Money Back Guarantee

With Money-back Guarantee, a customer can request reimbursement in one of the following cases listed below. You should contact our Support Team if the request made fails to fall in any of the predetermined categories. After having an in-depth discussion, our team of professionals will consider your stance and take action accordingly.

Remember that you can get a refund if you request within three days of task completion (download). All requests of such nature have to be submitted to our clients’ support team directly. The mediums acquired can consist of e-mail, message, live chat, or telephonic call. It is worth observing that we will be unable to issue refunds after 30 days of completing the original order. However, in exceptional cases where there has been an inadequate request for a full refund made, our team reserves the right for restoring authorship of the task.

Order Cancellation

The following rules apply in case of cancellation by a customer:

  • You are in full right to receive 100% compensation if the order is canceled before a writer’s assignment.
  • Upon canceling after the writer has been assigned, you cannot receive more than 70% of the compensation as we will be subjected to compensate the writer for his efforts.
  • You will be entitled to a 50% compensation if a writer has already been assigned and a half or more deadline has been crossed.

The customer will not be allowed to use any of the drafts or material provided by our team before order cancellation, and the Company will get back all the copyrights.

Late Delivery

Under unlikely circumstances, if a product’s delivery gets delayed, you as a customer will be entitled to compensation for the difference in the time delivery. This will be calculated each time depending on the factors like the original agreed-upon deadline and the delayed time. The compensation amount shall be 7% for the long-term orders (2 weeks+)

Customer will not be provided compensation if:

  • The action of the customer caused the delay. This would include uncooperativeness by the customer in the form of late payments, failure to provide relevant and necessary sources, or not responding to requests or questions from our team promptly.
  • The delay caused is due to technical difficulties concerning the internet provider, system malfunctions, or computer breakdown at the Customer’s end.
  • A deadline extension is provided by the Customer voluntarily.

Bad Quality Claims

You have the complete right to ask for compensation if our team fails to provide you with a satisfactory product. However, a thorough investigation will be conducted first by the Quality Assurance Team. The customer will be expected to fill out a detailed feedback form and instances that show a mismatch in the order’s instructions. The resolution will be dependent on the investigation’s findings.

Note: In a situation where an unsatisfactory quality complaint was issued even after providing a revised version, the compensation shall not be more than 70%. It indicates partial approval by the customer previously.

  • A customer’s claim for compensation will be considered invalid when receiving a poor grade. The purpose of Paper Back’s service is to provide a reference to the customer. We in no way encourage the submission of our product as your own.
  • If the customer has a complaint regarding our paper’s originality, submitting the “” report would be mandatory. Reports from other sources will be discarded, and no investigation will initiate.
  • If the request for compensation is concerned with Proofreading, Editing, and Formatting of the order, there will be no conduction of an investigation in case of a quality claim of contextual nature. These three services will not presume involvement in the context originally.
  • The request for a refund may be declined if the order provided was completed on an urgent basis because of the customer. A 3 or 6-hour deadline might cause a compromise the quality of the content, and this would be established before the confirmation of the order by our team.

Before placing a rush order, keep in mind that you comply with the rules and terms, which may be unarguable later.

Order Preferences/ Details

If the customer makes a purchased order preference, it would be non-refundable and inseparable from the initial version of the product submitted to the customer. There are only a few exceptions here, including ‘Plagiarism report‘, ‘single-page summary‘, or a ‘Draft‘- These would be considered only in the case when they are not given alongside our product additionally.

You can get the facility to select a writer of choice by clearly indicating his/her ID number on the order form under the field ‘Preferred Writer ID‘. Although, by doing so, you will accept that a 100% guarantee is not issued while assigning the mentioned writer. It will depend on the availability and willingness of our concerned writer. In such an instance, our team has the right to assign the most competent specialist in the subject area. We try our best to match the performance level of the writer with the Customer’s preferred choice. You can demand compensations on the Preferred Writer feature’s costs but only towards an order in the future.

A non-applied discount will not be compensated under circumstances of any sort. The complete responsibility of tracking order details accuracy lies with the customer. This includes the checking of available discount offers. The Customer needs to consult a member of our Support Team for information regarding promotions and discounts.


The customer has to contact our Support Team no more than two months after completing the order to submit a compensation request.

The representative of our Billing Department requires five days for the reviewing purposes. The customer will be provided with a resolution by e-mail or over the phone. It is our representative’s right to demand additional information from the customer to process the claim accurately.