schedules at these academic institutions are rigorous. There are countless lectures and seminars and other activities that students need to participate in. Then, there is the burden of reading books and papers and understanding new concepts and ideas. On top of that, teachers assign them to write essays and papers on these newly learned things that they are seldom trained or qualified to do.

For instance, if a student is assigned to write a 500-word essay to do homework, it is not about writing the number of any words in any shape or order. The task starts with in-depth research and then outlining the whole essay before he could even think about attempting to write. Then, there is the obvious step of writing and proofreading before the piece gets into a presentable shape.

To say it is disheartening is putting it mildly. It takes a lot of time and effort still students would never know if their hard work will ever amount to anything. That’s where homework helpers come in handy. They are trained writers and editors with advanced degrees in their respective disciplines. The papers and essays written by them are of the best quality. You can place your order to do my homework for me now at WriteMyEssay by clicking on the “Order Now” button!

Reasons I Can’t Do Homework

Before we get to the antidote, it is necessary to go deep into the problem. In many cases, identifying the issue opens up new avenues and possibilities to become better. In this section, we will cover 10 of the most common reasons students find it hard even to sit down and consider doing homework. Many of the problems are internal that can be resolved through reinforcements and therapy, but some are out of the personal spheres of the students. Parents and teachers might have to step up to make these issues go away.

No Purpose

Maybe the most common thing that stops students from doing homework is finding no purpose in the exercise. They believe it to be a product of bureaucracy, not something that can improve them. Of course, this is not entirely false as many academic institutions force students into activities that have practical value, such as redoing the classwork or reading a passage multiple times without specifying what to do with that. This is an internal factor and students need to find purpose in the process. Teachers and parents can step up and show them how the hard work will pay off in the long run.

Other Obsessions

The school or college is not the only thing that students have in their lives. Many of them are into dance or music or a countless number of activities. Some take one step further and make these things their obsessions. This result in negligence toward studies which make it harder for them to allocate time and other resources toward doing the homework.

Boring Work

Again, this is a subjective thing and can start and go from anywhere. In many cases, students are ahead of the curve and they find the assignments to be repetitive and boring. On the other hand, others find the assignments too hard and lose all interest in the process. Teachers need to strike a delicate balance to make things hard just the right amount.

Too Challenging

We have already shed some light on the nature of the assignments. Say a student is still learning the ropes and don’t know much about the problem. He is willing to put in time as long as there are visible results. But the problem is too convoluted that he cannot see it across. This makes him frustrated and loses all the charm and motivation in the act of doing homework.

Too Easy

The same goes for things being too easy. When students are in their formative stages, they need ample stimulation and adversity to make things stick. If they face problems that are too easy to solve, they lose interest quickly and indulge in other time-wasting things. However, if instructors make the assignment a little tricky, it stimulates and challenges the students enough to do it willingly.

Over Work

Studying is about the perfect blend of curricular and extracurricular activities. Students go to school or study more and play less and then they come home to relax and play more and study less. But we have seen the trends where they are bombarded with too much work, sometimes three times than what experts advise.

This could lead to burnout and permanently discourage students from even trying. As the quote goes, too much work makes a student dull.

High Expectations

Expectations without proper work on the ground can lead to frustration. This is a fact. When students do some work and expect more gains, they will certainly get the reality check soon, resulting in heartbreak and hatred toward hard work. But if the expectations are managed, they can improve gradually and become better over time. Of course, you can connect with a professional academic writer at WriteMyEssay and order “write my essay online” services for an affordable price.

Family Background

My family background means the circumstances that every student face at home. In many cases, there are issues of psychological nature or the lack of place and time. For instance, studies have shown that students of the same caliber have different academic results when they have dedicated space at home to study. This is true as even when you find the motivation and energy to do homework, you do not have a quiet place to your name to make your plans a reality.

Poor Environment

Both in schools and at home, students often face adversity that breaks their mindset and affects the way they see and perceive things. In many cases, bullying and making them uncomfortable result in poor studies. This is just the tip of the iceberg as it can cause lifelong damage in terms of confidence and personality building. So, improving the environment and making sure that all the bases are covered for a peaceful and nourishing culture for students leads to better growth in academics.


Disabilities can refer to the deterrents that can stop someone from working up to their potential. These are not always apparent as many include psychological and mental ones. Students often face different disabilities such as failed coping mechanisms, poor attention spans, and more. Again, it is for them and the parents to identify the underlying issues and find solutions accordingly.

How Do I Motivate Myself To Do Homework?

