How To Improve Essay Writing

March 21, 2022 Umer
Improve Essay Writing

Essay writing is nothing less than a nightmare for a lot of people who hate to write. Here at WriteMyEssay, our experts believe that writing should never be hard and agonizing for anyone. Almost everyone can produce a perfect essay by improving their writing skills. A little discipline, willingness to work, and following the right essay writing guide are all it takes to improve your essay writing skills. If you want to become better at essay writing then this guide is for you.

Carefully read this essay writing guide from start to end to learn everything about how to improve your essay writing skills.

10 Easy and Practical Ways on How to Improve Essay Writing Skills

Wondering how to improve academic writing skills? Here are the top 10 most effective ways to quickly improve your essay writing skills:

Grammar, Punctuation & Writing Style

Writing grammatically correct content flows smoothly, and having the right punctuation is the first step toward improving your essay writing skills. If you want your essay to stand out then you must make your essay easy to read and understand. Basic grammar and writing style include finding the agreement between subject and verb, proper use of noun and pronoun, identifying the right sentence structure, and making your work presentable. Always try to write in Active Voice and not Passive Voice. For instance, it is better to use “that study found” instead of “it was found by that study”. Never use complex or hard-to-understand words for the sake of using them. Try to use a conversational tone that is very easy to understand. To improve the writing skills you have to pay attention to your own writing by paying special attention to grammar and punctuation.

Modern content editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor can help you improve your grammar as well as the content structure. These are some must-have tools that you should have if you want your essay to have the perfect grammar along with the right sentence structure. You should probably enable the Grammarly Extension before you start writing your essay so that this AI-based tool can check and edit your grammar in real-time.

Always Make an Outline Before Writing Your Essay

It is very important to know what you want to convey to your reader before you start the essay writing process. The easiest way to narrow down your research question and to identify relevant supporting arguments for your thesis statement is to outline before you start writing. The best way to write a great essay that stands out is to make a proper outline for the introduction, conclusion, and body paragraphs before you begin writing. While outlining it is recommended that you identify at least three supporting arguments that directly support your main argument.

Read As Much As You Can

Having a good vocabulary is very important for writing incredible essays that stand out and score A+ grades. Vocabulary can only increase if you develop a habit of reading. We recommend that you carry a dictionary while reading so that you find the meaning of any word that you find difficult while reading. Reading newspapers, novels, magazines, articles, and online blogs that interest you are the best ways to increase your vocabulary and understand the content structure that interests the reader. Reading will also help you understand how you can grab the reader’s attention and what interests a particular audience.

You must be more attentive while reading a research paper, article, or book that is directly related to your essay topic. Have a specific aim in mind while reading and reflect on what you read after you are done reading. Reading will also help you observe the style, tone, grammar, language, and structure of different expert writers. Learning from expert writers will help you improve your essay writing skills by quite a fair margin.

Write As Much As You Can

While reading is important, this doesn’t mean that reading is enough for improving your writing skills. If you want to improve your writing, improve your essay question, want to know how to add more active voice in your essay while avoiding passive voice, or want to write an admissions essay that stands out then you should focus on improving your writing skills. Writing on different topics and writing in different tones is the key to writing great essays that score an A+ grade. The more you practice writing the easy it will become for you to produce content that grabs the reader’s attention and justifies your academic essay. Make sure you follow the basic structure while writing an essay and make a clear connection with your audience in the first paragraph.

Most college students underestimate the usefulness of often writing on different topics to write a good essay. Using the right key words in your term paper can help you sound smart without the need to use big words.

Accept That First Drafts Are Never Perfect

As a writer, you first need to realize that the first draft you create is never going to be perfect. Even while writing you need to have a mindset that if you make a mistake then you will eliminate that mistake while editing. Frankly speaking, first drafts are always crap and that is perfectly fine. It doesn’t matter if you don’t create a masterpiece in your first attempt, you just have to make sure that you carefully proofread and edit all your content before you hit that submit button.

The key to writing great essays is that you first put all your thoughts on the paper and then start the editing process to look for errors. Writing itself is an iterative process which means that no matter how big of a writer you are you still need to go back and edit what’s written until it’s perfect.

If you have trouble editing your first draft then our highly-experienced essay editors from WriteMyEssay can help you. Our editors will not only read your content but will also edit it to make it perfect for the readers.

Edit and Proofread With The Reader’s Mindset

Develop a habit of editing and proofreading your content for errors. Never submit your essay assignment without proofreading it once or twice for errors and mistakes. Submitting an essay without proofreading will never score you an A+ grade in your essay assignment. To edit your essay you need to read your essay aloud with the mindset of the reader. While reading your text you will have to go hard at yourself and eliminate or rewrite anything that doesn’t make sense. Stay strong and eliminate complete paragraphs if that is required to improve the quality of your essay.

If you don’t think that you can edit your work then consult expert editors from WriteMyEssay. Our editors have decades of experience in essay writing and editing. No mistakes skip the cold hard eyes of our editors. Our editors will surely serve you to improve and enhance the quality of your essay in a way that you can learn and then have the ability to create your own essay.

Get Feedback About Your Writing

Once you are finished writing and editing your essay, ask a friend or a relative to read your essay. Once they are done reading your essay ask them to give honest feedback about where you should improve.

Constructive feedback can go a long way toward improving the writing skills of a person. It is also important to understand that no one is perfect and we all have flaws in what we do. It can happen that a person might dislike what you like therefore it is never wise to take the bad feedback as a negative emotion. Even professional writers have editors, this proves that even professional writers need a second opinion about their work. So why don’t you get the same second opinion? You can ask your teachers, instructors, and even classmates to provide feedback about your work. This will help you not to repeat the same mistakes while writing essays in the future.

Refine Your Thesis Statement

Getting feedback about your thesis statement is also very important. You should first ask them to read your thesis statement and then ask them questions about that. Ask them questions like “what is the thesis statement about”, “does my argument satisfy my thesis statement?”, and “what do you think is lacking in the main argument of my essay?”. If they answer correctly then your thesis statement does not need any editing but if it’s not quite right then you should start refining it.

Edit and Proofread Only After Your Work is Complete

Don’t let editing, proofreading, outlining, researching, and other preparations get to your head. It is always wise to follow the process and then put all your thoughts on paper. Don’t bother looking at paragraphs 3-4 times or getting feedback about your essay before you have completed your essay. Remember that you need to complete your essay first and then worry about making it perfect for the reader to score an A+ grade. Wasting countless hours on edition work before completing it won’t get you anywhere and you might even end up with an incomplete essay after the submission deadline. Therefore it is always wise to organize your thought and write everything before you start the editing process.

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Get Feedback From Experts

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