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Write My 1000 Words Essay

It takes a lot of time and effort to write 1000 words essays for college. We can help you in securing high scores in college essays and papers while still having time on your hands. So, order your essay now!

1000 Words Essay
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1000 Words Essay

The writing process isn’t something that students like to invest time on a lot. Some lack the skills and expertise, while others don’t have enough time and are occupied with other things. Student life isn’t a piece of cake, and let’s face it, essays make it a lot more challenging.

We Can Write School Essays In Hours

There is a difference in skill-set and approach between a school student and a professional academic writer. Where the former struggles to string five words together for his grades, the latter can compose 500-word essays with ease.

This is what we bring to the table when we offer our school essay writing services. Mostly, it is about writing around 500 words of unique content to send a message across.

Our company has become a leading brand in the online writing and editing sphere. We have a team of highly skilled and exceptional academic writers with years of experience and expertise in dealing with all the variables related to school essays, papers, and reviews.

Even though we are based in Canada, our services are sought after across the globe. In over a decade of professional relations with clients, we have forged lasting connections with students from the UK, the US, and Australia. So, for a quick school essay to score first-class marks, connect with us right away!    

The Cost Of Excellent College Essay

WriteMyEssay is the home of exceptional college essays written at competitive pricing. We understand that most of our clientele are students with limited means of income. They could never have hundreds of dollars to have a well-researched college essay.

As a premier company, we do deliver well-researched content but discounted price.

For instance, for a 1000-word college essay, WriteMyEssay will charge somewhere around $75 to $80. In addition to this, as new customers, students are entitled to get 15% off of their first purchase.

Why Native Canadian Writers Are The Best For College Essay Writing

What makes us the best online professional writing and editing company is that we have a team of native English academic writers. They have advanced degrees in their respective fields and know their way around writing and editing issues.

This places them at an advantageous rallying point for students across the globe, whether it is in the US, the UK, Australia, and even India.

That’s why you are sure to get the best essays when you place your order today!

What Is The Cost Of a Well-Researched College Essay?

We will charge somewhere around $75 to $80 to write a well-researched college essay. In terms of word count, it would be around 1000 words.

Who Will Write My College Essay At Your Company?

Only professional academic writers go through all the steps of writing and editing a college essay before delivering it to clients.

What Comes With Your 1000 Word College Essay

Our company does not need any introduction when it comes to online writing and editing services in Canada and beyond. We have clients from around the world who entrust us each day with writing world-class college essays, dissertations, theses, research papers, etc.

What makes us ideal for them is that we are not the run-of-the-mill content sweatshop. We are a curated boutique with an in-house team of professional academic writers. They hold advanced degrees in their relevant fields and ensure that the quality of delivered content is A+.

Following are some of the perks and benefits that our clients enjoy when they hire us for college essays and other academic writing pieces.   

Plagiarism Report

As a company, our policy is to provide 100% unique content to our clients so that they would never have to worry about the quality and originality of the content. We employ many tools to ensure that there are no chances of detection of plagiarism whatsoever.

To validate our claim, we attach a plagiarism report with each delivered content to put the minds of our clients at ease.

Free Revisions & Rewrites

It is hard to imagine a company that is so invested in providing quality content but does not back its claims in terms of free rewrites and reviews. WriteMyEssay stands atop in terms of facilitating clients with the best services and then giving them all the control or the last say.

If you find errors or inconsistencies in your delivered content, you are free to contact our support team at any time within 30 days of the original deadline. It is hard for students to find a company that is so much concerned about customer satisfaction.

Money-Back Guarantee

We will always ensure you that errors and inconsistencies are rarities. Still, there is a potential for issues arising from time to time.

In the case of any violation of customer rights and perks, we are bound to offer a money-back guarantee to all of our clients. This gives them peace of mind that their trust and respect are not lost at the company.


We have a state-of-the-art cyber security system that is at par with standard industry practices. Through compliant channels, we collect necessary user data, and process and analyze it to improve our service delivery.

After that, we keep that data safe in servers with multi-layered security to ensure clients’ information is not leaked or lost in the sea of the web.


Once all is done and the deadline is close, it is best to take a hard look at your essay and submit it to your teacher for evaluation.

Hopefully, by following this guide, you will be able to score higher than your peers in school essays. If you are not up for the challenge, you can connect with us and our writers will compose a unique, well-researched school essay for you!

Money-Back Guarantee

There is hardly a company out there that would confess a shortcoming and offer a full money-back guarantee. Yes, we do that and ensure that all of our work is of the highest quality in the first place. Else, we pay back!

Private Services

Trust and confidentiality are the traits that have always helped us in becoming what this company is now. Whenever a client registers or signs up, we take their online security and wellbeing very seriously.

Free Revisions

Do you want our writer to provide you with the last fix to your essay? Then apply for a free revision. Moreover, you can ask for as many revisions as you want! We believe that we have to provide you with the satisfactory result you are looking for.

Tips To Write a College Essay Overnight

Our company takes immense pride in providing the best tips and tricks to make students better writers themselves.

In the section below, the following are some of the points that help write and edit a college essay.


First and foremost, it is necessary to ensure that you have a free schedule to deal with all the variables and nuances of writing. You would never want to deal with irritating notifications and distracting phone calls.

So, grab all the gear that could prove helpful in writing and editing your college essay. Your laptop, charger, and notebook make sure there are no hiccups in this regard.


There are many ways to compose a college essay that checks all the boxes. The best way to make sure you have everything covered is by outlining. This allows you to research in a better way as well as provide a clear structure to your content.

Once it is done, you can move on to the next step which is writing and editing the drafts. 

Writing & Proofing

When going about proofing and writing, it is best to stick to the brass tacks to avoid unnecessary editing later on. Consult the researched materials over and over again and tweak your content around it.

Hiring WriteMyEssay To Do The Job

Instead of going through all the ordeal, you can connect with us and we can compose a brilliant college essay for you. You will never have to worry about research, writing, or editing as all will be done in-house. Before the deadline, we will deliver well-researched and well-written essays to your inbox.

FAQs on 1000 Word Essay

How long is a 1000 word essay?

In terms of volume and page span, a 1000-word essay can be 4 pages long with a standard paragraph structure. When you add images or graphs, this increases the length further.

Can an essay be 1000 words?

Most college essays are 1000 words in length, compared to school essays that have usually 500 words as a limit. A 1000-word essay offers ample room to discuss a topic in detail with supporting evidence and examples.

Is a 1000 word essay big?

For a trained writer like one of the writers we have on our team, the answer is no. But for a college student who does not have much grip on the topic and is not comfortable with typing, it is quite an ordeal.

How long should 1000 words take?

Our college essay writers can write a 1000-word essay in an hour after doing research and collecting all the relevant materials.

How do you write a 1000 word essay in one night?

The best way to write a 1000-word essay in one night is to divide the whole task into steps.  There is research, writing, and editing. By assigning time for each task and adhering to a schedule, it can be done.

Can you write 500 words in a day?

We have professional academic writers on board. They have years of experience and expertise in composing well-researched essays. From experience, we can say that they can write 500 quality words in a day.

Is it possible to write 1000 words in 40 minutes?

It is possible to write 1000 words in 40 minutes but the writer must have all the information and data ready before starting the clock and writing. Otherwise, it would not be good.

How many paragraphs is a 1000 word essay?

Going by the standard paragraph structure, there should be more than 10 paragraphs in a 1000-word essay.

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