How To Make Essay Longer

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How To Make Essay Longer

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Many students who hate academic writing are familiar with the agonizing situation of making essays longer. The word count never seems to rise no matter how much irrelevant information you throw into an essay. The overall length of an essay is an important factor for instructors to evaluate what students have learned in their academic careers. Many instructors never seem to compromise with the total word count and are ready to give a bad grade if a student fails to reach the mentioned word count. In this scenario learning how to make essays longer is essential for getting good grades. 

Experts writers from WriteMyEssay with decades of experience in essay writing have carefully written this guide for you to learn the art of making essays longer. 

While compiling this guide we also made sure that you don’t have to stuff content in your essay or use fluff or fillers to increase the word count. 

Why is Word Count Important

A good college essay must meet the desired word count because this shows how critical you are in a detailed evaluation of a subject. The teachers take note of the length of the essay when they are checking the assignments given to the students. A good length essay suggests that the student has taken into account all the prerequisites before submitting the assignment. The content of the essay needs to be great but the word count and page count are also vital. Students need to meet the word and page count with exceptional content. 

Many students add unnecessary information and fluff words to meet the desired word count but they are easily caught by the instructor. Throwing irrelevant information may also result in negative marking or failing the assignment altogether. There are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your essay longer without your teacher having any objection to the quality of your essay.

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7 Pro Tips and Tricks To Make Your Essay Longer the Right Way

Here are the 7 most important tips and tricks to naturally increase your essay word count. Read the instructions very carefully so that you can extend your essay to meet the desired word count without any problem.

Pro Tip # 1: Use Examples Until You Meet the Desired Word Count

Using examples in your essay is by far the most important trick towards increasing the word count of your essay. This trick is so popular because it not only increases your essay word count to the desired length but also strengthens your thesis statement with examples from real life. 

The first thing you need to consider when you are trying to extend your essay is to look at the claims that you have made. You need to check and find ideas that you have written down. Add examples where you find some space. You can also add examples from research articles that prove your point. This with strengthen your essay as well as lengthen the essay and make it more effective.

Let’s say you have made claims that UFOs were real. You were supposed to include an example of someone seeing a UFO or a documentary that featured UFOs or just a reference. You can use multiple examples for every idea. This would result in your professor noticing your hard work and giving you an A+ grade in your essay assignment.

Pro Tip #2: Use As Many Quotes As Possible

Quotations not only increase the word count of your essay but also make it look longer as quotes take up a lot of space. Instructors love to see relevant quotes in essays and always give good marks to students who use them in the right place. We recommend not to use too many quotes as most of the writing should be yours. Quotes should only be used to validate your arguments and should not be added in a way to completely change the subject of your essay. For instance, if you are writing an essay about perseverance then you can use the quote 

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

– Nelson Mandela

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

It is completely fine to spice up your essay with quotes from great people to validate your arguments. This will give an idea to the reader of your essay that there are other writers as well who agree with what to think and believe. Don’t forget to cite references of the quotes that you use in your essay not using references may result in negative marking.

Pro Tip # 3: Add Supporting Evidence

When looking to extend your essay it is important to look for and then add supporting evidence for your arguments. Look back at the claims that you made 

The first thing you should do when looking to make your essay longer is look back at any claims you made. Adding supporting evidence to any ideas that you’ve put forward in your essay is a simple way to make your essay longer. 

If you’ve only used a source or two to explain a point, it might be beneficial to do some extra research on it and add examples to further your argument. Not only will this make your research paper longer, but it will also add depth to your ideas and give them some added support.

Pro Tip # 4: Breakup Paragraphs

Breaking up longer paragraphs and distributing content in short paragraphs is also a very effective natural way to increase the word count of your essay. This not only increases the word count of your essay but also makes your essay looks longer as it covers most of the page space. Not only that, but the readability of your essay will also increase and you may get better grades from your instructor.

Another reason why breaking long paragraphs into short paragraphs is effective is that you are free to add starting and ending sentences for each paragraph. This magically improves the overall word count of your essay. Always remember that black hat practices like increasing the font size, line spacing, or adding irrelevant details to increase the word count will not get you anywhere. Doing that will increase your anxiety level and you may also fail in your essay assignment. 

Pro Tip # 5: Add More Details

Remember that an essay doesn’t need to be very short and concise. One of the main objectives of giving essay assignments to students is that teachers want to evaluate their critical thinking skills. Skills that involve doing a detailed analysis of a subject or topic in question.  An essay requires deeper details with an in-depth analysis of the subject. You can elaborate on your arguments or topic sentences within the essay topic until your feel like you have proven your point.

Pro Tip # 6: Use transitional sentences and phrases

Transitional words and phrases are used to create a natural logical flow between essay paragraphs. These transactional sentences show how all the paragraphs of the essay are interconnected to each other as they help bridge the gap.  

However, while adding transitional phrases make sure they make sense and you are not just stuffing your essay with words. Using transitional sentences at the right place will help your essay score an A+ grade.

Pro Tip # 7: Spell Out Numbers or Contractions

Another pro tip to make your essay longer is to spell out numbers and other contractions within your essay. For instance, you can write seven instead of using the number 7. Also, take out all the shot forms that you have used in your essay like use Do Not instead of don’t. Also, expand abbreviation to full-length words like use the word “International Monetary Fund” instead of IMF

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It is completely fine to not meet the required word count while creating the first draft of your essay. You can easily increase the word count while editing your essay. The basic trick to increasing the word count of your essay is to conduct detailed research to have more than enough information about the essay topic. Don’t try to be to the point, short and concise while creating the first draft, add as many examples, quotations, and supporting details as you like until you are satisfied that you have made your point clear.