Comparison Between Human-Generated Content And AI Services

May 17, 2023 Martha Simons

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Writing has been one of the oldest vocations in human history. With the rise of culture and civilizations, people who knew how to read and write held higher places over those who could not. The tools for writing changed, from quills to pens, and then typewriters to computers.

The advent of technology has changed the way we interact with the environment around us. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have made drastic changes in how this oldest vocation works. Bots have been developed that can churn out whole essays, even in the styles of famous authors. On the surface, all of this seems revolutionary, but is there a catch?

In this post, we will explore the differences between content written by a person and that by an AI bot. For students who have a hard time dealing with assignments and essays, we are the best essay helpers operating out of Canada. All you have to cover is the submission form!

Human-Generated Content

Some years ago, this was the only type of content that you can get, both on the internet and in print. This is the content that is written by human beings. Depending on the field and area of expertise, writers belong to the academia or professional side of the fence before being able to contribute in the form of writing. That’s why you will see doctors writing texts for students in the field of medicine and physicists going through different concepts in their books.

Certain characteristics make human-generated content special. First, there is a unique voice and style of a person. Then, there are patterns and use of syntax that are special to a writer. Also, you can expect mistakes from a finished draft solely written by a person. Yet, human-generated content is what makes the content unique and exciting.

Humag generated Content

Benefits of Using Human-Generated Content

When you are a student who is looking to hire a reliable Canadian research paper writer with publication support, you need to have a skilled human being in your corner. Instead of paying a premium for an AI writing tool. There are many limitations that these tools face, irrespective of how exceptional they are in molding and stringing sentences together.

In this section, however, we will cover some of the benefits of using human-generated content.

Unique Voice & Tone

How many times have you started reading a book or an article and you recognized the writer after reading a couple of lines or a paragraph? This is the power of a unique voice and tone. Writers use it to convey important information in the text, whether they are writing fiction or non-fiction. It is among the most important things that can add real value to the text. You can command the AI tool to emulate or come up with the required tone and voice, but it will never be as effective as that of a real person with skills and qualifications.

Cultural Knowledge

Human writers belong to culture themselves. They know the ups and downs, the appropriation of the terms and phrases. In the same way, they are aware of cultures around the world. When you need to make a solid connection with your readers, you need to understand the cultural differences and bridge them using appropriate terms and figures of speech. AI writing services are devoid of that because they often take things at face value. The lack of knowledge can backfire, especially when writers want to tackle controversial issues in their writing.

Adaptation To Contexts

As mentioned in the previous section, context plays a major role in a piece of writing. A word or a term can have different meanings in a different piece of writing. Since AI writing bots hardly discriminate between these things, they are poor in adapting to the contexts. However, human writers cannot only understand them but can add value to them by exploring different angles or dimensions. They can even incorporate context in the theme in such a way that they can be understood and appreciated by the readers. There is no way you can get that effect from bots.


Human writers are versatile. In the context of a fiction writer, you can expect him to write novels, short stories, and even dialogues and scripts for movies and TV. In the same way, a non-fiction human writer can cover the ground through essays, papers, dissertations, theses, and so on. This versatility helps them in adapting good practices and then apply them across the board. That’s not the case with AI writing services. They can learn by facing more prompts and challenges, but the feel of automation and robotic sound from the text will never fade away.

What Are AI Content Writing Tools?

If the name is any hint to the readers, AI content writing tools are computer-based programs that can pick up clues from the command and then come up with a “unique” text. Virtually, you can write a whole blog post or a complete college-level essay in a couple of minutes. All you have to do is command the prompts, and short descriptions to let the program know what you want from it, and you will be good to go.

It can help writers save a lot of time and effort. For instance, if a human writer can research and write two blogs of 2000 words each, an AI bot can help him breeze through this much work in not more than two hours! One thing to keep in mind though – human-written content has a better character and personality compared to AI-generated one that seems generic and bland.

Pros & Cons of AI Writing Models

If we are to understand the real application of AI writing models, it is not fair to be biased in our analysis. The best way to see what they can do and what they can’t is by running them through the pros and cons table. By gauging their application against the type of work and decision we want to make, we will be able to see whether it is worth the money and hassle to get a premium AI bot or not.


  • These tools can write extensive text through simple prompts
  • They can come up with the right tone and voice when they are instructed to
  • These tools are good at reviewing and suggesting corrections to writers
  • They can save time and effort for writers by removing grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Being able to analyze the text, they can help writers improve their texts according to the demand


  • They have a poor understanding of SEO best practices
  • The content produced by these tools often lacks individuality and credibility compared to human writers
  • The lack of adaptation to context and culture leads to missed opportunities in capturing the audience’s imagination
  • There are continuous issues with originality and plagiarism of the content
  • There is no chance of getting new knowledge but repeated information in new words

Popular AI Services For Writing

In this section, we will take a look at some of the most popular AI writing services in the market. They are liked by both students and blog writers but we will take a critical look at them to see how they do in terms of both quality and quantity. We will also take into account, the pricing, accuracy, and overall usability of the tools.

Popular Ai Writing Services


If you have not heard about ChatGPT, you are either dead or have been living under a rock this past year. It has been the rage all over the internet. The AI bot is developed by OpenAI, a leading organization in the research and development of Artificial Intelligence. Apart from reading and understanding the text, ChatGPT can write paragraphs upon paragraphs of unique text based on the prompts. One of the major drawbacks of this tool is its knowledge date cap as it cannot go past that ceiling. The premium for this tool costs $20 a month, but the free edition is fine as well, as long as you are not using it during peak hours. is not a writing tool as such, but more of an evaluator and editor. When you put a text in the software, it evaluates it and put a value on it based on its adherence to the SEO best practices. Also, you can use it to generate content ideas around specific keywords, phrases, and LSIs. One thing is clear – it is not as resourceful as ChatGPT but in its realm, there is no serious competitor. When it comes to the pros and cons, cannot pick the nuances of the text as well as a human SEO professional. Also, the price tag ($49) could be too steeper compared to other players in the market. used to be called back in the day. It is one of the first fully-automated content generators on the internet. The interface of the tool is simple and intuitive, requiring little to no expertise in the tech. From AI article and essay writing to SEO tweaking and more, you can rely on to cover all the bases for you. Again, there is always a catch when it comes to AI writing tools and this is not an exception. The major drawbacks of using includes higher pricing per month as well as poor customer support services. These can be deal-breakers for startups and freelancers.

Can AI Content Take Over Human Writers?

Ever since the development of AI writing tools, this is the question that people are constantly asking themselves and others. First, ultimately, these are tools that are only developed to improve or streamline the process for human users. Second, the quality of work that these tools can produce is still far away from the original content produced by human writers.

On the blogging and web publishing front, Google’s algorithms are based on AI which means that they are good at recognizing and de-indexing AI content spread across the internet. As a student, you are better off with human professionals with ample experience and expertise. WriteMyEssay is the biggest draw in the industry with a team of qualified writers and editors. Feel free to place your order now and get a 15% discount on your first purchase!

Key Takeaways

Writing is a hard job, as you can ask both the novice writer and the master of the craft. There are known and unknown variables that are always lined up against your odds. However, you can employ tools and software to make your tasks easier and streamlined. In this resource, we have shed ample light on the nature of the content produced by human writers compared to AI writing services. Going through the pros and cons, we have concluded that human writers always provide the best results and value, when they are true professionals. So, if you need a writer for essay writing, connect with us anytime!