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Essay Reviews Help You To Hire The Best Company

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Academic life is often defined by the extent of learning and then reproducing the learned things for evaluation. Essay writing is at the heart of studies as students have to write many essays to pass school and college. These essays can be from simple and subjective, such as narrative and descriptive, to extremely complex and difficult, including argumentative and expository ones. Many students are not up for the challenge and try to hire a professional writing service. This is where things get more complicated due to the lack of knowledge.

In this guide, we will cover essay reviews, their utility and extent of support for the students and brands, some of the best essay writing services students can hire, and the criteria for choosing the best of the bunch.

Essay Reviews

When an essay writing service delivers a finished project, it asks the customer, in this case, a student, to review the essay and the overall service for them. In the case of a glowing review, they showcase that on multiple platforms and media, including their website and social media handles. However, if it is lackluster, they further ask the client about what went wrong and seek suggestions on how to make the weak things stronger. Essays reviews on peer levels are different. On that level, a student writes an essay and then asks the other to review it for him. The latter marks the mistakes and inconsistencies in the essay and lets the former know how to overall improve the quality and utility of the essay. Once this is done, the writer can submit the essay to the instructor for evaluation to get maximum scores.

Utility of Essay Reviews

It is necessary to evaluate and express the quality of the written word, especially to companies and businesses that are entrusted with providing a better experience. Many students believe that there is no point in covering these essay reviews, even when they end up with subpar products. On the contrary, it helps both the customers and the brands to know where they stand in terms of products and services.

This section is dedicated to helping students understand the importance and utility of essay reviews for them and the providers of these services online.

For Brands

Companies have internal quality assurance teams, but they can never match the authenticity and natural flow of the quality that comes from true clients. When a client receives a written essay, he leaves a review on the website based on the whole experience, including the essay itself. This helps the company in identifying both the strong and weak points of the service and get insights on how to improve it. Without this important inflow of information, they are sure to struggle with stiff competition and declining customer demands.

For Customers

It is a fact that new customers are skeptical before placing their maiden orders. They check different aspects of a business and go through customer reviews to determine whether they want to do business with a company or not. This is a rising trend as now more than 90% of prospects treat customer reviews as personal recommendations. So, when a company has better essay reviews, they will help new clients to make up their minds.  In the same sense, if they have poor reviews regarding services and products, new customers will steer clear of them.

Best Custom Essay Writing Services For Students

In this section, we will take a look at the top companies that can help students with their essays. Keep in mind that we have taken essay reviews into account, but we have also evaluated these companies based on other indicators and key factors. In the next section, we have shared the criteria for your consideration. However, in this section, we will go into the details of these companies so you can decide who will be your partner in your academic journey.
Write My Essay
There is no denying that Write My Essay has carved out a solid reputation for itself since its inception. It has become the foremost choice of clients due to its adherence to competent writing and exceptional services. The company maintains a team of in-house writers with years of experience and expertise. Much of the administrative process is automated which helps save time and resources for the company and hassle for the clients. When it comes to the range of products and services, students can order essays, term papers, dissertations, theses, and so on. Feel free to place your order today!
Essay Service
This is another great option for students when they need a reliable service for essay writing. It is not as good as Write My Essay, but Essay Service checks all the boxes for being a competitive and reliable name in the business. They have a simple and affordable pricing mechanism for essay writing and editing. Students can sign up and place their orders. When the order is activated after the payment, a writer is assigned to the project. Students can collaborate with the writers to avoid extensive rewriting and time consumption later on.
Essay Pro
In addition to Essay Pro’s writing and editing services for essays, dissertations, and theses, the company boosts a great treasure trove of blogs and articles on writing. It is considered to be among the pioneers in internet writing and editing for school and college students. Students can order an essay and can be sure that they will receive a superb product in the end. In terms of reviews and ratings, it is among the top brands, somewhere around Write My Essay. However, the pricing for Essay Pro can be steeper compared to competitors but it is justified in terms of quality.

Criteria For Rating Essay Writing Services

Since we have mentioned three of the best companies in the previous section, it is time to spill the beans on the criteria. Apart from justifying our position, it will help students in choosing the best company for themselves. We have taken six of the most important factors into account and then based our results on them. Students should make sure to aggregate the prospective company based on these criteria.
Essay Reviews From Customers
This is, by far, the most important indicator of quality and trust for a company. In our list, we have taken essay reviews into account and mentioned the top three companies. When a student is placing his order for the essay, it is best to ensure that the company has tens of positive essay reviews from verified purchases.
Finished Orders
Many companies showcase their order numbers on their website as an indicator of their popularity and volume of business. However, it is necessary to understand how many orders were placed and how many were finished in the stipulated time. In this light, students will be more able to get the right seller on the job.
Competitive Pricing
Students do not have spare cash lying around. They need to make a purchasing decision with great care. When it comes to placing an order to a company for an essay, it should not cost them a fortune. Of course, quality comes dearly but they can always get a custom essay from Write My Essay without putting a dent in their pocket.
Range of Services
Essay reviews are not limited to essays alone. Students often need more than essays to submit to their teachers. These include theses, dissertations, term papers, paragraphs, and so on. It is better to have a solid company on your side instead of looking out for a new one when you need another thing for submission.
Platform Strength & Security
Online writing companies collect user data for order processing and to provide better services to users. They must have solid platform security and integrity to keep the users’ data safe from prying eyes. In our list, we have kept this point on top to ensure students always have peace of mind while making transactions.
Customer Support Team
This is another rarity in online essay reviews and writing companies, but all of our entries have a full-time customer support team. It means whether customers are having a hard time onboarding or completing their transactions, they can have a live person on the other end to get it sorted out. It is a necessity, not a luxury.


What is an essay review?

An essay review is a testimonial that a customer leaves on the website of an essay writing company. When it comes to essay reviews on peer levels, it is about reviewing and proofreading an essay before submitting it for final evaluation.

Are there any legitimate essay-writing companies?

Yes, there are! There are many legitimate essay-writing companies with a solid track record of over a decade! (Write My Essay). They have writers with advanced degrees and experience in researching, writing, and editing essays for students across the globe. The pricing is competitive and the services are on point.

What should a review essay include?

The following are the things that an essay review should include:

  • A direct reference to the service
  • A step-by-step testimonial on services and products
  • A recommendation for others
  • A direct reference to pricing and quality of services

How can I find the best essay-writing service?

The best way to find top essay writing services is to search online through keywords. Once you have the shortlist of the top search results, you can dig deeper and see which company suits your needs in terms of pricing, writers, range of services, and so on.

How should you start a review essay?

There is not a single best way to start a review essay. However, the ideal way to get started is to identify the issues and recommend the corrections to the writers. Also, reviewers can add comments to the individual paragraphs to ensure that everything is right on point.

What are the five 5 elements of an essay?

The five elements of an essay are as follows:

  • Opening
  • Thesis statement
  • Main body
  • Arguments/ characters
  • Conclusion

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