Privacy Policy

WriteMyEssay is honored that clients choose our company for writing and editing services. In this section, we have illuminated our “Privacy Policy” regarding the nature and procedure of collecting, using, and handling clients’ personal information, when they agree to our “Terms & Conditions” while registering or signing up on the website to get our writing and editing services.

Our company is a global player in providing “Writing & Editing Services” to clients from around the world. Whether you place your order against your request for “write my college essay”, or “edit the already written text”, we consider ourselves legally obligated to provide the best services. We are fully dedicated to the highest standards of data collection and protection from clients to ensure compliance with necessary regulations as well as maintain the trust and responsibility our clients have bestowed upon us.

To streamline the whole process, the company has a Data Protection Officer (DPO), Mark Poland, who is responsible for posing all the relevant questions, in the European Union (EU).

Anyone who has any issue relating to the company’s privacy policy can connect with Mark at or know about their legal rights regarding data collection, storage, and analysis.

Client Data

As a commercial writing and editing service, we need to collect, use, store, and transfer client information during and after a transaction is made. It is necessary to make our services secure and efficient, hence competitive in a diverse market environment.

Information collected by users includes, but is not limited to:

  • IP Address
  • Billing Address
  • Payer Name
  • Payer Legal Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email
  • Cookies
  • Orders & Corresponding Content

Following are the cases when the company collects personal data of clients/users:

  • Registering or signing up for an account
  • Subscription Services
  • Opportunities & Careers
  • Surveys or Promotion Participation
  • Reporting problems, issues, and grievances

The technical data collected by our company include:

  • IP Address
  • Log In Data
  • Last Visited Webpage
  • Type & Version of Internet Browser
  • The setting for Time Zones & Locations
  • Types & Versions of Browser Plugins, OS, Platform, etc

Data Processing

The company uses collected data and transfers it to both in-house staff and third-party services providers to streamline services, including account creation, payment clearance, and so on.

The usage data and other technical metrics are also used by the company to evaluate the level of sophistication in both the conception and dispensation of services.

Cookies & Site Preferences

Cookies allow the company to understand users’ behavior when they visit the site. That’s why we employ it to study usage patterns in order to improve the overall website experience for the users.


The technical data, coupled with other types of data, is also used to communicate with clients and users. The primary purpose of this communication is to ensure account safety as well as to market new products and services that may interest the users.

However, it must be kept in mind that users have to consent explicitly to receive promotional correspondence.

Sharing of Client Data

The company shares clients’ personally identifiable information with third-party service providers including email services, SMS/MMS operators, and so on to ensure a streamlined platform.

Clients must be assured that we take full responsibility for clients’ information and is not shared with services that may use it without their consent.

Protection of Client Data

Data protection and assurance of its integrity are of the foremost importance to the company. In this light, we have a whole department dedicated to ensuring and safeguarding data security and protection.

We, as a company, only collect and process the client data that we are legally allowed to collect and process, by the consent of clients.

Any transfer of data to any third party only takes place after standards of fair sharing of such data have been complied with.

After a certain time, collected data does not remain in the system, after requirements for satisfying the reporting, accounting, and legal requisites.

Client Rights in the European Union

Clients and users residing in the EU enjoy many rights and privileges when it comes to personal data, including its collection, processing, restriction, and elimination of that data. To access any information or exercise any right, feel free to connect with Mark at

Following are the rights or powers enjoyed by clients in the EU:

Data Access

Information regarding account data along with its corresponding analysis can be accessed by users and clients upon request. The company is bound to produce a report of the usage and processing of data in a candid and intelligible form 30 days after receiving a formal written request to access that data.

Data Correction

In case of error or amendments, clients reserve the right to get the data rectified the company is holding in their servers. Subsequently, the changes will be notified to third-party service providers, until and unless it becomes extremely cumbersome to go through the ordeal.

However, the company does not guarantee that the third-party service providers will rectify or amend the original data as our capacity for data audits outside of our company is extremely limited.

