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Paper writing is a tough nut to crack. With all the research, writing, and editing, there are still healthy chances that you miss the mark because of a lack of training and tools. WriteMyEssay is a leading essay writing service with over a decade of professional experience. Just place an order now and receive a unique paper before the deadline!

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Students go through a lot of hardships in school and college. The burden of taking lectures and attending seminars all day long and then returning to their homes or dormitories only to write papers. The short deadlines and the uncertainty surrounding the quality of work often lead them into despair. Athletes find it hard to set aside time from their tough schedules to sit down and write lengthy papers on complex topics. It is futile to connect with older siblings or seniors because they do not have time either. 

WriteMyEssay comes to the rescue for anyone unable to cover the paper in the given time. As a brand, we are entrusted by clients from the top schools, colleges, and universities to deliver original pieces. All of our heavy lifting is done by qualified and trained writers. Instead of relying on generalist writers with no academic background, we have an in-house team of professional academic writers. In addition to this, our commitment to quality, deadlines, and customer satisfaction makes us the best brand in the business. So, what are you waiting for? Submit a research proposal and get research papers, movie reviews, book reviews, and article reviews with annotated bibliography!

Why Choose Top Paper Writer

This is the question that many students as themselves when they are looking for prospective essay writing services. All of them claim to be the only company with the right mixture of elements. Still, some stand out from the crowd while the rest fall into the oblivion of the internet. WriteMyEssay takes the crown for being the most trusted name in this field. How did we manage to get to the top? Here is a glimpse under the hood!

More Words Per Page

Since billing is done by the number of pages, many companies make the font larger than standard which allows less of them to settle on a single page. They make big bucks while students need to pay dearly. Our system ensures that around 300 words are there on a single page. This is our USP and we are proud of it.

Plagiarism Free High-Quality Work

It is more like a plague in the lives of students as they steer through creative writing and paper development. Academic institutions do not allow plagiarism of more than a meager percentage of the whole. As for us, we ensure that there is no plagiarism in the papers written by our team.

Unlimited Revisions On Your Term Paper

Writing is subjective and no matter how concrete your instructions are, the paper may turn out a little different than you expected. We understand this fact and offer a solution – no count and charge for revisions. We are not satisfied with our work unless our clients are!

Dependable Customer Services

Are you stuck with the order submission? Is there a problem with signing up? Issues like these can happen. When you have no one to ask for the solution, it can become more than frustrating. However, our dependable customer services are always around the corner. You can connect with them through email, phone, and direct message.

All Rights Reserved To Clients

When you place an order and get your paper in return, you become the ultimate owner of the product. In the future, no one can lay claim that they were the original authors or owners of the paper. This gives a moment of relief to students who think that paper writing is illegal or someone can lay a claim on their paper.

Affordable Prices

Students do not have extra cash lying around the dorms. Colleges are expensive and they need their fists tightened for several things to enjoy their stay. Our company believes in affordable pricing for our services. We have automated much of our operations and the savings contribute toward keeping the pricing low.

Qualified Term Paper Writers

We have shed some light on the importance of having a master’s at work in the previous section. In reality, our writers run the show single-handedly. Apart from facilitating them and connecting them with clients, we do not do much. With advanced degrees in their respective disciplines and solid work ethics, you cannot find better writers anywhere else!

Money Back Guarantee on Uniqueness of Term Paper

Other companies in this business rely on templates and generic structures to write “custom” papers. Instead, we start every assignment from scratch allowing us to have the flexibility of formatting and structure that better suits the essay or the paper. Also, it adds to the uniqueness of the paper and eliminates all issues of copied text.

Rest Assured With The Best Custom Essay Writing Service

Summarizing all the great things that we do every day, you get the peace of mind that professionals work hard for you and deliver a truly riveting paper. You can edit it if you want to, but it is well-edited and fine-tuned so that you can secure the highest grades in that class.

No More Poor Grades – Write My Essay Canada

Why bend over backward to impress your professors when you can adopt the smart way out? Being the top-ranked “Write My Essay” service in Canada, we set the benchmark highest. We help you to map out your success and be on roll, every time you get your homework done by our professionals. You no more have to be buried under piles of undone homework.

We have managed to be the top contender in the industry for some really good reasons. And one of them is the success rate! Tutees come back to us, to get their homework done, AGAIN, and AGAIN. The high number of repeated buyer vouchers for our credibility in the field. Be the next one in your class to get all the praises of your professor.

