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To make things clear and transparent for users, this “Terms & Conditions” section will prove extremely helpful to reap the best rewards.

Additionally, they are written in a candid and direct way, contrary to legal jargon to avoid confusion on the part of students.


WriteMyEssay does not explicitly ask users to agree to the “Terms and Conditions” as well as the “Privacy Policy” of the company. By default, if a user registers or signs up to get services from WriteMyEssay, it will be deemed as a confirmation that that user will be treated according to the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”. The latter will deal with how the personal information of users will be stored and dealt with by the company.

Key Terms, Definitions & Their Interpretation

In this document:

  • The pronouns “Us”, “We”, “Our”, and “the company” will undoubtedly refer to WriteMyEssay.
  • The terms “Students”, “User(s)”, and “You” will undoubtedly refer to the same entity, clients of the company.
  • The term “Revision” will undoubtedly refer to those orders that were turned in by users for necessary adjustments or amendments, free of cost.
  • The term “preferred writer(s)” will undoubtedly refer to that professional who has already completed an order for the said user. Also, the said user could be willing to pay extra to get the same writer for future assignment(s).
  • The term “Custom Made Paper” will undoubtedly refer to a document that is unique and original in its contents, including references and citations.

Instructions Regarding Orders and Their Specifications

While placing a new order, subsequent progress does not take place until the user pays 1/3rd of the total price for a piece of academic writing. Once it is done, the company reserves the right not to pay heed to any succeeding changes or amendments in the original instructions.


Users can submit a finished work for revisions for free unless it is submitted after 30 days of the original deadline of that order. Also, the users have a claim to free revision if they can produce empirical evidence to highlight the subpar quality of work done by WriteMyEssay writers.

Still, the revision request should be in line with the original instructions forwarded by the clients during the form submission. Any inconsistency or ambiguity will hurt the odds of revision(s).


Users have a right to forward an application for a refund, no later than “3 days” after the completion or delivery of the order. The effective channels to submit a refund request to our Client Support team are:

  • Live Chat
  • Telephone Conversation
  • Email
  • Messages (SMS)

Clients must also keep in mind that no refund request will be entertained or funds will be released to the concerning clients after 30 days of the completion of the original order.

In addition to this, the company holds the prerogative to reclaim the ownership of content due to ill-timed and ill-advised requests for refunds.

Custom Made Paper

All the papers written and/or submitted by the writers of WriteMyEssay are “Custom Made Papers”. Still, there are exceptions, most notably when clients request to use direct quotes or well-known facts in the content. 

At the company end, we claim that the papers written by the writers of WriteMyEssay are seen and used as “helping materials” or “examples” by the clients. However, clients are the owners of any research paper, essay, dissertation, or any type of content created by the company. Hence, they can use the material anyway it pleases them.


WriteMyEssay adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality in its collection and use of clients’ private identifiable information. However, there are certain instances or exceptions in which the company will not be subjected to any blame, in the case of abuse, such as violation of privacy.

  • WriteMyEssay uses third-party services to connect with its clients through email services providers, SMS/MMS operators, as well as payment processors to make the business as seamless and cost-effective as possible. 
  • The company also uses personally identifiable data to identify or authorize transactions emanating from a client’s account.
  • Any online log-in data, such as Google Forms or Docs passwords and user names will not be accepted at any stage of the project.
  • Both the company representatives and writers will rely on open-source data as well as the preliminary data provided by the clients at the time of form submission.


Since any content is considered custom that is composed by the company, it will be considered the joint intellectual property of both the clients and the company. However, the client has the exclusive rights to use the content as they please for the maximum duration of 90 days after completion or delivery of the original order. After that period, the rights to that content will automatically be reverted to the company, in perpetuity.

Service Outages

The services of WriteMyEssay in any form and shape are bound to be delivered on time. In case of any outages, including site shutdown due to hosting issues, the company will take full responsibility for the delays or postponements.

However, in the case of technical issues at the clients’ ends, WriteMyEssay bears no responsibility and will not entertain any claim in this regard.

Preferred Writer

Clients pay additional funds to their preferred writers as a tool of motivation to take up the order. Indeed, additional funds are not mandatory and optional in their nature. In the event of an order taken up by any other writer, the company will treat the additional funds as “store credit”. This way, clients can use their funds any time they put forward a new order(s).

The extent of Personal Data Collection & Usage

As mentioned in the “Privacy Policy”, the company follows a strict code in collecting and using clients’ personal information. WriteMyEssay claims that only this website uses the personally identifiable information of clients for commercial uses.

In addition to this, the company will use personal data to communicate with clients for marketing and correspondence purposes.

The information used by WriteMyEssay includes, but is not limited to:

  • User Email
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Payer Name
  • User Name
  • Billing & IP Address
  • Site Cookies

In case of any confusion or questions, kindly refer to the Privacy Policy of the company to see how personal information is collected and used by WriteMyEssay.