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How To Hire A Premium Proofreader For my Essay

Need the extra points to boost your score for a class assignment? Or are you publishing an article and want an error-free paper? Well, hire us. You can trust us for that first paper you completed writing. If you don't love us, we will refund you. We guarantee to blow your mind with our service. Make your order now.

About is a premium-quality service offering writing, editing, and proofreading solutions to all writers. We serve three different client groups. They include academics, authors, and businesses. Our select accredited editors work on all document types. Our extensive range of skills qualifies us to edit special assignments such as music, art, and medicine. We have extensive experience in copy, line, and developmental editing for print media and academic works. Our well-trained team is committed to making our customer's work readable and accurate by covering all your proofreading requirements. If you need an online proofreader, is a one-stop online solution for all your writing needs.

3 Simple Steps To Order Proofreading

Making an order at is simple. Follow these three steps.

  1. First, fill in your paper's details. This information includes the topic, document type, subject area, urgency (due date), assignment length, referencing style, and instructions or editing requirements.
  2. Then, upload the paper that requires proofreading and add your contact information.
  3. Finally, add your payment information and follow on-screen instructions to complete making your order.

While the directory list of professional proofreaders and editors is long, very few have extensive expertise, experience, and qualifications to deliver quality work. We are renowned for providing quality service to our clientele. Don't hesitate. Make your order today and make your text perfect.

Proofreading Services are Totally Legal!

Although some modules prohibit students from using proofreading services, asking for an editor's help is legal and not considered a form of plagiarism. Still, you must consult with your institution's regulations about academic misconduct. Moreover, some universities need students who use professional editors to make a declaration of getting editing help before submitting their assignments. Thus, if you comply with your module's requirements, instructor, or institution, using a proofreader is not illegal. When you ask us or any other third-party, can you proofread my essay paper, provide us with your school's proofreading guide. Your school's requirements help us abide by the existing ethical standards and ensure the authenticity of your work.

Why Choose for Proofreading

Canadian-based company

Our editors are proficient in different Canadian writing styles, spelling, and punctuation. Thus, they can write, edit, and proofread in standards that are acceptable to Canadian institutions. Their postgraduate qualifications guarantee that we customize your assignments to match your precise instructions. Our intensive training equips the proofreaders with valuable information on:

  • Punctuation
  • Citation
  • Abbreviations
  • Spelling, compounds, and hyphens
  • Editorial standards, and Editor's legal & ethical responsibilities

10-Year Market Knowledge

Since our launch, we have focused on improving our service by learning more about our clientele and striving to improve our customer experience. Now, we not only endeavor to deliver high-quality papers but also in putting you at the center of our service. As we reach this milestone, we promise to execute all our writing and editing tasks with precision.

Our Clients are Always Satisfied

Our essay writers, editors, and proofreaders work together to deliver a personalized service that will blow your mind. We do not just go through the motions of a role but work hard to meet your needs. All our clients give us feedback on how we helped them boost their grades and how they enjoy working with us.

24/7 support team

If you are asking who can proofread my essay online, get in touch with us by giving us a call, sending us an email, or using the live chat function. We guarantee that real humans are at the other end of your request, and you will not receive auto-reply messages. The support team has over 5 years of customer service experience and can listen to you and give you precisely what you need.

We offer discounts to our customers, and prices are really low

We award flexible discounts and low prices while maintaining the quality of our work. Our drive for what we do inspires us to take this approach. Why pay more for when we deliver quality at a lower price? Contact us for the best discounts.

Native writers

Our staffing policy ensures that we have a diverse team. Thus, we can meet local and global client needs. If you are Canadian, we will complete your paper in your preferred writing style and language. Our native writers take orders of all our local clientele to ensure your paper is authentic.


What's in for me if you proofread my writing?

Proofreading helps present your essay professionally by eliminating errors that could distort the meaning of written communication. Thus, your reader takes your work seriously. Also, instructors add extra marks to error-free assignments, which boosts your overall GPA. Finally, using this service will help students with tight schedules save a lot of time and effort. You then get time for other activities.Compare the benefits of using a proofreader from the demerits of not using one.

Proofreaded Essay Benefits

  • Error-free papers
  • More marks for the essay
  • Save time and effort
  • Professional looking document

Demerits of not Using Proofreader Services

  • Spelling, punctuation mistakes
  • Drop points thus lower overall score
  • Miss deadlines or develop
  • Readers will not take you seriously

Can you explain who Online Proofreaders are?

Online proofreaders are professionals who:

  1. Review documents, identify errors and correct them.
  2. Ensure consistency in how a writer uses spelling, capitalization, fonts, numbering, paragraphs, and hyphenation.
  3. Checks word usage of writers and corrects such mistakes.
  4. Eliminates confusion in a document and improves its readability and accuracy by adding or removing punctuation.

How can I pay for essay proofreading?

If you are asking to proofread my writing for money, start by creating an account with us. Add your contact and billing information. Confirm these details and finish the process. Your billing depends on your work's type and complexity. Support will help you every step of the way to ensure you get a smooth experience.

How do I know you are professional and not a fraud?

Begin by checking reviews online to identify the best online writing services. Read some comments from other clients who have used our service. After you identify a superior proofreading service, look at some of their samples. This initial research helps you make your decision before you spend your money. Look at writer or editor profiles before placing an order.