The Top Canadian Writing Service

If you’re a student based in Canada, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of online essay writing services. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start or what service is right for you. Here at, we dedicated our lives to sourcing, testing, reviewing, and ranking the best online essay writing services, ensuring they are 100% safe and secure for you to use.

We are always accessible, from any part of the world, at any hour. Whether you belong to Alberta, Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, or even London – consider us. The support team is 24/7 available to iron out all the queries. If you are a newbie to the website and planning to say “can I pay someone to write my essay in Toronto?” – YES, you can!

Moreover, in case of any doubts, problems, or queries, feel free to share them with the highly trained and friendly support team. They have been trained to solve problems, all day and night, and leverage you with the best customer service. Stop grinding the gears and someone to write your essay! Make use of our extensive experience and tell us “make my essay online”.

Best Same-Day Canadian Paper Writing Service

Apart from plagiarism, the due date is the other thing that students dread the most. As covered in the opening sections, timelines get them and they look for a way out. They know that even if they concentrate all their energy and effort on the task at hand, they will not be able to make the deadline. However, it takes a couple of minutes to place an order at WriteMyEssay. We have diverse delivery options available, from a couple of hours to a couple of days and weeks. Depending on the urgency of clients, they can choose the one that suits them the most. Once they place the order, our writers start working on the paper immediately. That’s why we often deliver the paper even before the deadline. This gives plenty of time for students to go through the paper over and over again and even ask for revisions if they think something is missing or needs improvement.

Cheap Paper Writing Services in Canada

When it comes to custom paper writing, there is no way around than getting a paper writer in your corner. As a company, we need several of them to streamline the influx of orders. Our recruitment and hiring process is different from others. We conduct multiple tests and interviews before giving writers a probation period. Even then, we keep a close eye on them to know whether they are doing what and how they are supposed to do.

That’s the reason we have secured our place among the top brands in the field. So, whenever you need an original piece of writing, admission essay, critical thinking paper, business plan, or a case study, on a given topic, you know how to contact us!


Many of our customers are curious about how our writers do the magic. First, we can assure you that there is no magic happening inside HQ. The process is standard but we make it better with dedication and smart work. Here are the highlights.

Collection of Data

Even though we have qualified writers with ample knowledge and experience in their fields, this is the first step. The world changes quickly and research is being done every day. To be sure that we are using the latest and most accurate data, we need to collect it for every order. Our writers rely on primary and secondary sources to ensure that ample data has been collected for the paper.


Critics of outlining or mapping the writing consider it to be the end of creativity. It is the life of the process. Many writers can feel writer’s block down the road, losing their motivation and path in the process. With an elaborate outline, they stay on the path and deliver quality work on time. The structures are flexible and can accommodate good ideas later in the drafts.

Initial Drafting

Right after the researching and outlining, we move on to the initial drafting where writers go through the process of filling out the headings and subheadings in the outline. With careful to and fro motion between research and writing, the paper is finished in a matter of hours. There are mistakes in the initial drafts but we speed up the process and eliminate all of them in the next phase.

Proofreading & Editing

We dedicate a whole phase of the process to editing and proofreading the text. First, we eliminate all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Then, our writers study the context and make sure that all bases are covered. To speed up the process, we use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor to resolve all the issues and make the paper submission-ready.

Finalizing The Draft

After that, the Quality Assurance department goes through the paper again. More often than not, they send back the piece with suggestions and improvements. The writers work on them and send them back. After critical evaluation, it is cleared for dispatch. That’s when our clients receive their papers in the inbox.


What is the best essay writing service in Canada?

Write My Essay Canada ( is by far the best online essay writing service in Canada right now. They have a team of professional writers, they offer essays at a cheap price, and they also offer same-day delivery services for all their high-quality plagiarism-free custom essays which makes them the best paper writing service in Canada.

Are there any legit paper writing services?

Most of the websites that offer free essays are fake. However, there is one legit paper writing service in Canda and that is Write My Essay Canada ( which has been helping students for more than a decade by offering cheap custom essay writing services. They have a lightning-fast delivery time and they always deliver above expectations.

How much does it cost to hire someone to write a paper?

It costs way more than it should if you don’t know whom to contact for your paper. WriteMyEssay.CA offers the cheapest paper writing services in Canada that starts from just $12 per page. They have been helping students for a decade and if you are looking for the cheapest legit paper writing service in Canada then is what you were looking for.

Which is the best paper writing service in Canada?

There is no denying that Write My Essay is the best essay writing service in Canada. The company has a team of highly-skilled writers with years of experience and expertise. Feel free to place your order now and receive a submission-ready paper before the deadline!

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