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Write My 500 Word Essay

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500 Word Essay

The writing process isn’t something that students like to invest time on a lot. Some lack the skills and expertise, while others don’t have enough time and are occupied with other things. Student life isn’t a piece of cake, and let’s face it, essays make it a lot more challenging.

We Can Write School Essays In Hours

There is a difference in skill-set and approach between a school student and a professional academic writer. Where the former struggles to string five words together for his grades, the latter can compose 500-word essays with ease.

If you are still wondering “can I pay someone to write my essay?” you have to just the place because you need to ask and our writers will provide it. This is what we bring to the table when we offer our school essay writing services. Mostly, it is about writing around 500 words of unique content to send a message across.

Our company has become a leading brand in the online writing and editing sphere. We have a team of highly skilled and exceptional academic writers with years of experience and expertise in dealing with all the variables related to school essays, papers, and reviews.

Even though we are based in Canada, our services are sought after across the globe. In over a decade of professional relations with clients, we have forged lasting connections with students from the UK, the US, and Australia. So, for a quick school essay to score first-class marks, connect with us right away!

How Much Time Does It Take To Have a Unique School Essay From WriteMyEssay?

We are the best place to order a unique custom essay for your school. In any case, when you have a paper due but you have not written it, we can help with that. Our academic writers have extensive experience in researching, writing, and editing essays in record time.

For a school essay of around 500 words, it would take around an hour, or two at max, to finish the job and deliver it to your inbox.

What Would Be The Cost Of a 500-Word Essay?

Our company provides the best pricing for school essays that are around 500 words. For a typical essay of that magnitude, it would cost around 40 CAD to our clients.

We also offer discounts and deals for both new and old clients. In the event of a new sign-up, we offer a 15% discount on the very first purchase.

Is There a Way To Find School Essays For Free On The Web?

Yes! We offer exceptional writing and editing services through professional academic writers. Since our inception over ten years ago, we have managed to stay ahead of the market in terms of pricing, quality of services, and beyond.

How Long Does It Take for Writers to Write My 500 Word Essay?

It is always a good idea to plan things to be on the safe side. You should give the service at least a week to plan and inscribe your five hundred word essay; it will allow you to have more time to review the task they send you and request any possible changes. Additionally, you won’t have to pay higher rates for getting the work complete because you won’t be rushing them and give them considerable time to finish the work.

Nevertheless, if you forgot about a deadline due for any reason, you can ask our essay writers for help at any time. If it is a relatively easy subject, then an essay in which paragraphs are 500 words will be complete within an hour or two hours at the most. Nevertheless, bear in mind that urgent orders will be slightly expensive as they require more effort and quick research.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Write a School Essay Fast

Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we not only provide world-class writing and editing services but also enable students to become better writers and editors themselves.

There are two ways our writers help clients in becoming better writers by learning the nuances of the art and science of writing and editing:

  • You can formally purchase the services of one of our writers and they will help you in understanding and learn the underlying bells and whistles of writing
  • Read through our well-researched and well-curated blogs where our writers share insights through simple instructions in clear prose

For your convenience, we are sharing a step-by-step guide on how to write a school essay fast.


Planning is a crucial step in writing as you need some time and effort to compose a unique essay. And your pace and performance will be seriously hampered if you have to deal with distractions every minute or so.

The best way to plan is to clear your schedule and turn off notifications on both your laptop and smartphone. Sitting in the library or your room in complete seclusion can help a lot.


School students are often in their primary learning phase where they cannot write on a given topic without carrying out thorough research first. This is what we recommend also.

Instead of going back and forth between researching and writing, it is best to conduct all the research beforehand. Outlining will speed up the process as you will know what you want to write and where you may find it.


Once you have dealt with the above-mentioned points, it is fairly easier to write the body of your essay. From the introduction to the main body and the conclusion, everything will come together once you have set up the premises and researched relevant materials in the research phase.

Proofing & Editing

Your work is not finished when you are done with the first draft of your essay. It takes a lot of editing and tweaking depending on your skills to hammer the raw first draft into a masterpiece.


Once all is done and the deadline is close, it is best to take a hard look at your essay and submit it to your teacher for evaluation.

Hopefully, by following this guide, you will be able to score higher than your peers in school essays. If you are not up for the challenge, you can connect with us and our writers will compose a unique, well-researched school essay for you!

Money-Back Guarantee

There is hardly a company out there that would confess a shortcoming and offer a full money-back guarantee. Yes, we do that and ensure that all of our work is of the highest quality in the first place. Else, we pay back!

Private Services

Trust and confidentiality are the traits that have always helped us in becoming what this company is now. Whenever a client registers or signs up, we take their online security and wellbeing very seriously.

Free Revisions

Do you want our writer to provide you with the last fix to your essay? Then apply for a free revision. Moreover, you can ask for as many revisions as you want! We believe that we have to provide you with the satisfactory result you are looking for.

Pricing Is a Bargain For Our Customers!

WriteMyEssay is committed to offering the best online academic writing and editing services to its clients. Even though we offer world-class services through professional native English writers, our pricing is highly competitive and even nominal when compared to that of our competitors.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • We have automated many processes which result in better integration of operations with minimal cost.
  • We understand that the vast majority of our clientele is students with limited means of income. They would find it hard to pay high pricing for academic pieces, including essays, research papers, etc.

FAQs on 500 Word Essay

How long is a 500 word essay?

In standard terms, a 500-word essay should take around two pages with proper formatting and paragraph structure. Our 500-word essays follow this rule and fetch maximum scores for our clients.

Is 500 words good for an essay?

500-word essays are good for schools and that’s where they are mostly assigned. They are not too long to offer much room for extensive discourse but are enough to convey a point of view, example, or argument.

How many paragraphs should a 500 word essay have?

For a 500-word essay, it is ideal to have around 5 to 6 paragraphs because they will allow the writer to provide the necessary information in a structured and easy-to-follow manner.

Is writing a 500 word essay hard?

A student may find it hard to write a 500-word essay, especially when the deadline is creeping up quickly. We can help students with 500-word essays because it is not hard for us to research and write.

Can I write 500 words in an hour?

If you have ample experience with writing on a tight deadline and have all the necessary data researched and collected, then you can write 500 words in an hour.

Can you write 500 words in a day?

A day is ample enough for a student if he wants to write 500 words. The usual steps involved in writing these words are research, writing, and editing.

How many typed pages is 500 words?

According to standard paragraph structure and font size for each section, 500 words can take almost two pages.

What does 500 words look like?

When formatted and structured properly, 500 words should look like two pages with small and easy-to-read paragraphs, relevant headings, and bullet points where needed.

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