Data Erasure

Clients hold the right to request the erasure of any information or personal data they want to be removed from our platform. In case any third party is holding that information, it will be notified to carry out changes accordingly. However, we cannot take responsibility for any malpractice or non-compliance by these third-party service providers.

Data Restriction

The company only deals with the data it is legally allowed to. Still, clients hold the right to suspend or restrict the use of collected data in cases like;

  • Dispute regarding the accuracy of personal information
  • Non-compliance with laws and regulations without removal of the data
  • Clients need the data for claims even when the company does not need it
  • Client objections on data usage but the company wants to investigate for compliance

Consent Withdrawal

Clients have a right to withdraw consent from services they originally agreed to, at any time. However, this withdrawal will have no effect on the analysis based on that data before the withdrawal of consent.

Also, it should be noted that the consent withdrawal could also restrict the company from offering any services or solutions. Clients will receive a notice while moving with this factor at the time of consent withdrawal.

Client Rights Outside the European Union

As a company, WriteMyEssay places an immense value on the sanctity of client data, whether it is in the EU or elsewhere. Combined with the regional compliance structure, clients would never have to worry about their data security.

Access to Account Information

In case a client needs to access the account information the company is holding, they can connect with our Data Protection Officer at and he will assist clients in reviewing or validating any information regarding their accounts.

Record of Transfer of Account Information

The company has a policy wherein we offer our clients a chance to send a request and receive information about their data sharing with third-party services providers, to meet the needs of marketing. In addition to this, we will share the types of personal data as well as the extent of shared information according to the categories.

The company does not ask for any price for this service as it is free for all clients once a year. For those who want to avail this offer, contact us now at with the subject line “Personal Information Privacy Request”.

The email request should have the following information:

  • Client Name
  • Email Address
  • Client Address
  • Domain Name of the Website

WriteMyEssay reserves the right to provide clients with additional options regarding how they can prevent their information from going to third-party service providers for direct marketing endeavors.

California Act

The company is compliant with California Online Privacy Protection Act(California Act) as is this “Privacy Policy”. In addition to this, the company is also in line with the California Business and Profession Code as it identifies the categories and extent of information it collects (in the pretext of Personally Identifiable Information) and shares with third-party service providers for fair usage across the board.

To further understand the reach and scope of the California Act, follow this link.   

Location of Data Storage & Transfers

From the EU, the US, to India, our services are in demand from around the globe. However, to provide streamlined services, we only rely on the US and the European Economic Area (EEA) to store, use, and transfer any information.

For the clients in the EU, the company may share the information internally, which could lead it to outside the region, that is EEA. In addition to this, the company may also share necessary information with trusted third-party service providers to make our services, secure, efficient, and up to date according to modern standards.

Even when any personal data leaves the EEA, the company offers the same guarantee of safety and protection with one of the following safeguards:

  • In case of data transfer to third parties by the company, it will only be transferred to those countries that are recognized by the European Commission for providing necessary safeguards to the personal information of clients across the board
  • The company will also employ special contracts, endorsed and approved by the European Commission to provide stringent security in Europe and beyond  

Amendments in Company Structure

In the event of any reorganizing or restructuring of the company, including but not limited to mergers, acquisitions, etc., the client data will be transferred along with other assets of the company to new owners. 

However, clients will be promptly notified about the development via email and the options available to them at the time as to what they want to do with their personal information. 

Also, the Privacy Policy outlined on this page is subjected to revisions and amendments periodically, owing to changes in both internal and external compliance structures. In such cases, the recent and applicable version of the Privacy Policy will be uploaded on the website, on this page, to avoid any confusion on the clients’ end. 

For those amendments in the Privacy Policy that can directly affect, in terms of limiting or restricting, clients’ rights and privileges, clients will be notified promptly through email. 


In case of any queries and confusion regarding our Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions, feel free to contact us anytime at