In the previous section, we have explored in detail the things that can hinder students from doing their homework. Again, there could be other things that can come into play but we have only detailed the most common issues. Identifying them may seem like an easy part compared to what needs to be done. 

So, here are some of the most proven and time-tested ways students can motivate themselves to do homework. It can be just a single thing or a combination of many, but whatever works for you should be embraced.

Designate A Place & Time

First, we have already identified a problem in the previous heading where students struggle with doing homework because they do not have a designated place. Also, many people believe they can only work on a desk or a counter because it is the right or professional way to get things done. However, this is not true for all. For instance, if you need to type an essay on your laptop, you can lean back on a beanbag and type away your work. So, finding a table is not the problem.

Still, you need to have a happy place or a circle of solitude where you can devote all your time and energy to the task at hand. You can start this by trying different places and then gauging the results. The one that helps you get all the work done in lesser time is the real place without the fatigue or burnout later on.

Break The Task Down Into Different Sub Tasks

Say, instead of hiring Statistics homework help, you decide to do the task yourself. The problem is complex and requires a lot of time, not to mention the longevity of the process itself. But before you even get started, you are dreading the hours you need to spend to get to the bottom. This is a surefire way of missing out on the assignment and losing precious scores. Instead, try to divide the main task into different sub-tasks. For instance, if the problem for Statistics requires eight different steps, design your work around these steps and then work from there.

Reward Yourself Along The Way

Doing the school work continuously can lead to monotony and boredom. When it gets too much, students even abandon the task altogether, resulting in delayed completion or not at all. Instead of setting aside hours for work, try to make it work through different stops and reward yourself after completing a single sub-task. For example, you can divide the time into thirty minutes and then get a break of five minutes after one. This will keep you motivated, and even provide time to move your body around and get back to work with more motivation and determination.

Take Calculated Breaks

Taking breaks is good as it gets you out of the loop and helps you get to the finish line. But we have seen that many students get distracted while taking breaks and end up at the end of the line. While taking breaks, always set a timer and remind yourself that the work is yet to be finished and this is just a pause to get in a better shape for completing the task. This is what many experts recommend to keep yourself in line.

Scheduling & Following That Schedule

Making a schedule requires taking all the elements into account, such as the available time and the gravity of the problem that needs to be solved in that time frame. Instead of setting an unrealistic schedule and then struggling to keep up with it, give yourself all the room you need to have some free time. 

But when a schedule is formed, try to stick to it as much as possible. Only then, you will be able to achieve success in completing your homework.

Keep It Flexible

Just because you have set up a schedule does not mean you cannot move sideways. There is always a wiggle room in the mix of things that you must keep in mind. Sometimes you are naturally motivated and finish the task before the designated time. When that happens, you can give yourself some free time and ensure that you keep the good times rolling. As long as you are hitting the marks, you are fine taking some time off.

Say No To Distractions

Distractions can eat up a lot of time and energy without accomplishing any task. The constant beeping of your phone from the notifications can lead to much lost time. However, you can curb all the distractions from the start by getting things in line. To do that, keep the phone silent or in “focus mode” so that you are free to cover all the tasks at the designated time. Whether it is a smartphone or people around you, it is best to keep them out of the picture as long as you are working.

Music To Improve Focus

A focus deficit can lead to longer than is necessary to complete a task. There are different ways and methods that students can employ to improve their focus. Music is considered to be a great stimulant as it can help them in driving all their attention to the problem. You can find many online resources from the internet that can help you find the right music for your work.

Collaborate & Delegate

Apart from collaborating with other students, online companies have the best writers and editors. You can collaborate with them and delegate tasks to them without spending a lot of money. WriteMyEssay is a leading brand with a team of professionals who hold advanced degrees in disciplines. So, this is indeed a great way to make sure that you are all caught up in the tasks.

Compete With Peers

A healthy competition can motivate many students without evoking negative sentiments. Instead of fighting with yourself, you can team up with peers and check who wins by doing the tasks first. Perhaps, this is one of the best ways to stimulate students and make them improve themselves across the way.

Ask For Homework Helpers

Homework helpers are academic writers and editors who have ample experience and expertise in the field. They can help students to the extent that they deem fit. If you want to have complete homework that is submission-ready, they can deliver it. If you have already written a paper and just want it to be edited and proofread, they can do that too. 

Summing Up The Discussion

There is no denying that students face a lot of issues writing their homework. The issues can be internal or external, but they are real in terms of breaking their confidence in themselves and their abilities. In the blog, we have shed ample light on the factors that can cause students to lose focus and interest, resulting in poor motivation. Also, we have explored some of the best and the easiest ways to make sure they have the mind juice to keep going.

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